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I Won't Say...

... I'm in love.

Got the sudden bug to paint Meg, who (probably after Belle) is one of my favorite Disney heroines.

First time painting... well, almost everything here xD I've never painted columns and water before. I spent a lot of time gathering references for fabrics and studied the Grecian columns during the "I Won't Say" sequence. I wanted a slightly more realistic look for Meg plus a pretty dress that was still Greek. They drape their fabrics a lot, so I designed it based on that.

Also, composition and horizon lines! I looked at a lot of Renaissance paintings for composition. I had a ton of perspective lines to get things just right. I'm pretty sure the perspective's still off, but I tried :(
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You don't have to, Meg, since we already know. :D
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This is amazing. Love it! 😘
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Amazing work! Love the way you made the dress :heart:
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Beautiful work on Meg!real slice 
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I Love your Meg!!!:la:
Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
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absolutely beautiful! I love Meg ( love Belle and Tiana too tho) but I feel like Meg doesn't get enough credit for being so awesome 
You did an amazing job! It's beautiful
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she's beautiful!!!!!! i love hoe you made her dress!!!!
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Love the background!
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absolutely amazing! she looks PERFECT! really, in the disney version she is way to thin (of course, disney always made thin princesses) but you did it!! you made her look real and natural!
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Great work with this one here. I've been seeing some stuff involving her and HAdes on FB, it's funny and sorta makes sense.
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I find this so beautiful I want it
you know after i saw this picture, i start singing "I won't say i'm in love" song in my head. :P lol
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I really love this you should do more of the Disney girls/princesses
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Love this! She's one of my favorite
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amazing she looks realistic
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