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I've been reading a bit of China Miéville again, which has kinda inspired me to do some sketching again. Which is great, cuz I've been really neglecting my drawing lately.

Anyway, this is an attempt to figure out what the Khepri race look like. I haven't read PSS in ages tho, so I'm kinda missing the best detail notes, but this is fairly close to how I *think* I picture them. I think.

It's the drawing itself I'm interested in here - the colours were just quickly slapped together in photoshop to make it look pretty, so don't gripe about the category, okthx!

[EDIT] - fixed coupla wee bits I missed before, and uploaded a slightly bigger version.

[EDIT (again)] - made some slight changes, and uploaded a full-resolution for making prints. We'll see if it's big enough.
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Just now starting to read the book.  Boy, the males sure had the shitty end of the evolutionary track. x> 
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I dunno - all they do is mindlessly eat and fuck, without the basic intellect to worry about anything, ever. Not the most engaging life, but they're probably pretty content, if bugs can be called content. I reckon the females have it much worse - they know about whatever the hell happened in The Ravening, they've gotta deal with living in shitty ghettos almost everywhere they've settled, and every now and then they have to just sit and take it while huge bugs rut with their headscarabs. The males have it easy!  ;D

Hope you enjoy the book. I haven't read it in a while, but it's been one of my absolute favourites since I first picked it up.
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Long book and I am at chapter 5.  Its intriguing. 8>
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This is great work and such an awesome book! I think you've done the Khepri justice!
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Perfect. Better than I’d imagined her.
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awesome image! So well done.
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I've seen this one around then net. Love it. Thanks for making it.
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You have? How intriguing. ^_^

Glad you like! ;D
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This is like in the wiki, I though it was an alian at first :D
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I'm feeling what Isaac was feeling
Disgust for the head, then lust for the hot bod...
Such conflict.

I can't really figure out how the Khepri could biologically come to be, seriously.
Some giant insects cross-bred with humans? Is that even possible????
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Have you read The Scar yet? I figure when the Ghosthead broke the world it screwed with Bas-Lag's biology - the normal rules just don't apply. And don't worry if you haven't read it yet - that wasn't actually a spoiler at all. ^_^

And thanks for the comment man!
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Lol anytime.
Nah not yet. Not even halfway through Perdido Street Station yet but it's interesting so far. Has elements of magical realism which I really like. :D I guess I'll have to read The Scar now, hey?
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PSS is the best introduction to Bas-Lag anyway, so you're off to a good start. I think The Scar is probably my favourite tho - just so much wonderful creativity in his writing.
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OK lol I'll definitely read it then.
My god so much holiday reading to do.
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Ah well, at least it'll keep ya busy! ^_^
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Wonderful. I always loved Khepri, that weirdo with a whole insect for a head. Nice take on that concept!
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Aye, they're a pretty cool race, but then I love most of the stuff he comes up with. Still not totally sure of this depiction of them myself, so I may have another try someday. Glad you like, tho!
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Very nice! I always imagined something similar to this, but with rounder and compound eyes. This is a gorgeous drawing, though.
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Thankyou! And yeah, there are a few things I would change myself if I was to do this again ... maybe someday I will!
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I love it!!. I wish I could have a poster of it!
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Oh, and thanks for the +fav & watch too, btw! ^_^
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