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I really like medibang :) Has the perfect blending and painting tools i need like sai.

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I LOVE this! :D
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Waa you use medibang?! So do I xD
*is inspired even more to continue practising using the program* <3
How do you get that paper-like effect/texture? :3
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The final photo grain was done in photoshop, I  forgot to mention ^^Yea I think I'm gonna use medibang from now on, it's the perfect medium for how i like to draw.
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Ah yeah, I suspected ^^'
Really want to learn how to use photoshop for effects like aberration and that ^^
Which brush/es do you use? Hm watercolor? Or like acrylic or something <3
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Chromatic aberration is fairly easy ^^ I actually should make it my next vid tutorial ^^
In medibang, I use the watercolor wet brush and play around with the ease of mixing colors option.
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Oh ok! That would be really helpful!! (I've seen a tutorial of it on sai but not photoshop ><' do you know if there's any chance of managing it on medibang? :3 or how to get the baté(?) I think its called ;;
Ooh nice! I see <33

*im literally just finishing the bg and giving it the finishing touches*
should be here in <2.5 hours ^^' does it have to be a deviation (can it be stash?) I might submit in scraps ^^ if that's ok~ (:
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There isn't  a way to do in medibang since medibang doesn't have a color channel feature unfortunately~
And okay  :-) As long as i can put it in my poll for judging :)
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never hear of it. The results look good tho.
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You are super! Faved! :heart:
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