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Arm shading tutorial

Step By Step for how I shade skin. The best advice I can give is to treat your drawings/paintings like a sculpture. Everything slowly molding together and coming into focus :)

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What brush should I be using and what detailed settings (in Photoshop)?
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I use the default circle brush with pen pressure on and right click to toggle the hardness and softness of the brush :-) depends on what kind of stroke style you're going for :-)
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Awesome job! O.O
It almost looks 3D!
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Thank you! I'm thinking about doing more soon :)
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By all means, please do! :D I can learn a great deal from you! c:
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I do have a question for you! When you're upping the contrast of your colors and adding some strong dynamic shading, how do you place the shadows/colors? Like, when you go from step 3 to 4 and add in the black! I never make it past the step 3 phase because I'm terrified of strong shadows since I don't get em :(
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I would treat it like you're shining a lamp on it. The direction of the light determines shadow placement. So since the edges/ back of the arm are not really in light at all, it'll be in really dark shadow. Shade until it looks right :) and also never use black. It may appear black but I actually used a really dark version of the 1st shadow color :) always use reference of people or things in different lighting to learn different light sources :)
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okay!! thank you!! my main issue is keeping the contrast realistic... it's either too washed out or just grody. thank you for your tips doll!! i'll definitely put them to use in my next painting <3
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Glad to be helpful ❤️Goodluck on your future artistic endeavors:)
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WHOOAAAAA! That is awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! 
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Haha no problem!
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Yes indeed :) You too :)
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bless your soul.. im trying out digital art so this will help me out alot in basic shading
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This is a "tutorial" in the same way people post timelapse videos on Youtube and call them "speedpaintings" :P

Still, lovely work. The end result looks almost rendered in 3D. :)
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And also, the word "tutorial" is an umbrella term. Not all tutorials are in depth. This would be a more medium to advanced tutorial. Nothing is going to be handed free. But yes, it's a step by step, which essentially, it is a tutorial since it does shed light on the process.

I'll be making an indepth one soon.

Thank you very much c: hope you can take as much as you can from it. Once I get my life problems situated I'll start my YouTube and make videos.
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Very helpful, thank you!Love 
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i saw the thumb for this and thought it was a bunch of saxophones
nice work
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