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February 7, 2013
Wizard's Cabin by *artofjokinen
Featured by RezaBisuto
Suggested by TiaVon
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Wizard's Cabin

This particular image was done for the opening cinematic of Trine 2 Goblin Menace. Our AD and lead animator did some really nice work making the painting come to life.

HUGE thank you to everyone! I'm really surprised by the support that this artwork has received and the DD was a really nice surprise as well :)
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expendable90's avatar
Great Artwork !  Great game :)
PapierowySzczur's avatar
I like that cinematic, it was done for. Game is fun, I'm playing it again.
MaashaNemo's avatar
love the vibrant highlights. have u posted any tutorials somewhere here. I guess I can learn a lot.
timohuovinen's avatar
Here you can see this image animated:…

In case anyone is as curious as I am. :)
jspanda's avatar
wow i like it 
evil0verlady's avatar
I love the crisp colors and the contrast of the warm lights of the cabin from the cool light of the moon.:love:
CarlosLuis2010's avatar
Like a firy tale!!! Great work!!
Voidoathkeeper24's avatar
Beautiful work. Definitely in my faves
toratoto's avatar
like to be there
Wolfshadow001's avatar
someone else go knock on the door, had some people find out the hard way that wizards often protect their houses with magic enchantments and got set on fire the instant they hit the door XD
Aviaht's avatar
Oh my god this is amazing. The palette with the little bits of green going on in the yard, and the somehow -mystical- blue glow you've got framing the moon with the branch, and just oh my god this is fantastic.
ClaytonSnow's avatar
You are an absolute superstar. This is fantastic. Everything is on point. Wow. Great work.
edajainigriv's avatar
This is really amazing!! Love it!
quitkid's avatar
I love this one!
ArTRefugiuM's avatar
Your artwork has been featured here [link] :)
oldflattop's avatar
Oh my goodness.. How long did this take you to do? It's incredible.
artofjokinen's avatar
Thanks a lot! Glad you like it :) This one took me a good while to do. I'd say 30 hours give or take to paint it and another 10-20 to break it into pieces for animation and painting a ton of extra stuff for it. This painting is twice as wide as it is shown here but the side which I left out is mostly forest that the camera pans through before zooming into the cabin.

So all in all it was a lot of work but I had fun :)

xXJunnaXx's avatar
how is this even possible! this really really beautiful and enchanting.. so amazing :love:
WolfWithGoldenWings's avatar
Wow... Just... Wow... That is absolutely incredible!! I love the contrast of the icy moon and the warm fireglow of the cabin. It makes it look really cosy and homely. And I like the way you made the effort of putting in small details like the grass, fireflies and the bark on the trees. You really seem to have a talent for this kind of art! Well done indeed! :clap:
AcellMoon's avatar
I wish I could live there x3
Terre-Mere's avatar
WOOOOu! es hermoso...
JonJon74's avatar
!!!Brilliant!!! Love the look of Merlin's cottage, and fantastic colors... :-)
snickerdoodlefairy's avatar
I love this. It reminds me od Merlin's home in The Sword and the Stone.
CastleBeary's avatar
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