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Darren Armsfield, Captain's Log: DSV-008 ESS Pioneer

>>LOGGED: 04.22.2192 23:16:52
Sensors detected a water-cloud jovian planet roughly the size of Saturn orbiting in the habitable zone of a K-Type orange dwarf star. We flew in for a closer look and detected an oxygen atmosphere on one of the moons, closer inspection revealed it was Class-E. Astrometrics reported that the atmospheric conditions contained signatures of high industrial development, and thousands of artificial satellites orbited the small moon. Long-range cameras revealed a surface covered nearly 83% by water, and the land was rich with blue plant life. Before we could get around to the dark side to see if there were cities, a hostile extraterrestrial vessel appeared from behind a nearby moon and fired at the Pioneer with some kind of particle beam. Our hull took the hit with little damage, but we left anyways considering they were aiming for our engines. We have since learned from other nearby species that there is a space-faring intelligent species native to that satellite, and they are very aggressive and xenophobic. Luckily they have yet to develop interstellar travel, though it may not be long judging by the data we collected about their ship before we left.

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Very nice indeed, but that looks like a lot of land for a planet 83% covered in water.