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My Bio

"Swiss photographer Dan Fehr, better known by the moniker,

Artofdan, has earned himself a legion of fans over recent years.

His nudes on display at websites such as METART, PENTHOUSE,

PLAYBOYPLUS, MAXIM, MICHELLE7 and many more struck an

immediate chord and with viewers, given their vibrant energy,

superb clarity, and spectacular lighting - not to mention,

the extraordinarily beautiful, youthful models he works with.

But he is one of those rare talents that creates art with their cameras.

His images are more than simples nudes of a pretty girl,

they are moments-in-time captured and imbued with an incredible

sense of eros, drama, and fantastic artistry. His range showcases color

and black & white; his locations are indoors, outdoors,

and in the studio; and his message runs the gamut from simple

portraits-of-beauty to powerful, guttural sexuality.

This is an amazing body of work!

One can only marvel at what the next five years will bring from this artist."

A Review by Joaquín del Castello Gilbert, Editor of Michelle7


At the age of 14, I got my first analog camera as a gift.

It was the beginning of the enthusiasm for photography.

Through my architectural training and the associated freehand drawing

I discovered the art of nude drawing and painting.

This passion accompanied me for many years.

Just over 15 years ago, I bought my first digital SLR camera.

For a long time I had the desire to portray female beauty in the field

of photography as well.

My first shoot was done with a model in June 2007 in the area

of an old factory. From the beginning I was enthusiastic about

the possibilities opened up for me by this kind of art.

I was fortunate that I was able to make contact with

very good models at an early age.

May I say that I was allowed to work with some of the best models!

Through them I was allowed to learn a lot and could gain

a lot of experience.

I pass on my passion as a form of art, of nude and erotic art,

though many see it differently. All my work has been done only with

the available light, something that I am very proud of.

My first photographic success came in 2009,

when I was allowed to publish a cover and the picture gallery

for the Penthouse Magazine. Since then a lot has happened

and as in real life, everything is connected with ups and downs.

When I look back today I am very proud of many things -

the numerous competition successes, the work with Metart,

various book and calendar projects, the numerous pictures

which I show here on Deviantart and of course,

the contacts to the great people.

I would also like to thank all of you here in Deviantart,

who appreciate my work, look at it and write something about it.

Many thanks also to all who have bought pictures from me and I hope

that they have the same importance to you as the work for me!

Thank you.



It is my vision to generate an image world of timeless value

and i want to express feelings and emotions in my pictures.

sensuality, passion, thoughtfulness, desire and erotic

are only a few examples which represent my work.

i realize my ideas on several outdoor spots

but also in my 200sqm studio which is located in an old factory.

my photographic areas are mainly artistic nude, nude art,

erotic, lingerie, beauty and portrait.


Volo Magazine






Black & White Spider Awards 2014 | Honorable Mention in Fine Art Photography

Photography Masters Cup | MERIT OF EXCELLENCE 2013

Photography Masters Cup | HONORABLE MENTION 2011

photographers companion | chinese online photo magazine

sensual photography - book

HEYE women kalender 2013 / 2014 / 2015

model maze magazine

View Magazin

JUDO Kalender 2012

PHOTOGRAPHIE | Winner - Nude

trierenberg super circuit | gold medal of esthetics 2011

trierenberg super circuit | gold medal of excellence 2010

stern online

news austria


annual calendar 2008 (fine nude art)

annual calendar 2009 (private investigations)

annual calendar 2010 (absolute artofdan)

annual calendar 2011 (110% artofdan)

annual calendar 2012 (relaxing moments)

annual calendar 2012 (steel fever)

annual calendar 2013 (sensuality)

annual calendar 2014 (legendary)

annual calendar 2015 (from the full moon story)

annual calendar 2016 (nude art)

annual calendar 2017 (factory of sensuality)

annual calendar 2018 (anniversary)

annual calendar 2019 (black & white)


book "private investigations"

book "absolute artofdan"

book "erotic journey"

book "prinzessin aurora"

book "Saju - erotic adventure"

book "Anna - secrets"

book "Artofdan - best of 5 years"

book "Saju - in bath with me"

book "Katya - erotic eyes"

book "Saju - in bed with me"

book "Katya - flower girl"

book "Saju - fragile"

Favourite Visual Artist
Marc Chagall
Favourite Movies
Aliens, Name of the Rose, Uzala, Runaway Train
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kitaro, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Chillout music
Favourite Games
Tools of the Trade
my camera a Nikon D700 and Nikon D800
Other Interests
painting, design, art

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Great body of work sir...

Thank you very much!

Love your gallery! 😀

Hello! Thank you very much! My kindest regards, Dan

You're very welcome! Thanks for your eye for a great shot! All the best, Rob 😀

will there be a calendar this year?

Hello MrRoady

Yes, but these year is one with 12 different models, that means made with me lead models in past 15 years i work with.

Kind regards, Dan