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Taahknie my elf character is always apart of the first artwork I finish of the new year. I have been finishing her first every year for 3 or 4 years now :D Taahknie is form a elvin forest tribe of the air. Air is the element of freedom. The people of air detach themselves to find happiness and freedom. Air is usually related to being adaptable, inquisitive, positive, energetic, restless, and clever. The paint on her face are hunting markings

Still feeling like I have't quite nailed skin shading, but I very pleased with the face :D

:dance: YAY for forest backgrounds that are slowly improving with each attempt

Pose referenced by jagged-eye
Nili Tribal 4a by jagged-eye

More of Taahknie:
Commission: Taahknie by Luciana-LuTaahknie 2013 by ArtofBekSutton

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I think the art and the background are both pretty cool, but I think she seems a bit too big scale wise. She looks like she is as big as the trees, I think if you made her smaller compared to the background it would work much better. :)
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Thank you very much. I did actually play around with where she was and how big she was in comparison to the background. However I found that it looked really odd when she was smaller. It felt better form me where she is.
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The way the foreground and background are set up for this drawing is done correctly.  The trees look smaller because they're in the background as Taahknie is kneeling on a base of a tree in the foreground.  The lighting effects look great and so does the overall colours of the forest.  Getting so much better BK :bow:
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I see, I have had problems with it before to be honest. I drew something were I really liked the character design so wanted her to be a bigger part of the picture. So I can understand feelings like that.

I have just given my input and if it doesn't work for you then fair enough. 
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It really does look great BK!!!
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Holy crap Bek, your facial renderings have vastly improved. This one looks sooo good!
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That is nice to hear as the last few months my main goal is to improve on faces :D (Big Grin)
Hug Thank you my friend :) (Smile)
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Yeah looks realistic and also the hand, the hand looks pretty damn realistic.
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