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I’m glad to announce that group’s permissions have been updated so that contributors will now have full control on gallery submissions. I remind you that if you want to emphasize the design aspects of a piece, the appropriate folder for the particular should be Orkhestra; if the notorious character of it is it’s virtuosity, the category would be Pyramid; and finally, if the vulgarity is ahead, maybe we should leave it in the Smiling Mask collection. Literature and Submissions doesn’t need aclarations, and Features will also be automatically accepted. I think we should make them only our last or preferred piece (could be a series: a Diptych or Triptych) and go replacing, by moving, or removing, the old ones. I always backup the cleaning of the page anyway.

Loves you


Pyramid, Orkhestra and Smiling Mask by NicolasVisceglio

Pyramid, a complex culture concept that comprise, among other ideas, the one of representing the high culture, includes, in mutual affection, also, the pop culture, encompassed by the Smiling Mask abyssal symbol. All methodically accomplished: A special dependency classified as Orkhestra.


Work and education at the same time, from the beginning of life. A rotating system in which all individuals can spend their working lives exchanging knowledge and performing the full range of available tasks, changing roles and specialties, according to their needs. A dynamic system that constantly update itself according to the needs of the individuals that integrate it, in constant communication and discussion, in which decisions are taken dialectically and where it is imposed only the biggest reason, always in movement. A system that is increasingly true reflection of the individuals that integrate it, more and more perfect themselves.

Notas Para El Nuevo Mundo

Trabajo y educación al mismo tiempo, desde el comienzo de la vida. Un sistema rotativo en el que todos los individuos puedan pasar su vida laboral intercambiando conocimiento y desempeñando toda la gama de tareas disponibles, cambiando de roles y especialidades, de acuerdo con sus necesidades. Un sistema dinámico, que se actualice constantemente, de acuerdo con las necesidades de los individuos que lo integran, en constante comunicación y discusión, en el que las decisiones se tomen dialécticamente y se imponga solo la razón mayor, siempre en movimiento.  Un sistema que sea un reflejo cada vez más fiel de los individuos que lo integran, cada vez más perfectos.


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