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That's right! Find me there next, October 20 & 21, 2012 -- Table G-08!
I'm off to Toronto soon for Fan Expo this weekend, August 23 - 26th, 2012! I've created a bunch of new original art pieces and, as always, I will have tons of prints available as well! Find me at Table P58 in Artists Alley!

See you there!
Comic Con is right around the corner and I'm excited to announce that I'll have two new books again this year, the next installment of "Pure Heroine" as well as a brand new title, "Sketchy Pasts". I will have a ton of great new prints available as well!

Find me at Booth #1803. See you there!

Just a quick update, I'll be doing lots of travel in the next month and a half! But I'll also be making some stops at a few conventions along the way! I'll be taking a limited amount of commissions during the shows.

Fan Expo Canada
August 25-28th
Table: P003

Dragon Con
September 2-5th
Table: TBL31

Montreal Comicon
September 17-18th

New York Comicon
New York
October 13-16th

So drop by and say hi!
Things have definitely been a whirlwind for me over the last few months, and I'm now scrambling to get everything ready for this year's San Diego Comicon. Like many other artists, this is the show to launch new books and things, and I'll have the next Pure Heroine Book along with another Art of Laurie B sketchbook too. Plus all the fun stuff like prints, a few canvases, original art, and I'll start a commission list at the show.

I'll be at booth #1803 as usual, so I hope to see you all there!!

This will also be the first time I'm away from my baby boy! Seperation anxiety! He's gotten a lot bigger, and won't stay still in a stroller or crib now. Last thing I need to worry about is my baby running down the packed aisles! I miss him already, and there's still 10 days!
I'm very happy to say that I'm headed over to WonderCon in San Francisco! I was on a wait list to get a table, plus I missed out last year, so I'm excited to return to my fave city!
I'm very happy to be heading off to Seattle for the Emerald City Comicon this weekend, it's one of my favs! I missed last year because of little Noah so I can't wait to be back! I'll be at booth #112, so drop by and say hello! First convention of the season too!
This weekend I'll be setup at the Calgary Tattoo Festival put on by Alberta Bound productions. Since it's home turf, I'll be at the show in chunks. I'm splitting a table with Jaysin from DPI Studios (my colorist). This is the last event for the year for me, which I'm pretty happy about with all the traveling we've been doing. I'm just happy to be home!
It's early morning, and I'm just about to leave for the airport to head down to the New York Comicon. I'm exicted (and very tired), because NY is such a great city! I'll be stationed at booth #640, beside good friends nerd rock group Kirby Krackle and artist John Giang! Drop by and say hi!
The convention tours continue! I'll be at the Fan Expo in Toronto from August 27 to 29. Last year was a nuthouse (in the best of ways), and I'm sure it'll be the same again this year!

And the weekend after that, we'll be in Atlanta, Georgia for Dragon Con! Back to back shows baby!

I'm also going to start taking some commissions before the show, since it's really hard for me to get a lot of them done during the con because of the baby! Heck, it's tough enough drawing at my drawing table, let alone at a con!

Convention Quality Sketch
Bust $50
Full Body $80
If you go to my gallery section, and check out the con sketch folder, you'll see some samples there. Con sketches are rougher and have a splash of color (like the Green Lantern or Wonder Woman). These will be drawn on 9 x 12 bristol board.

Polished Commission
Bust $120
Full Body $175
If you're looking for something with more vibrant colors, and I'll spend more time working on it too! These will be drawn on 11 x 14 bristol board. This would be like the Cammy or Queen Amidala I've got.

These rates are per character. Backgrounds, props, etc. are extra.

Reference is preferred, and commissions are open to my interpretation. These are for personal use only, and I may include them in my books, DA, blog, etc.

If you are interested, please email me, or send me a note!
Big thanks to everyone that stopped by my booth in San Diego! As usual, it was a nuthouse! I'm finally back home after being gone for 3 weeks, and it's always nice coming home...except that my place looks like a hurricane hit it...hurricane SDCC! It's tough to keep everything super clean and organized when you're deadlining with stuff! Hopefully life gets back to normal soon!
I've been awake for almost 36 hours, working diligently on finishing up my new book, Baby Boomers! And I'm so proud to say I got it done in time (just barely). I'm now in San Diego, doing a quick update then going to bed. Tomorrow kicks off the first day for SDCC, and I'm so excited (and tired)!

