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FMF Interview by ArtofMuscle FMF Interview :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 95 32 Bulges by ArtofMuscle Bulges :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 160 34 Growth Theory by FMF by ArtofMuscle Growth Theory by FMF :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 131 9 FLEXER by FMF by ArtofMuscle FLEXER by FMF :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 265 31 Supervisor Growth by ArtofMuscle Supervisor Growth :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 217 35 XMass by ArtofMuscle XMass :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 101 12 FMF Fan Encounter by ArtofMuscle FMF Fan Encounter :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 182 10 FMF 4 Week Schedule Ad by ArtofMuscle FMF 4 Week Schedule Ad :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 250 30 Zombie Muscle Girl by ArtofMuscle Zombie Muscle Girl :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 106 31 SheHulkHalloween3 by ArtofMuscle SheHulkHalloween3 :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 140 19 SheHulkHalloween2 by ArtofMuscle SheHulkHalloween2 :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 93 6 SheHulkHalloween1 by ArtofMuscle SheHulkHalloween1 :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 108 4 Ramirez by ArtofMuscle Ramirez :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 96 12 Flex Progression by ArtofMuscle Flex Progression :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 255 31 Flexing For You by ArtofMuscle Flexing For You :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 168 34 Nerd Muscle Girl by ArtofMuscle Nerd Muscle Girl :iconartofmuscle:ArtofMuscle 123 12


Batgirl FMG (Collab) by Quadratouring Batgirl FMG (Collab) :iconquadratouring:Quadratouring 227 80 Power Girl by elee0228 Power Girl :iconelee0228:elee0228 1,516 144 Melodie Kawajima by Un-Debido Melodie Kawajima :iconun-debido:Un-Debido 199 70 Apsara vs Bombaala Wrestling commission by Jebriodo Apsara vs Bombaala Wrestling commission :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 607 68 Starfire and She-hulk play volleyball by Jebriodo Starfire and She-hulk play volleyball :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 351 14 Starfire She-hulk color sketch commission by Jebriodo Starfire She-hulk color sketch commission :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 365 10 Sizzle by MivadoMan Sizzle :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 263 19 Wanna Feel? by MivadoMan Wanna Feel? :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 177 16 Bend the Knee by MivadoMan Bend the Knee :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 264 21 punkROCK by MivadoMan punkROCK :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 195 25 Nuclear Option by MivadoMan Nuclear Option :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 248 23 BOOM by MivadoMan BOOM :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 278 20 ButtonPop by MivadoMan ButtonPop :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 167 14 HeavySet by MivadoMan HeavySet :iconmivadoman:MivadoMan 120 19 mother of pearl by empluvie mother of pearl :iconempluvie:empluvie 156 3 Gym day by rombosman01 Gym day :iconrombosman01:rombosman01 206 21


FMF Interview
On the left is the FMF Head Assistant who helps out with every phase of the FMF empire.  On the right is a potential new employee interviewing at FMF Headquarters.

Do you think this potential employee should be hired?  If she is hired where should she work?

Options are:
FMF Booth Babe
Hyper Stretch Workout Gear Babe
Bulge's Server
Growth Theory Trainer
Flexer Content Creator
Growth Theory by FMF
Growth Theory is a gym that helps teach FMF customers get the most out of their supplements.
Changing up the name on this one.  I wasn't sure what to call it when I first did it, now I have decided to call the streaming platform FLEXER.  So I updated the logo on the chat.  FLEXER is just another piece of the FMF empire.
Supervisor Growth
This is the Supervisor.  She is the biggest FMF girl because she can basically out grow anyone that might challenge her.  Her initial use of FMF supplements triggered the unique ability to control her muscle growth.  She no longer requires FMF supplements to grow.  Other FMF users do experience the ability to control their muscle growth depending on the supplement taken or in some cases the users unique interaction with that supplement, but no where to the level of the Supervisor.  She is very important to FMF research due to her unique abilities.  She is kept locked away and constantly studied, but she is also kept happy as an angry Supervisor could not be contained, well maybe only by her FMF Hyper Stretch garments...


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the-french-banquise Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Love this pic of She-Hulk Turell…
Isabelle is so gorgeous
ArtofMuscle Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2019
Thanks! glad you like her. I actually did the sketch forever ago. I saw she was doing she hulk cosplay and that motivated me to work on it again.
LauriceDeauxnim Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Student General Artist
Thanks a lot for the watch! ;)
ArtofMuscle Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019
NP. Keep up the good work.
YD900 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2018
I'm glad to see you back! Your works from almost 10 years ago are still some of my all time favorites. Do you think you'll be uploading any of them or the .gifs?

Again, glad you're back!
ArtofMuscle Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2018
Thanks. I have had some requests for some older things. Unfortunately I'm not sure where they are.
GoddessNewMultiverse Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Student General Artist
Thanks by the way :3
Chwen-Hoou Featured By Owner Edited Oct 22, 2018
Thanks for faving  She Hulk Model Sheet High Res By Jebriodo by Chwen-Hoou  ,  She Hulk Meets Deadpool High Res By Jebriodo by Chwen-Hoou  and  She Hulk Rogues Gallery High Res By Jebriodo by Chwen-Hoou
ArtofMuscle Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018
Sure thing. Awesome work!
DepravedDefense Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:!
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