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Fractal Cheetah 1

Nice kitty
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We need to purchase this image in the program corelDRAW. How can we do this? Thank you.
Love This picture, suits my name I think.
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._. So like.. is this a Stolen photo from someone else, cause I'd think the Description should be a lot longer on how you did it, how long it took, what inspired you to do it and more.
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Credit your sources!
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amazing, very sharp
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beautiful 11/10 :)
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This has been stolen here. [link]
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Ill chase it up.
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Heheh nice! so bad it's not bigger :(
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You should really list the reference or image(s) you used on this one. It looks awesome the way it looks though. ^^;

'Fractalius' is a plugin filter that creates this effect in one single step.
Like a regular filter in Photoshop.

not a trade secret, a simple plug in

good try though...
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Sorry, trade secrets at this stage.
Im a graphic artist and myself and my work place are venturing into the canvas print market.

Yeah mate, okay ;)
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I like how you use a filter and call i a trade secret to try make you look really skilled.
"Looks pretty cool, how do you do that stuff? ^^"
My guess would be that he's using fractalius
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That, that is incredible.
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Love it... saw this on another site though.........


under fractal cheetah.... Thought I would let you know...

Very cool though... )O(

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Wow, thanks.
Its the second one of my fractal animals Ive seen elsewhere.
How did you make the connection to here?
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Most likely it's a program they use here to catch art thieves, similar to face recognition, to find identical photos over the entire internet. Nothing magical...but they'd love it if you believed they were magicians. Oooogaboogabooga!!! ;)
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I have a very strange memory, I saw some of your pics, must have been a good while ago... and I must have remembered your site, as I came on deviantart, and typed in your username, and up you popped! :D

Sometimes i scare myself... and also the voices ;D
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This is beautiful! :) How do you go about creating such an image?
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That looks pretty clever :o
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