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Winter Cardinal

I was commissioned by my office to paint something for our Administrative Assistant for Christmas. It just so happens she had a lovely story about Cardinals and how much meaning they hold to her. The timing couldn't have been more perfect! I did this on my iPad over the course of about 8 lunches hoping she wouldn't peek in before it was done.

Wonderful stock photo used for reference: [link]
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I draw on an iPad too but mine are way worse D: Your drawings are too awesome for words :3
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Haha thanks! Just keep drawing on it. And keep an eye on my page I'll be posting tutorials after the new Year :)
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If I could find out how to do the deviant with thing I would, but I suck at this, and your work is phenomenal. You're really god at what you do.
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Thanks! Lots of practice will get you there!
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I was born in Virginia and I think that is the state bird....btw the  Hoopoe is the Israeli state bird, you might have fun painting it
Anavi-Ivy's avatar
amazing job ^^
Feathers looks so fluffy! :D
AdriennEcsedi's avatar
Beautiful painting. His feather look so soft.
ArtofJefferyHebert's avatar
Thanks! It took a bit of doing using an ipad to get the feathers that way lol. I'm glad you like it!
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Do you use a stylus for drawing or your fingers?
ArtofJefferyHebert's avatar
Great question! I tend to use a bit of both. At the begining I use my finger as I lay down the color and general shape. As I start to use smaller brushes I switch over to a stylus. 
AdriennEcsedi's avatar
That is interesting. And what is your experience so far with painting on iPad?
ArtofJefferyHebert's avatar
I love it. It's very convenient. The tools keep getting more powerful and the line between mobile art and desktop made digital art is blurring because of it :) I have recently started using the Wacom Companion Hybrid. That device is unreal!
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Aww thanks! This is still on of my favorites :-)
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Gorgeous work! Awesome work on the feathers
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Cool drawing.  I paint and draw a lot of birds, too.  Your art is really good.  Here cones a nosey question, do you sell much on this site?

ArtofJefferyHebert's avatar
Thanks! I honestly don't sell much on this site. I use it mainly as a showcase and for networking.
AerodynamicDragon's avatar
This picture is like magic! Could you do a quick tutorial of how to do this on the iPad? It's a bit tricky for me.
ArtofJefferyHebert's avatar
haha well thank you! Stay tuned cause tutorials are something I've been looking into doing. Just trying to find screen capture software that doesnt slow my computer down.
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It is difficult to tell that this is not a manipulated photograph. Congratulations.
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