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MythoJuly 2017 Contest!!! by artofMilica

Throughout July, join my followers on Instagram for a chance to win an OC design of yourself as your favourite mythological character/creature. Contest rules can be found on my personal page blog.

Happy Summer! ☀️

😘 M
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Check out the CONTEST at the end if you would like some free original character designs inspired by The Lord of the Rings Universe.

FANtasy Character Designs is my new side project, something to give me a bit of a break from working on my first fully-illustrated fantasy novel, "Warriors of Virtue".

During this project, I will create original characters inspired by my favourite fantasy universes and I will record my progress with Camtasia.

I love fantasy art, but as a poor young artist I could never afford to purchase more than a print or two, and those $100+ video tutorials… I slaved for days and saved for months just so I could see Drew Struzan paint "Hell Boy". Art is not a necessity, like food and rent, but should it be a privilege of the rich? Aren't the poorest of the artists, the young artists, the ones who need inspiration from art prints and tutorials the most?

I had this brainstorm. My art and tutorials will be affordable for every artist, poor or rich. There are three price tiers to my pyramid:

  1. FREE. Everyone who signs up for Mili Fay Art Fan Club will get a 1024px wide (or tall) JEPG of the image for their personal at home use. I do not know where I would be without my fans. You guys are the greatest and you totally deserve some free artwork.
  2. $1-$3-$5 . During Launch Week everyone can download the original, full-resolution (7200px wide or tall) art for $1. After Launch Week the price will go up to $3. Then when the next artwork in the series becomes available it will go up to $5. Instead of paying $20+ for printing and shipping, if you are quick enough, you'll be able to own all of the original files for a $1 each. That's less than a cup of coffee, or a pack of gum. Friday is the Launch Day, which Friday depends on the week I finish the artwork. You can follow my progress on Facebook and Twitter (#FANtasy).
  3. $20-$30. I will make a quick time lapse video available for free on YouTube. However, I will charge $20-$30 for the step-by-step tutorial. The first artwork I did took about 20 hours. This means that to create a 2h video tutorial, I will have to do a lot of cutting and editing. If you feel $20 is too much, let me know what you think is fair and I'll consider your suggestions.



What if you could get an original character design of your favourite character from the chosen fantasy universe in full-poster-size resolution for free. 

Well, you can. It does not require any skills whatsoever other than speed.

Every time I create a character, I will write a blog post about it. When I post the artwork, there will be a link to the blog post. The first person to suggest the next character from the chosen fantasy universe will WIN the finished full-resolution image.

Mili Fay Art Fan Club members receive the email with the link first, but sometimes they forget to check their email, so you may be in luck.  Or you can follow my blog. How you end up first is up to you.

I'm using my blog, because it is the one place where everyone is welcome. You do not need Twitter, Facebook, DA, or other social media access.

This is the Blog Post for "Balrog Durin's Bane":…

Unfortunately, as I was writing this someone commented on the blog and we have a winner for the next design, but check out how it works , because you may win the next one.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. If you wish to join Mili Fay Art Fan Club you can do so at… . MFAFC is powered by MailChimp. You will need a working email and a username. I'm really not interested in your personal information, and I will not share your email (it's illegal for me to do so). You can kick yourself out of the club any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe link.

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You of course are all invited. Just step over to my blog for all the information you need: mili-fay-art-publishing.blogsp…

After you download the free Kindle version of "Animals In My Hair", answer some questions in the comments of the blog post to win an art print of your choice.

Also, I'll be online for sure until 8pm (EST), so if you have any questions about art and publishing, now's you're chance. :-D

The book will be free only today, December 6, 2014, Pacific Time, so don't delay.

Hoping to see you there,

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I have not been here on a while, and I will have to leave rather quickly.  I've been chosen to present my book, "Animals In My Hair" at INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Festival.  Until then, I have to create 2 Kindle/eBooks and one picture book.  This is the reason why you will not see me here probably until December 2014.

