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Inarius and Lilith (Diablo)

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I watched the trailer for Diablo 4 and whoops, I hopped onto the doomed love train again.

I'm not that steeped in Diablo lore (Warcraft is more my realm) so I naturally went to look up who Lilith was after watching the trailer. 

Lilith was a demon that became lovers with Inarius, an angel. Through their union they became the parents of the Nephalem, the heroes with special powers that you control in the game. They attempted to use the Nephalem to "establish peace", which resulted in the angels and demons teaming up to defeat them. 

Inarius was captured and tortured for eternity, and Lilith got the Diablo treatment - sealed away and forgotten.

In the lore, it's implied that Lilith sees Inarius as a means to an end, while Inarius seems to be besotted by her. I still think that Lilith loved him, but I kept that power dynamic in this painting, where Inarius digs his hands into Lilith's skin, showing the desperation of his love. In contrast, Lilith plays with him, unveiling his face.

Hope you enjoy this painting!


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Their love was true...