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Cammy Colored

And voila! Here's the finished colored version of Cammy from Street Fighter. I'm really happy how it turned out, and hope you all like it too!

Look at 'dem cheeks!

You know the deal, pencil crayons traditionally drawn on a piece of bristol board!
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Adorable. And those sweet little feet...
toyzkiekoh's avatar
You amaze myself. Good job
CaptainQuixote's avatar
I even love her feet. And I'm not a foot love kind of guy. Great work.
LarsMidnatt's avatar
Saw your work @dcon, good job.
Pabloic's avatar
wow! I must to say that you have an incredible style!
Of caurse, the drawing is very sexy, but, in addition, your style surprised me.
It's beautiful and lovely, I have no words to describe it.
You have to know that I admire this kind of! (in a humble way, of course) =)
BrotherAntroz's avatar
My GOODNESS, that is a scrumptious behind!
electricatom's avatar
and her costume... wow... cutting into the ass must be very pleasant :la:
BrotherAntroz's avatar
She's been wearing it for decades now, but I still can't imagine it would feel very nice.
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it's a lovely drawing, but it would be even better if you drew the thong curling more into the buttocks, like it was tugging. :-)
RestraintNumber5's avatar
nice supple peaches.
jmk1999's avatar
lol... they say she's got one of the best booties in video games. :P anyway, great work! i love it. your style sorta reminds me of `alohalilo :)
powerbook125's avatar
LOVE it! :woohoo:
I love how her suit just disappears in the crack! :strip:
Great facial expression too. :)
hrfarrington's avatar
That's probably the cutest Cammy ever! No one ever seems to draw her very cute :\ Very awesome job! :w00t:
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Elinewton's avatar
Nice color style!!
She have beautiful cheeks!! ^^
ProgressiveCarousel's avatar
Those are excellent cheeks.
JackMurphy's avatar
Your colors are amazing... so much more organic than computer coloring.
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sesshys-grl's avatar
I think it's a very nice version of cammy :)
MoonDarter's avatar
Look at 'dem cheeks!

Dem eyes iz nice, too. All-around lovely!
ayelid's avatar
Even more Daang! than the original pencils :D.
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