My next huge event is The Word On The Street.  Wish me luck!

Until next time, 

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I will be back soon enough.  Until then have fun!


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Hello Fellow Deviants!

Since I have never received a reply, I will suppose that no one is really reading this, and will therefore divulge a secret.  Until January 7th the very exclusive AIMH Members Only site is open to the general public (all except the Visual Puzzles section).  It is a special thank you to everyone who has supported my career in the past.

If you ARE reading this, and would like to see what I'm talking about, you may go to the site here:


Keep on drawing!

<3 M
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TIAM was wonderful this past Saturday, even with the full out blizzard conditions in Toronto.  I met so many wonderful people, and got more validation that my book is a great piece of work.  It makes me feel all fuzzy inside, and makes all those months of worry and stress worthwhile. 

Now that most of the work I have to do for the book is over (I just need to get my website updated--that project is a mountain that keeps on growing), I'm thinking about what I would like to do next.

I really want to get back to my novel.  For those of you who do not know this, I have been writing a novel since I was 16.  It grew out of a bunch of comics I created as I was reading "Lord of the Rings" (14 at the time), and then I wrote a ~30 page short story for my Grade 11 English class, which I have later turned into a 600 page fantasy novel.  I need to figure out a style of illustration, and for the first time I'm considering doing full out digital work.  The key is to make it look traditional as much as possible. I've got myself a Procreate app for my iPad, and now I'm working on finding a stylus, because I was never comfortable finger painting--feels very weird.  Or maybe it would be better to stay traditional.  In the end I like having a physical painting I can hang on a wall, or sell to raise money for charity...

I also want to get back into portraiture.  I miss painting people.

I also have this fundraising idea for "I'm a Girl" organization.  (Has to do with princesses :-D.)

And I would like to write and illustrate either "Just Dance!" (picture book about a little girl that loves dancing and uses it to solve problems) or "I want a dog!" (a story about a little girl who has "everything", but all she wants is a dog).

I have many more ideas, but these are pressing against my mind demanding to be born.

That's about it for now.


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Just a note to say that I am still alive.  It's been a while since I posted anything, but that does not mean I have not done any art.  I have only not done as much art as I wish I could, because administrative duties have driven me away from my poor desk.

I am terrible with my DeviantArt account, but I promise to get to it soon.  However, if you want to see what I have been up to lately, you can always check out my Facebook Page.  Because there is an App for it, I have a much easier time posting stuff online. :-)

Lastly, I finally have a shop, so if you want to check it out and tell me what you think, please do so:

Until later, keep cheerful and keep on drawing!

Mili Fay
Will be having my first booth ever!!! I am so excited.  If you are in Toronto on September 22nd, find me at Queen's Park in the Fringe Beat section.  Would love to meet you face to face.  You can also get a free raffle ticket by saying: "DA Animals" when asked for a password by one of my team.


I have just realised that I did not inform my fellow DA artists about my new Monthly Art Contest.

This contest is for you if you like to draw, sculpt, paint... animals, and/or have a bunch of animal art just lying around.  It is not meant to be a fierce competition, but a fun way for me to choose what animal I should draw for my new print series, as well as a way for all animal artists to connect.

Contestants of all ages and all skill levels are welcome.  Judges judge the artwork based on what they like the most, not on the artists ability.  (Though my last entrants all submitted some amazing pieces.) 

To enter the contest, submit a drawing, sketch, sculpture, etc. of your favourite WILD animal to Mili Fay Art by e-mailing a 1-2MB file, your name, age, and contact information (e-mail would be fine) to  I will select 5-10 finalists, then I will contact a few artists to help me judge the work and choose a winner.

After the winner is chosen, I will take the winning animal and create my own artwork using that animal.  The winner will receive a laser print of my work as their prize.  I will also post the finalists and the winner on all my sites, and link back to their work.