The new book is similar to the Pure Heroine series, except I'm turning well known characters into kids and babies! I've been planning this for a while, and the timing just worked out really nice with Noah entering our lives.

Hooray! So come visit me at booth #1803!

I'm proud to say that the first book I've planned to have for SDCC is finished! Lots of late nights, and plenty of "stop and go" with everything that's going on. I'm really happy how it turned out, it'll be sketchbook #4 in the Pure Heroine series, which will have new pinups of popular (and interesting) characters. I'll only be bringing down 250 copies of the new book, since I need to save some for a few other shows I'm doing. Head over to booth #1803, it's close to DC's behemoth booth, by the red carpet of independent press, right by an entrance! I will be there all 5 days, but there will be times I'll be away taking care of little Noah! to get that second book ready (fingers crossed!)

......also, I hate writing a journal twice. It crashed when it was uploading the first one I wrote!
We're less than a month away from the big San Diego Comicon,and like many artists I'm scrambling to get everything ready for the show. I'll have a new Pure Heroine Sketchbook ready to go, and hopefully another book too (hence the scrambling). It's always a stressful time because you always want to put out a good product...and there's always the hope that people will like your work.

...and of course juggling everything else in life too!

I'll be at booth 1803, along with my good friends from Kirby Krackle!
I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by the table in Charlotte for HeroesCon, it was a lot of fun! We're back home now, trying to get things organized, and it's pretty tough to get things normal again. It's still a big adjustment period for us!

I normally do a fair amount of sketches & commissions at conventions, but since Noah's come into our lives, I haven't done a lot of drawing (or conventions for that matter). I was only able to squeeze out five sketches over a 3 day show, and I think I'm kinda rusty...I wished I could've done more, and hopefully those of that were turned down come back next time!

So...I'll be posting up the five that I was able to do! Hope you like them!
Well, I'm now packing things up and leaving Phoenix, and heading over to Charlotte for Heroes Con this weekend! I'll be in artist alley, beside my good friends at Kirby Krackle. I'll have some prints and sketchbooks, but commissions will be someone limited. Drop by and say hi, and meet my baby Noah!
In case you didn't notice, I haven't been around for quite a while...but I can explain! I didn't post this info up, but I was pregnant, and finally gave birth to my first child back on March 20th. Thinks have been really hectic, and it's been a big adjustment period for me, so I apologize for leaving you all! But I'm back! Well, sort of...I'm still working on the whole schedule thing, and it's really tough. Broken sleep, new priorities, all sorts of fun stuff!

We named our boy Noah, it's a name that I've had for a long time, and I'm happy none of my friends had that name!

Since his birth, I've done 2 shows, the first was my hometown of Calgary, and the second was the Phoenix Comicon just a few days ago. Travelling with a baby is both awesome and troublesome, but worth it!

It's hot in Phoenix! But according to the locals, it's cold. I'm happy I missed the crappy weather back in Calgary!
I'd like to thank everyone that dropped by to check out my gallery and get me to 40,000 views! Not that long ago I didn't really think it would be possible when  first started. I'm amazed at how quickly I got here! It's a lot of fun posting things up, and I hope you all continue to enjoy my work!

Thanks again!

Hugs & Kisses!
I logged into DA this morning, and there's a huge boost in pageviews and messages...did I get featured somewhere or something? It's pretty weird (and incredibly flattering) to see a massive jump like this. It's funny looking at the graph, and seeing everything else look puny!

Either that, or Green Lantern is WAAAAAYYYY more popular that I thought!

So whoever you are, thank you so much!

And for those of you visiting for the first time, I hope you like my work!

Hugs & kisses!
I just noticed something, after I posted up my Sheego sketch that I was at 100 deviations! Which I think is pretty cool. I know there's been chunks of time that I haven't been here, but overall I'm happy with the amount of posting I've done! I've been pretty solid at putting stuff up since I started back in October!

So I guess you'll have to settle for 101 deviations, which I just put up my Justice League piece to commemorate the occasion! I hope you enjoy, and we'll see how long it takes to get to 200 deviations!