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Sincapsulized Dempsie - TF Sequence Part 2

The hoop finished encasing Dempsie, pulling back her face as it worked on tapering off and separating, discarding her inside of an inescapable sack. I plan on writing a short story for this soon. Gonna aim for a part three.

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How is her tail not plastered to her body?

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It's been a little while since I worked on this, but I assumed that the stuff knows how to compress around her tail after encasing her.

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Especially, if you get such a shinny resultGiggle :happybounce: 
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A part three has been in the back of my mind for some time actually. Just not perfectly sure how to go about it.
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A part three sounds really interesting, I hope, that you will complete it sometime:happybounce: 
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I only hope it's not going to evolve into some "you're like this for life" type of stuff.
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I tend to not go for that, so no worries.
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