TIN MAN OF OZ is out!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to announce that my new short story is out! It's titled TIN MAN OF OZ - www.amazon.com/Tin-Shadow-shor…

TIN MAN OF OZ cover by ArtNomad

FREE for the next few days!

Everyone knows how Dorothy met the Tin Man on her journey down
the Yellow Brick Road, but few know his actual story.

What led him to his rusted condition in the forest?
Why was he yearning for a heart?
How did he come to be a Tin Man in the first place?

All of these answers are revealed in the TIN MAN OF OZ.
(A short story set before the events in SHADOW OF OZ - www.amazon.com/Shadow-Oz-Nick-…)

SHADOW OF OZ book cover by ArtNomad
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