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Gnal´shalk-tul is a water colossus. His name was given by the race of the Lost Fathers and means "The Claw of the Gods". Is also known by other names as: "Lord of the Sea Abyss" , " The Nightmare from the Deep","The Sea Secret´s Keeper" and "The Great Claw".
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Neat. I really like the perspective as it rolls in from the harbor. More people should study their Japanese monster movies.
artistafrustrado's avatar
esta genialisimo compadrito 8D
Kazogoth's avatar
¿¡como luchas contra ese bicho!? XD me rio de los barcos y las espadas
Kazogoth's avatar
Para mi lo más inteligente sería [link] y te evitas sufrimientos innecesarios XD
Yo ni de lejos lucharía con eso, lo decía por los pobres soldados del dibujo XD
SvenjaLiv's avatar
Wow, this is epic! I love the concept, and you've brought him to life incredibly well!
spookykitty123's avatar
Gees, he dosen't look very happy ): Awesome work all the same.
tndrhrtd37's avatar
Fantastic piece...
tndrhrtd37's avatar
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I don't like very much the style of the colossus, but it's really in the style of the game.
And the details are really amazing ! Great texture and lighting too.
I'll be very happy if I could paint something in that quallity.
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this is too awesome. Love the scene you've created!
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OMG this is so beautiful!!how long it took you to do?
katzorz's avatar
Now this is the type of colossus i'm talking about!
KaitoAozora's avatar
Reminds me of Lovecraft, almost, although less crazy-making.
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