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Fractal Wolf

A wolf version of my fractals was requested. . . so here it is.

Ive made available the full size high res version, so be sure to download the image from the link to the left so you can check out the high level of detail involved in these images.
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this looks like my desktop :omfg: WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY PICTURE??!!

:rofl: this is amazing, dude.
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what was the equation used?
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Beautiful and wild!
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this looks awsome (for some reason made me think of a religion where the churches would have this kind of windows...)
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Oh my! That is intense! I'd love to know the secret to it all. Really unique work. Great job!
Liuanta's avatar
It's not that difficult. Redfield Fractalius plugin for PS or other.
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O.O LOVE IT!! :heart:
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I love fractals and I love wolves, so WOW!
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WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This is amazing! So beautiful.

Can I ask you how you did this? Did you start with a picture or image of the wolf and then somehow applied a fractal generator to the image? I am really curious because I would like to try doing something like this. I am SO impressed with this image. I agree, it should be a Daily Deviation. Kudos on a job very well done.
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check this plugin [link] :)
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great job! thanks for sharing!
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Tis truely amazing ^^
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Extremely good fractal picture! you have done a really good job with it. i even think it deserves to be a daily deviation.
artofpain's avatar
lol, that would be nice!
You wouldnt happen to know anyone in power? :p
Appocalypse's avatar
no,unfortunately no, otherwise i would have done something about this matter :P I like the deviation a lot.
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