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My 2012 asus laptop is pretty much AGONIZING TOT.... So I really hope you check out my commission sheets! Please ask me anything about them!

For DA only I'll accept BL NSFW commission (for real, just here xD)

*Prices DON'T include paypal's commission, made a calculation from cheapest to most expensive it vary from 2-8usd c:

Comisiones 01 by artmunnn

Comisiones 00 by artmunnn

Comisiones 03 by artmunnn
Comisiones 04 by artmunnn
Reglas by artmunnn

Thank you so much!

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Hey guys.. I'd like you all to know that I'm opening comissions, I'm drawing pretty much everything.

It's a hard time I don't think I should deny it or try to hide it, I'm in a foreign country and getting a job is getting difficult because of paperwork, permits and I'm fighting to get all that, but there's stuff to pay to reach those goals and I don't want to bother my parents more than I should because I've got a sister starting college and it's giving him a lot of stress (he's almost 70)...

 I want to help relieve the burden I may represent this year by getting to a place where the stuff I've learned (fashion design, game development, illustration) takes me further in my life, please, consider comission some pieces from me!

Hey! I'm and Illustrator and fashion designer, I want to capture that idea or character you have in mind in a great illustration ,because that's what I do better! Poster, postcard, sticker, book, digital or ink (of course a nice and clean scan). :) Qué tal! Hallöchen! 

For $5 you get

Simple clean drawing of your idea with simple shadows :) (digital, and pencil sketch for ink)

For complete clean illustration with simple color we go from $10 and talk about what you're looking for!


Things that comes to mind you might want to ask if I do draw and I do:

-Erotic art (stuff like 1 or 2 girls erotic poses,with weapons or mecha style,bondage)

-shonen ai/shoujo ai

-gaming or anime fanart

-twitch/youtube banner and avatar

-extra payment if it's for commercial use like last point.

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So here I am, trying to get smth out of the fashion industry. or rather, to get something IN the fashion industry..

I'll do my best even if i'm to be a backstage slave for every show!
In 6 weeks we're supposed to attend class wearing a piece made from two garments we already own.. but i just arrived here and only have some stuff... not anything really disposable..except for that jacket my cat to go i guess..

My birthday's coming up, it'll be the second time i'll celebrate somewhere too far from home, but it isn't that bad... !

I'm happy to be participating in different contests this days, because it makes you draw new things that i'd never think of 00:!

what else?? mm cats are SO TIRING!! I want to change pepper's inside clock (or whatever u call it) because i don't get any sleep at all ;__;! i have to keep waking her up all day... why u have to be so crazy little kitty??
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I came across this contest some time ago! and the ocs are so cute!!! I really wanted to participate so here's the link to the contest!! hopefully ill finish in time!

<da:thumb id="495632100"/>
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It was really nice, being a villager at my friend's town mm F...Freshh-smth-smth.. everything was already there, so i kind of didn't have to work at all 0:


Thanks to an awesome person >3< i'm now the owner of the cutest pink pearl 3ds AND Animal Crossing >n<"!!

Im so happy with all my villagers!! (except frank) they're ALL SO CUTE D: (except frank..)

Julian got settled today and tomorrow Annalisa's moving in!!! TWO ANTEATERS IN MY TOWN IM JUST.SO.HAPPY!

The wait-one-day-for-everything thing has always made me impatient, but I know it's worth it! I can't wait to open stores and customize Cotton's ground!!

And to get my own first 5PM Rain... I think I'll cry <3

Annalise's house is so beautiful... so beautiful that i had to take away her rococo bed and sofa.. i had to

Currently poor cuz i know nobody's going to donate for my campsite =H=

conclusion: I love my in-progress-town and my villagers!! (except you frank, u may go whenever you like) 

PS. (why are u so nice frank, i don't have the courage to hit u until u leave...even though you remind me of that annoying eagle Apollo =n= )

-------------------------- in other news -------------------------------------

Done with every Bioshock game D: I can't believe it's over... pls tell me there will be a Bioshock: and beyond or smth.. I wanna know what happens after bioshock 2 so bad... even if my gamer friends hate me I have to say that 2 was my favorite (may be because I wasnt finished with the first one when I started B2)

--mild to no spoilers--
And Elizabeth.. oh god I hated u every moment on Burial at Sea ep1 cuz I love Booker so much. and in ep2 u got me, and I started to love u too, and Booker even more. I cried so much on different moments on ep2,
not just the end. But it was the end to the beginning.

I need to cosplay a Big Sister so bad! bioshock art is coming =A=!
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So, I decided to make a DA account at last...