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The Exiled Templar

Greetings all! Apologies for my hiatus from posting, as there has been a lot of work and planning since leaving my industry job of 11 years this past December. Exciting plans ahead tho now that I am doing my freelance/entrepreneurial work, starting with this fun ‘breakdown’ of a Templar Knight I’ve always wanted to do. I imagine him having been a devout follower and warrior of a certain faith but has been separated from the order, to survive out in the wilds and fend for himself. Even though I had been working on this guy months before starting my new adventure, I felt this was a perfectly fitting time to post this piece! 😊
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I thought those things on the helmet were Batman-horns.

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So amazing! Out of words. I wish I could draw something like this. lol

Love it!

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Thank you so very much friend!

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Hey, broseph! So I watched the VOD from the stream earlier and heard you mentioned you posted this dude here and I went to check my inbox, only to learn I wasn't watching you! ^^; I added a couple of your pieces to my favs a while back and must've forgotten to do so then.

Anyhow, now that that's sorted, I'm glad you started posting your current works again here, since this provides a better detailed look than on IG. Look at all that glorious detail! I also really dig the way you did the crossbow. At that scale it looks perfect for taking on giants!

Maybe I'm just biased but he holds a special place in my heart since it was when you were working on him live when I first came across you on Twitch last year :dance:

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Serpeeent! How fancy meeting you here my friend! And yes, I make the mistake of fav but forget-to-follow thing all the time haha xD. Thanks sooo much for your kind words bud, means a lot and I'm honored to have you along for the beginning of my journey. :)

This is an amazing piece
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Thank so much! :D

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Thank you friend!

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This gives me Diablo vibes or any sort of game thanks to the style and even the background chosen damn I LOVE IT!
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Ahh, grew up on quite a bit of Diablo myself, so the influence is definitely there! Thanks so much!

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This looks incredible. I love the design and the artstyle is just absolutely sick
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Thank you sooo much!

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This looks awesome!
And although this is fantasy, I think most of his gear would work pretty well in the real world.
His Maul-Morning Star combi weapon looks like an interesting concept.

Sorry if this seems a bit strange or something, I'm a bit of a sucker for realistic weapons and armor.
And this seems like a good balance between realistic and fantastical.
And all these little details look really cool.
I need to remember this one for inspiration.

I definetelly love this one!
Great Job!
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Oh wow, hey thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot! I love a good balance between fantasy and realism myself, just a wonderful sweet spot for me haha. Very happy this piece resonated with you :)

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Thank you friend!

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Both sketches and rendered version are stellar

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Thank yooou, very much appreciated!

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A Warhammer and Morningstar in one. Wicked.
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Thank yoou! Yea seems like could come in handy! ;D

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Wow this is amazingly detailed, honestly looks so professional I first thought it was diablo 3 concept art.

It's really cool to see all those ornaments on his armor and hammer and that you use all those different colors and materials for his outfit.

Also really cool how the light reflects on the golden helmet and armor parts.

The warhammer is also very noteworthy. It is big but still has a slim and deadly design, it doesn't look comical or unrealistically like some other artists sometimes depict it.

And again the warhammer overflows with detail, every single part looks unique and speical.

Very nice!

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Wow, thanks so much for such a thorough review! I tend to be pretty picky about character work that I commit to, but when I do I tend to go pretty all in, and wound up taking this guy notably farther than even my previous work! Thanks again, friend, I'm absolutely smitten by all your kind words and support! <3

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