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Wolverine Zombie

I'm not eally sure how being a zombie effects Wolverine but it can't be good.
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Amazing artwork!  I promoted it on
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Thanks you! I appreciate the promotion. ;)
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He actually can't be a zombie, as he is immune to any disease Cx
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it a virus made by the skrulls
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You're assuming it's infection based. The original Zombie concept was magic/voodoo. And even if it is infection based he may become infected for a time until his mutant immune system catches up. ;)
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right yeah Cx didn't that point of view coming, but that's true Cx tho, would he be infected long enough to actually become a zombie?..
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I think it's possible. :)
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Then, if you think about it, the next time the Zombie Wolverine withdraws his claws (Ermahgerd, that rimed!), won't he just loose them? Lol, I mean there will not be any skin to keep them in place :D
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Maybe. Depends on how far along the decay is but I don't think it's the skin that's a factor. All bone is held together by ligaments and moved around by muscle and tendons so at some point when his flesh totally decays, sure, he'll just fall apart. Haha.
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This wolf-thing eat brains, yes-yes?
WAIT-WAIT! NOT ONLY MY-MY!!! It's too brilliant
Reminds me of some bat man, not the Bruce Wayne kind either.
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cool but would his skeleton be metal
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Thanks and maybe? Probably depends on when he was turned.
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