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Time Of Love

thank you - Saju
Image details
Image size
4000x6000px 13.27 MB
Shutter Speed
1/160 second
Focal Length
56 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Mar 19, 2016, 12:31:09 PM
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Made for one another friends in arms. Nice moment.
Deepizzaguy's avatar
A nude model with an instrument. Priceless.
silentwhale42's avatar
Excellent Photo!
It reminds me of Man Ray’s “Ingres’s Violin”.
kelkor's avatar
Have always liked this idea.
SonyxVII's avatar
This is very clever! Love the shot and the editing. Very well done! 
spiritisfire's avatar
Beautiful and creative work!
Ulfeid3's avatar
Creative? I've seen something like hundreds of photos with the same identical idea/concept everywhere, on DA too :) It's a great shoot with a good composition, the model looks beautiful and the photo itself is beautiful too, but you can't say it's 'creative'... Just search for "cello woman back" on Google images and see with your own eyes ^-^
spiritisfire's avatar
So you go around critiquing people’s positive comments, do you? I don’t have the time to google every image I like to verify that it’s an original concept. I happen to never have seen a photo like this before and wanted to share my appreciation for it. Sorry if that offends you. Wow.
Ulfeid3's avatar
No, I don't "go around critiquing people's positive comments": I randomly seen this deviation, I randomly read the comments, and I simply couldn't avoid to let people know that this is not a unique concept after reading what u write because the web is full of people thinkin how cool and unique is something when it's not at all. But as I already said, this won't change the fact that the shoot itself is good as well the composition :D I'm not offended at all.
spiritisfire's avatar
Well you sure showed me. Perhaps in the future you should consider avoiding that impulse. Have a nice day.
Ulfeid3's avatar
Perhaps nope :P I don't know why some people get annoyed when others try to
"open their eyes" about specific topics or tell them something true about... Have
a nice day you too <3
spiritisfire's avatar
Because it’s unsolicited, pointless, and condescending. But I’m sure you knew that. 🙄
Ulfeid3's avatar
 Sorry but I disagree. If I'm conviced about (just to make an example) that the moon is green - then someone points out to the fact that it's not - I'm more than happy to have been warned/noticed about something I wasn't able to see myself before. But what can I say, maybe I'm the weird one here Shrug  Anyway I think this should well explain why, imho, I thought it was a good idea to talk with u about the above thing. :shrug: Ps. I'm not such a bad person as it may seem, lol. I swear.
Kevinm40's avatar
Homage to Ida Riegels. 
Ganguro666's avatar
I kinda love this, I don't why
Egyfalcon2000's avatar
great show.....

OakEgg's avatar
What a great idea and what a lovely B-side :clap:
Elckerlyc's avatar
Violon d'Ingres ....
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