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NOVA 70's style inked

By ArtNomad
Inked in Manga Studio EX4

Nova, 70's style. Old school all the way for me.

colored version,retro style-
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Brilliant rendition of a classic Nova cover - very retro indeed. Nice clean inking style - I use MS myself for my own art I run the Nova Prime group here as well as being a regular contributor/assit to Nova Prime Page the main fan site for the Human Rocket as I'm a very long time Nova fan - won't mentione my age! Would hope you'd allow permission to add this and the other piece to our galleries! And if you have time - feel free to join NP and perhaps look at the Nova619 webcomic which myself and other artists do for both NPP and Comsic Book News. Maybe you'd consider doing something whenever time permits? Darren/UK
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Thanks! Yeah, MangaStudio is a godsend. Traditional inking is so painful for me while MS lets me fly right along and experiment on the way.

I checked out your Nova Prime page and wow, you guys put a lot of work into that comic! It looks great. I don't know if I'll have the time to participate, but hats off to you all. I've been a fan of Nova since I was a kid and received the very first issue as a gift. I have that issue on my studio wall (amongst other classic oldies) and I have the Nova Bowen bust on the shelf near me, his golden helmet gleaming. :)
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I noted you have the full version - I've stuck with the Debut version which has the main basics which I bought along with my Wacom tablet and pen but I'd like to upgrade to the full one later down the line. I do miss the brushes and pens but definayely faster and has a number of lovely tones and textures which you can't reproduce easily with traditional inks.

Thanks for the compliments ref Nova Prime. It takes up a lot of free time up the guys involved are really enjoying it. I started reading Nova about 30 years ago - first issue was No.6 in the original series - and if I hadn't got that I wouldn't have probably started collecting comics at all, especially US ones as I kept to UK produced stuff like Captain Britain, 2000AD/Judge Dread, etc. Nova fitted into my other passion, SCI-fi and its been a good partnership ever since. I got the Bowen bust myself - I'd love to have the full figure -as/when I can afford it but I did get a mint copy of Nova 1/70'S SERIES two years ago which is framed with a copy of Nova 1 from DNA's series -

though I do also have a few Nova commission artworks framed - last year I got a signed copy/drawing from Mahmud Asrar who drew Nova 34/35 and own probbaly the only art of Nova by Charie Allard who draws the The Walking Dead zombie comic which I believe was a recent TV series on your side of the pond.

Keep dropping by and the offer is open to do anything for Nova619 as/when - updates regualrly at the Group. Thanks. Darren
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Yeah I picked up MS EX4 at a low low price. It was on sale at Amazon and I couldn't resist after I saw a youtube vid of Dave Gibbons using it with a Wacom Cintiq 21ux. I had to pull the trigger on both items and wow does it make a difference for me. I had a tablet which was fantastic but my hands always felt awkward with it. The Cintiq just... feels right. At least for me.

I want that Nova full statue too, lol! I stopped collecting Mint comics and now prefer them with tears and creases. It adds to the nostalgia factor for me. Plus I can get them cheap!

You guys are doing a great job with the book. Although I don't see me really having time to do interior pages, maybe I can whip out a cover or something sometime? No guarantees, but it sounds like fun. Oh, btw, is the Charlie Adlard art posted in a gallery? I'd love to see his take on Nova.
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Here's the link for Charlie's Nova pic at Nova Prime Page. I'm lucky that I live in the same County (equ of State) where he lives...less than 20km away! Far as I know this is one of the rare Superero pics he's done - in fact when he drew it for me - he said jokingly that superfolk isn't his speciality! Its framed now, perched on a shelf right behind my pc!


Oddly enough it was Dave Gibbons' endorsement for Ms that made me decide to abandon traditional inks for digital. And its been a good choice giving me more clarity for pencils than brushes. Took a while to get used to the tablet as sometimes it has a mind of its own -changing the pressure of the pen when I don't want it too - but got over it in the end. I'm told one advantage with the full version over Debut is that it uses vectors so that unlike Debut where when you zoom it you get a pixelated version of the image you're inking, the lines remain sharp whatever the resolution. Speaking of which - I've kept to 700dpi for inking - seems to work but have experimented with slightly lower rez - what's your preference?

If you want to do a cover - that's great! Everything is planned ahead for the end of the year - so there are slots for covers for later episodes for the Aug-Sept slots still open. If you like to do one of those you'd have plently of time. Let me know if interested still!

I miss the old style paper comics were printed on - new ones seem to never age or discolor and don't add to the value unlike the old vintage ones! Daz
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Adlard's piece is awesome. I just might do a cover. Gotta see if I can fit it in. All this talk about Nova is making me want to do another one of him, lol. Don't get me started about the paper. I REALLY miss the feel and look of the old stuff.

It's cool you were inspired to switch by Gibbon's too. I was using 600 dpi for inking in MS. When I zoom in, it still gets a little pixelated for me. It's still fairly new though and I'm still feeling my way around it.
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Of course with the Adlard one I got to see him draw it there and then. He used the Cover to Nova 1 (DNA's run) as a guide but after that he whipped up the pencils and inks (copier markers) in around 6/8 minutes give or take! Like I say, no rush with a cover....there are plently of episodes down the line so fit in as/when you have a slot.

I use 720dpi myself but separate the layers so background I do at around 400dpi, figure inks at 600/700dpi then merge the layers when done. I don't use the online manual - for me best way to get used to a program is to just use it and see what works. I'm still refining my style but its far better than previous traditional stuff, esp fine lines - and best part is the rotating page option on saves me getting pain in my drawing fingers a lot. Daz
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Coolness. I'll note you when I can fit a cover in. As for MS, yeah I'm still discovering new things as I go. I just discovered the horizontal flip button the other day which is way fast and super helpful. I'm playing around with styles right now too. Been away from art for awhile and am trying different things out to see what I like and what sticks. :)
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