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For all the beginners in photography like me (because i prefer to remain a beginner all of the way),
I have a question;
if you see a photo and you fantasized something more than the photo contains, then why not enlarge your view and make a great photo and an amazing memory for the one inside the photo?

I always follow the rules of my imagination.

I don’t have limits of that, and no orders that can define sequence of actions I should take.

It all depend and happens in the moment. Can’t be repeated, and all of this make the photography unique.

Of course that you should know the basics of programs that will help you a lot like photoshop, lightroom ect, to make out of the most of every photo you make and want to reproduce.

  1. You see an image and all you want is to have something magical that can pop-up colours, every kind of colours that can be out there in the universe J
  2. Replace everything that puts you in the reality like the background in the first photo.Find a magical spot that makes your imagination go wild and merge the two photos doing all it requires to bland the light, fix colours, contrast, exposure and all the other details that are important to merge perfectly two images taken in complete different conditions of light

Tell me your opinion, what do you think!

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Submitted on
January 13, 2018