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Sphinx of the Ancients

By Artof-Li
A sphinx!
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© 2011 - 2021 Artof-Li
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Thank you so much!
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This is incredible. It's also wonderful to find one of these that doesn't portray a desert or a female sphinx with naked breasts. -_-

I'd like to echo Lyricsandlore above: would you mind if I used this for a custom card in a Magic set I'm designing? I was scouring the net for something tasteful for an "iconic" card and this was the best I've found. (And you will be credited on the card as well. :P)

I'm figuring/hoping the answer is yes, but wanted confirmation/permission. ^_^
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Ah yes, of course go ahead! Thank  you so much for liking my work!
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This is awesome! I know this may be rude of me to ask, but is it alright if I borrow this for a proxy card art for a card design of mine? He looks exactly like I envisioned him. :D It's cool if you say no, though.
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Haha, glad you like the piece.  Feel free to use the image for the proxy, I'd be honored ^^
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reminds me of the sphinx from hour of need. different art style tho. nice drawing!
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Looks like something from Magic: the Gathering. I love it!
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Are you an artist for MTG? I've seen this art on a card before!
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Haha, no I'm not unfortunately, tho I do love MTG and incidentally I painted this one with the intentions of pranking one of my coworkers into thinking it was going to be an actual card printed in an upcoming set.  Although now I'm profoundly curious where you might have actually seen this card! haha
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Oh! hahaha! You did a good job! I was really fooled! Honestly I might have it mixed up with a sphinx from the old Ravnica set.  I think it was this one:…

Although I saw this while I was doing a MTG google search. I don't know if you did this or if someone did this without your permission, but it might be another reason I guessed it was card art. (even though this is fake)…
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Oh yea, okay I totally see the resemblance in the first one, I've even played that card in a draft at some point!

But the second part I have no idea who did that, cuz I certainly didn't.  That's hilarious though, haha, thanks for sharing!
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no problem! :) I think I've played that card too at some point. glad to meet another MTG fan!
i would say incredible but that is nothing close that describes this picture
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very cool, very original as well.
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Beautifully Amazing! 
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The coolest sphinx I've seen! Thanks for sharing it.
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<3 Beautiful !
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Looks utterly awesome, great job on this one.
artesora's avatar Dude. :jawdrop:
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That is so damn cool.
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Can I use this picture in a card making program? It has the Magic card looks for a picture.
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EPIC!!! I love it!
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