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Parisienne 4, Special : Lightning meets LV.



As a way to start the year and to warm up (a few days off and I’m feeling all rusty !), here is the new installment fo my “Parisienne(s)” series.

I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast and a Final Fantasy lover ( the oldest numbers tbh) so discovering #LouisVuitton was teaming up with #SquareEnix for their magical-girl-meets-punk-meets-SciFi SS 2016 collection.. really thrilled me ! 

I decided to pay it tribute and take Lightning in her LV full attire as my 5th - special- Parisienne. She ain’t really Parisienne, but she’d fit in!

Fyi you can check the full outfit here  and the Lightning CGI photoshoot campaign are around the web 

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