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My name is Neil Blevins, and I've been an artist as long as I can remember. Raised on a healthy dose of scifi and fantasy films, books, and videogames, I started off painting and drawing traditionally, and then got into computer graphics while living in my hometown of Pointe Claire, in Quebec, Canada. After getting a BFA in Design Art at Concordia University, I moved to California to work in the entertainment field at companies such as Blur Studio, Pixar, and my own freelance studio Soulburn Studios, creating concept design and production art for video games, animated and live action films, commercials, TV, and ride films. I have worked on projects such as The Incredibles, Wall-e, Up, The Good Dinosaur, and many others. I primarily focus on alien environments, futuristic robots, and scifi vehicles, but have created art and designs for a broad range of genres and subjects. I also make narrative art books, create digital art tools and write art related lessons and tutorials to give back to the community who's been so gracious at helping me get to where I am today. I currently work at Monolith Productions in the Seattle area.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Ashley Wood, Craig Mullins, Dale Keown, Daniel Dociu, Dave McKean, Dylan Cole, Feng Zhu, Heidi Taillefer, H.R. Giger, JMW Turner, John Harris, Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Nicolas Bouvier, Nicolas Ferrand, Zdzislaw Beksinski
Favourite Movies
Bulworth, The Crow, Drunken Master 2, Fight Club, Transformers The Movie, The Matrix, Ninja Scroll, Robocop, Starship Troopers
Favourite TV Shows
Babylon 5, Dr Katz, Samurai Jack, The Simpsons, 60 Minutes, SouthPark, Whose Line Is It Anyways? Goldorak, The Transformers, Tranzor-Z, Lost
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Suffocation, Origin, Nasum
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Welcome to the 6th official Megastructure Book Project Update, a visual encyclopedia of scifi megastructures! So first off, the rough layout of the book is complete. More work still needs to be done, the text of the book is getting edited right now, and so some adjustment will need to be made once we have the final text. An image or two will need some finessing to fit the format. Some extra background graphics need to be added. But overall, all the bones of the layout are complete. On a technical note, most books are laid out in Adobe InDesign, but since Adobe software is now rental only, and I don't use rental only software, I got a copy of Affinity Publisher for a one time purchase price of $50, and found it just as powerful as InDesign ever was. Thanks Affinity for charging a fair one time price! Second big news is book proposals for the project have now been sent off to all the publishers I wanted to contact. Will spend the next several months in talks with various publishers
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Welcome to the 5th official Megastructure Book Project Update, a visual encyclopedia of scifi megastructures! I just received the final 2 images for the Megastructrure project from one of our guest artists. So that's it. All images for the book have been finished! That's a total of 46 paintings, 43 diagrams, and 7 bonus images! A big thanks to the guest artists for adding their own unique vision to the other artwork in the book. It's possible an image or two may be added or lost in the final layout process, but I'm declaring this 100% image complete, we have all we need to make this book happen! So the next step is completing the rough layout, which is likely to be finished in the next few weeks, and the completion of the book proposal which is being sent to a number of major publishers. Will post another update when the book is laid out, and then keep you updated on how the publisher search is going. If no suitable publisher is found, we'll kickstart the printing just like we did
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What a mess of a year! I'm sure I don't have to tell you what a crazy year this has been, we've all experienced it ourselves, and did our best to weather its uncertainty, it's troubles, and even a few of you likely had to battle the virus in person. But it's time for the yearly round up of soulburn art, and 2020 isn't gonna stop me from doing it, so here goes. In a week I will have been working at Monolith for 2 years as a staff concept artist. We were the lucky ones, the videogame industry is still going strong since so many customers had to stay indoors, many friends in the live action portion of the film industry had a much more difficult year (not to mention all of the front line workers, essential workers, etc), looking forward to everyone moving in the right direction again in 2021. As for our new game, I'm currently on concept piece #633, still awhile before we can show what we've been working on, but leave it to say I have a lot of new artwork to choose from when it comes time
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You have an art thief in your midst.

Bernal Sphere Megastructure

Thanks, looks like the image has been taken down.

Hey there! I hope your day is going great!

Happy birthday
I am curious to know of something if you are working on it. Have you by any chance heard of a birch planet or topopolis?