Commission Batch 58 ( CLOSED )
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Hey guys! Batch 58 is now open for inquiries! Early birds to catch the first 3 slots with a minimum of $120 per slot will automatically get a FREE headshot. Send me a DA note if you're interested. Thanks!

Commission Batch 59 List5


Ireena Kolyana Fullbody + Headshot


Status: Ongoing


Nora Saigai Halfbody


Status: Ongoing


Hayazuki Arashimoto Fullbody + Headshot

Hayazuki Arashimoto-sketch

Status: Ongoing

Rai Nanda Fullbody + Headshot

Rai bankai-sketch

Status: Ongoing

Yoshiro Fujibayashi Fullbody + Headshot


Status: Ongoing


Rage A. Shadey fullbody

Status: Ongoing


Full body painting info:

  • Fictional Characters ( Anime, comic book character, etc. )
  • Original characters:
  • I'm ok with NSFW thing but probably not Yaoi. Sorry.
  • Additional fee for complicated designs such as robots, bio-mech, buildings, and a crowd shot.
  • Any additional characters or specific background of choice will have an extra charge.

For the new clients, read first the info link below before sending me a note:


Thanks and stay safe everyone!

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oggo171Hobbyist Writer

is that 3rd slot still available? if so, can I have it???