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Germania 132AD

Latest personal painting
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Very nice! Love the colors, and the detail!
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The whole painting is interesting, looks so real!
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超级喜欢!!细节相当赞!:D (Big Grin) 
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This is so beautiful....

You've been featured here :D

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Thanks a lot! :) glad you enjoyed the piece!
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Sure get the right feelings on this painting. 
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amazing work! :clap:
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Magnificent. All of the elements involved balance one another out nicely: the black trees and hill in the foreground against the white-capped mountains and fortress in the background; the lone solider in the center-left leveled out by the rocks and trees to the side, as well as the trees in the distance on the hill. Your eye is led from the bottom of the river... to the horseman... towards the fortress... and led back again by the dark trees in the front. I also like that the red cape of the horseman is rather worn and muted so as it doesn't draw too much attention to the subject so as your eye is given more leave to wander. Very nice, beautiful work! Great composition!! :)
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Thanks a lot! Glad to hear that my plan worked for at least one viewer! :D composition is often very subjective and one of the hardest things to nail. Glad it worked out this time!

gotta say that i love your gallery as well! Awesome stuff.

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You're most welcome! Yeah, you did a marvelous job with this compositionally and color-wise. You're right in that it is difficult to nail, but the viewer will still be able to tell if something works or not, even if they don't always know why. Ha-ha. Being meticulous about the placement of things can really pay off, so great work! :D

Aww, gee. Thank you so much! I'm flattered that you like my work. :thanks:
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Todella upea! Ja näyttää vähän siltä, että linnakkeessa on tulipalo! D=

Suosikkeihin menee! :aww:
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Todella kaunis työ!

(Mutta yksi pienen pieni kysymys hiipi mieleeni - olivatko jalustimet jo roomalaisilla käytössä tuohon aikaan?)
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Hyvä huomio! Tuon tyyliset kannukset tosiaan tulivat eurooppaan vasta myöhemmin. Korjasin asian :)

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Heh, eipä kestä. Hevoseläimet ja historia ovat lähellä sydäntä, joten tulee töljättyä (turhiakin) yksityiskohtia. :)
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Wonderfully done. :+fav:
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Gives you that feel of Elder times.
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wow absolutely brilliant!
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