Art Nouveau Style Challenges: Alphonse Mucha

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EDIT2: I won't be able to make the feature until tomorrow (Wednesday the 19th) at the earliest, so if you have something finished or almost finished, now's the time to submit it! (Remember to link to this journal in your description.)

EDIT: Still time to get in on the feature! See countdown on front page of the group.

Today I would like to start off artnouveau's newest project: The Art Nouveau Style Challenges!

The idea is as follows:

:bulletpurple: Create a new artwork in the specified style, upload it to dA, and link to the challenge in the description of your deviation.
:bulletpurple: Submit it to the Challenge folder.
:bulletpurple: At the end of a two-month period (16th September, see countdown on front page of the group), all submissions will be gathered in a feature, and one submission will be chosen to be featured on the frontpage of artnouveau for the following two months.
:bulletpurple: After the two-month period is over you can still respond to the challenge and submit to the folder.


Mucha is one of the most well known artists who represents the Art Nouveau style, and for this reason we will begin our style challenge with his style. This might be easy for some of you who are used to working with Mucha's characteristic style, but I still hope that the challenge can be a motivation to create some beautiful art in the style of this popular artist.

Things that characterize Mucha's Art Nouveau works:
  • Organic shapes and sinuous curves
  • Varying line boldness
  • Some measure of asymmetry
  • Nature, flowers and plants
  • Circular decorative elements and elaborate borders
  • Beautiful women in flowing, ornamented garments, and elaborate hair/headpieces
Keep in mind that much of Mucha's work, particularly his later work such as The Slav Epic, is not Art Nouveau. Below are some examples of Mucha's Art Nouveau work to get you started:

Alfons Mucha - 1896 - AutumnAlfons Mucha - Monaco Monte CarloMucha, Alfons - Prinzessin Hyazinthe - 1911Alfons Mucha - 1896 - La Dame aux Camélias - Sarah BernhardtAlfons Mucha - 1902 - Cycles Perfecta

Examples of the use of Mucha's style on dA:
Zodiac Art Show - Aries by giorgiobaroni Art Nouveau (Attempt #1) by mseregon:thumb412482489: Art Nouveau bride - commission by CassiopeiaArt Autumn - Polyhymnia by XIXDeviant The Thorn and the Bloom Line Art by AngelaSasser

For more inspiration check some of the many books about Mucha, e.g.:

Drawings of Mucha, Dover Publications. Recommended by Cassy-Blue.
Book Cover

Alphonse Mucha by Patrick Bade & Victoria Charles. Recommended by FrauleinVampyria.
Book Cover

Document Décoratifs.
Mucha's Documents Decoratifs 1901 by Bit-sinna

Mucha's Figures Decoratifs. Recommended by AngelaSasser.

More recommendations from your fellow artnouveau members.

Challenge folders:
1. Mucha

I hope some of you will be inspired to participate! :heart:

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Guh working last minute on my painting for this one. GO GO CAFFIENE!