In case I missed anything, the official rules can be found here:…

The print series I intend to create will be used to raise funds for wildlife conservation, as part of my "Animals In My Hair" Artwork Book project.

Please share this post to spread the word.

Hope to see you your entries soon!


The winner for this month's AIMH Art Contest is:

To see her fabulous art follow the link:

Now, it is my turn, but I have a problem :-(

I created this monthly contest to help me choose what animal to draw for my new print series.  The winner for the month of June is Barbara Jelenkovich, but her artwork showcases 3 animals.  So, what is fair?  Should I draw an image with all three animals; one image of each animal; or, should I pick and draw my favourite animal of the three? What's fair?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

P.S. If you wish to enter AIMH Monthly Art Contest, read all the rules here:…

You ask yourself, What a *&^$ is an Artwork Book?

An Artwork Book is more than a Picture Book.  It had more artwork than a standard 32-page picture book, it has a bunch of fun hidden stuff, it connects to exclusive Online Content and it is secretly educational!

To find out all about it see my blogger post:…

30% of all profits from the purchase of "Animals In My Hair" will be donated to the Toronto Zoo to help wildlife preservation, conservation and entertaining education.  However, if you are dead broke (like me) or are not interested in picture books, please Like my new Facebook Page to spread the word:…

If you have your own wildlife conservation stories, if you know of worthy organizations, or if you just wish to post something about your zoo adventures, feel free to do so.

Now, that the book is finally done.  Maybe I can find the time to figure out my DA account.


I apologize for my lack of response, and unfortunately since my flight will be leaving soon I have no time to respond now.  However, I will address your messages asap.

For now, I just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and have a Brilliant New Year!

Mili Fay
Happy Halloween!

It has been almost a year since Mili Fay Art first came on the scene.  To thank everyone who has supported me for the past year, I created a Thank You Contest on my Facebook page (

Do you have what it takes?

If you can solve this riddle:

"It may be BIG, or it may be tall;
it may be fat, or it may be small.
It has eyes, sometimes a grin,
and it keeps a light within.
It may scare you, or beckon forth,
depending on what's your sort.
In a battle you will win,
if only once, on Halloween.

What is it?"

you might, and may win a fabulous Mystery Prize!

For details visit the Facebook page or….

Thank you for supporting Mili Fay Art!!!

Just thought I should let everyone know that I will not be accepting commissions until further notice.

If you wish to get onto the waiting list, please e-mail me at  Let me know when you need the artwork by, and I will let you know if it's at all possible for me to create it.

Thank you all for your interest.

I've been away working on illustrations that I unfortunately cannot share, because at this time they are sensitive.  However, I am back for a bit, and am going to post something I finally did for myself, and purely for fun.  It's been a long time since I've done that.

While I've been missing, quite a number of people showed appreciation for my art, and I do hope none were offended by the lack of my response.

My brain cells are a bit foggy, because I need to eat, so I'll end this now, before I write something I may regret. :)

Mili Fay
Dearest Arthur,

Easter is my absolutely favourite religious holiday!  Though my Easter comes next Sunday, and though I'm unable to eat eggs at the moment, I just had to create a greeting card for all my friends.  You can see the image here, or you can find the greeting card on my blog:

I am looking forward to colouring eggs next Friday and Egg Wars next Sunday!  Better than getting presents.



P.S. (Arthur is the name I've given to my journal, for those of you who did not know this already.)
I finally posted my article on sketching.  Wrote it weeks ago, but today I finally had the time to upload some sketches to go with the article.  

Find it on my blog:

Feel free to leave any comments.


So, now that Valentine's Day is over.  I've decided to take down my Valentine Card :)
That is why it is no longer in the gallery.

To thank everyone who's supporting my art, I've decided to create a Valentine's Day card to show my love.  It's free for downloading, and you may use it if you like.  Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Mili Fay

P.S. Crazy busy at the moment, will get to comments soon.