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Cody and Mia

Followup to this piece.

It's been almost three years since Mia has endured her skintrap morph, and the mysterious three-year timeout period is about to meet its end. While still unable to reverse the effects (so far), she has managed to modify her body in such a way that she can levitate and use "arms", much like a neurosentry. Since the changes, Mia has allowed herself to be a part of scientific studies for the purposes of figuring out what the Monolith Ultra entity is. Her friend, Cody, has also been a loyal friend throughout the experience, and knows a thing or two about experiencing morphs, himself. I generally just like making my OCs interract with each other.

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Call me crazy, but I have a feeling all that research and all those attempts to get out just might have increased her timer.

HatMan73's avatar

that's à curse I would deffinitly want to endure

Ironpan69's avatar

We need more of this it good

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50$ if these two are gonna get shipped and TF'd later together XD

What are those cyan rings under her feet?

blazikenking's avatar

Levitation effects, I'd bet.

I am not certain that she will be able to get out of her skintrap morph anytime near the three year mark. First, see the contract.

It states "Your bondage contract will expire in approximately three years. Any attempt to cancel or violate your contract may result in additional time." Now see the left-most bottom two captions in the next image in this series.

They say "Has done everything in her power to reverse the morph, but to no avail. After two years, it's become her daily life. Is out of ways to 'outsmart' the curse, so she just lives with it."

Would her attempts to reverse her morph or outsmart her curse count as attempts to cancel or violate her contract? This gives Monolith Ultra opportunities to extend the contract multiple times. Since her contract does not specify how long each time extension will be, she could be stuck in her morph for who knows how long.

EDIT: add some missing words

ArtofC91's avatar

Haha, I'm usually surprised how deeply people think about my stuff. All I can say for now is that I'd like an ending to Mia's arc that will be interesting but nobody will see it coming. I only wish I did more with her over the three year span since doing a real-time story like this is really compelling for me.

Well, I am a fan of the Ace Attorney series of visual novels, and your character is named "Mia". That series of games has a playable defense attorney named "Mia Fey", as can be seen in . I started looking for contradictions more once I became an Ace Attorney fan, and while going through the previous pictures, I found the possible contradiction between her getting off in three years and her contract.

Perhaps I should have started my initial comment with "Objection!" or the following deviation:

Objection Stamp

I am now starting to wonder about seeing your Mia in court as an attorney. For a backstory on why she would become an attorney, she could be studying law to find a legal loophole out of her contract.

ArtofC91's avatar

I should mention that anything Monolith Ultra passes off as "legally binding" is always horseshit. Their products appear in many places, but the actual organization is just a total mystery. It's a long story.

HidaAtarasi's avatar

Sounds like a license to do whatever they want and get away with it.

678091's avatar

Cute couple (if they end up couples)

PoweredByCapture's avatar

I love this! She's basically grown used to the fact that the skintrap is apart of her, though it's almost expired, she seems happy now! 😊

ArtofC91's avatar

I'd like to think that it's possible to take these drone TF stories and turn them around into something that empowers the character, rather than limiting them in their conditions. I've been trying to do more of that type of thing with TFs as the darker stuff usually ends too fast and gets too sad for no reason (see my bad headcleaner comic lol).

PoweredByCapture's avatar

I like the new approach you're taking with the lore and characters. It's definitely a nice touch to your artwork, though I really hope someday there'll be a redo of the headcleaner series 👀👀👀

keithdazzle's avatar

Aw this is so cute! Also good for Mia, she isn't that inconvenienced by the Skintrap anymore.

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