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For this character portrait Clipwire games gave me total freedom. The original idea was to paint a witchhunter or an inquisitor. But during the process and after watched ''The 13th warrior'' movie I decided to paint some kind of nordic warrior but not a viking.

I´m very proud of it and I spent more hours that I used to, cause I wanted to do something very realistic and spectacular.

Thanks to Rimmy for having been so patient this last week.

All done in Ps Cs3 and Intuos 3. Comments and faves are welcome.

Hope you like it. Thanks and regards.

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i love this i am big into role playing and this Tempts me with not one but a hundred different character ideas i have to say this must be what they meant when they say a pictures worth a thousand words you in my opinion are truly doing the best you can with your craft and i am personally glad that of all the changes in this world the expression of art is a constant remainder Thank you Toni keep on doing what you do
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"Why yes. Yes I am entertained. Continue to bloodshed good sir."
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Amazing artwork all around. Good linework , colors, detail on the face, armor, & axehandle. Love it.
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Amazing work dude, especially with the face!

Do you mind if I use this image in my blog (linking to here, obviously?).
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wow this is awesome !! it's will be the topic ;)
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I love it! Warriors are my favorite.

Great colors on this
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why is this not in my favorites?
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I'm the next one !! :D
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woh mad! so much detail!
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Estaría bueno que sea un DD :D
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De nada, chau! :wave:
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Nice. I wouldn't like it be me :D
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Sword and Axe ---> 100 €
Victory ---> priceless
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Está perfecto! O.O
Es un gran trabajo.
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De nada, es simplemente increíble.
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Pedazo trabajo bien hecho.
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¡Flipante Toni, Enhorabuena! ¿Qué tal todo?
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