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Roy - Design

By ArtofFlo

I’ve been wondering a lot over the last years what it would look like if I was starting some fantasy comic/story nowadays, like I did when I was a teenager, fond of RPG and fantasy video games. Like my old “S.O.L” comic I did back in 2007-8 .. feeling old now.

I decided to give it a try . Consider it a complete reboot or revamp of some sort.

A really simple piece of design of one of the first character, some kind of a mechanical enhanced mage called “Roy”.  Setting the whole storyline in some kind of a 50s-California-meets-fantasy-and-sci-fi. I’ve heard it’s somehow called “diesel punk” . But I’m not sure it’s really fitting anyways.

Kinda loving mixing modern elements, 50s clothing and streamline retro-future piece of mechanic. It feels true to my universe and style. And it’s a cute redhead. What more to ask for ?

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