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ArtMansion is a growing and active Group, where you are able to submit your artwork! 😊
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Pixel Flower Bullet - Lavender by EmpressOfRoses This group is for artwork YOU created. Pictures created with a maker, screenshots or recolours are not allowed. Please don't suggest artwork from other deviants into the group.

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Pixel Flower Bullet - Lavender by EmpressOfRoses Artistic nudity is allowed, everything more explicit will be declined. Fetish artwork is going to be declined aswell.

Pixel Flower Bullet - Lavender by EmpressOfRoses When submitting artwork to this group, you have to follow DeviantArts Terms of Service. Which means, you are not allowed to submit pornographic content and NSFW drawings of underaged characters.

Pixel Flower Bullet - Lavender by EmpressOfRoses Hate / Political artwork or any discrimination against a group of people is not allowed in this group.

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Silver and Gold: Chapter 6Chapter 6: Meeting TobyHe was a dog with a great sense of smell, but he was a lovable creature and a very excitable one.Like most dogs, they sometimes can tell who is good and who is bad. But other times they can never tell at all.But when he saw me and got a whiff of my scent, he knew that I was a trustworthy creature despite my size.Because one thing was for certain...I actually had a fondness for dogs.--- June 20, 1897 8:54 a.m.Several Hours Before…Basil exited out of the tailor’s shop, after finishing his newest Chinese outfit disguise. Something that nobody except the shop owner would ever know or even expect, because he was going to use it to infiltrate one of his archenemies known hideaways, and hopefully find some evidence to put the fiend behind bars. However, he has to be quick. So after shutting the door, he immediately quickened his pace, but not before bumping into two individuals and saying to them, “Do excuse me.”He didn’t have time to apologize to either of them, and right before he was about to start running, a female voice shouted at him from behind, “Hey, watch where you’re going, pal!”Behind the grey mask, Basil’s eyes glared as he stopped where he was. He didn’t know who this woman was, but he can tell from her accent that it was American. Still, he never heard of someone saying “pal” at the end of a sentence. But whoever she was, that was a rude thing to say to a gentlemouse. He started to turn around and was about to talk to this lady about manners, then there was a gasp, almost like she was afraid all of the sudden. When his eyes began to look at her, time seemed to slow down as he saw a tan furred mouse quickly turning her around and flipping down her hood. His eyes squinted as he could’ve swore he saw something from her.Was that...a small ear on the right side of her head?He wasn’t sure he was seeing right, but he had to get a closer look. So after they went inside, Basil went over to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her face. Unfortunately, due to her entire frame being covered in a dark green cloak, he couldn’t tell. He even watched her go towards a mirror, hoping he could at least see her face, but the blasted hood from the cloak was concealing it. As he continued watching her, his thoughts were drawn back about what he saw. He still wasn’t sure he was seeing right, but he knows he could’ve swore he saw a small ear.Could it have been...a human ear?No, that couldn’t be, but he couldn’t deny that he has seen humans before, just by watching from the shadows of Sherlock Holmes. However, he was drawn back to the rumor that he’s heard for the past week. It was the big talk in London besides the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Thinking back before the events, he remembers being called in to investigate with Scotland Yard when there was an unusual disturbance in Shaftesbury Avenue. Many witnesses had told him down to the slightest detail about what happened.He didn’t believe what he heard when the witnesses told him there was a small human girl in the midst, and they also claimed, while detailing what she wore, that she had as many would say “unusual clothing”. At first he thought to be nothing more than rubbish, but seeing the eyes of every witness who told the same story to him, he could tell they were telling the truth. However, he was a mouse of logic and reasoning, if there was such a thing as a small human, he needed evidence to find out if it’s really true or not. Speaking of evidence, when he tried to find something during his little investigation...he found nothing. For the first time in his career, there was not a single trace of evidence, not even a single clue to point out the whereabouts of this mysterious small human. He couldn’t find any footprints, due to the rain that probably washed it all away before he arrived with his umbrella in hand.Basil knew that this little rumor was just the beginning, and indeed he was right about that. For the last couple of days, everyone around Mousedom was talking about it, even after it was printed off the newspaper on the front page. He even got that newspaper just so he could figure out something about this rumor. For those last couple of days, he couldn’t find a moment's peace of mind. It was even distracting him for finding his arch-nemesis, and it was starting to bother him.In order to bring his curious mind at ease, he went back to the same spot where this alleged “small human girl” was taken place. He even double-checked just to make sure he didn’t miss anything during those last couple of days, but once again he found nothing. But, piecing together some of the information that he gained from the witnesses, he could probably conclude that it was just a magic trick from some female mouse, dressed-up as a human in order to fool people and gain some attention. However, a part of him was telling him that it wasn’t true, the eyes of those witnesses told him otherwise. Unfortunately for them, he didn’t have time to be chasing such rumors. The only thing he had to focus on was finding his arch-nemesis and putting him behind bars. So he put that from the back of his mind, and hopefully it might fade.But that all changed the moment he met...her.Seeing her had not only reignited his curious thought about that rumor, but part of him knew that this was his chance to find out if this rumor was true or not. He couldn’t let a big chance like this slip away from his grasp. So with that in mind, and hopefully this will cease his curious thought about this ridiculous rumor and put it out of his mind for good, he waited by the shop until they both left, and the first thing he was going to do was ask the witness who saw her.For the last two minutes since he was standing there, patiently waiting for her to leave, he finally saw her along with that tan furred mouse that she was with as they left the shop. He had to make this quick before she slips away from him. Quickly rushing inside the shop, the owner was a little surprised to see him again as he said, “Well, fancy seeing you again.”Basil went over to him. “That woman.”“I beg your pardon.” The owner had a confused look.“That cloaked woman you saw just now. Was there anything unusual about her?”The owner cocks one eyebrow while rubbing the back of his head and saying, “Well ‘unusual’ is the right word to describe her. Well…I did notice...”“Yes. Yes, what is it?”“I noticed there were...five fingers on her hand.”“Five fingers.” Basil muttered. He knew all too well since watching humans, and he also knew that they always have five fingers.“It was the strangest thing that I’ve-” He didn’t finish as Basil took off and left while the owner said while raising a hand to try and stop him, “Hey wait I-” He sighs while shrugging his shoulders. “Everyone’s always in a hurry.”Basil had to hurry and catch up with them, his feet running as fast as they could, and maybe just maybe he could catch a glimpse and find out if the rumors were true or not. This was his one-time big chance to find out so he could put his mind at ease and focus on the real task at hand. As he was pushing his way out of the crowd, not having the time to say excuse me while focusing so much on finding that girl who was with that tan furred mouse. He stops in the middle of the crowd while looking in all directions, hoping to find her somewhere in this crowd. Luckily for him, he managed to find a dark green cloak where it was walking right next to the tan furred mouse she was with. “A-ha, there you are!” Basil says excitedly as he follows them, but had to slow down his speed by jogging while keeping his distance behind them.For the last three minutes since Basil started to follow the two individuals, it was smooth sailing for him. After getting away from the crowd, he follows them to an empty street. They stopped for the moment, making him hide by a wall while keeping his eyes on them and his ears opened while hearing the tan furred mouse say in a noticeable Scottish accent, “You alright?”“Yeah, I’m fine,” The cloaked female nodded. “Just a little stuffy is all.”The cloaked female took off her hood, revealing her red-hair just as the witnesses described her.“But at least the coast is clear for me to take this off.”“Well, you’ll get used to it when wearing it. Come along now.”They started to move again. Basil didn’t want to lose this chance, he had to find out more about her. And to do that, she has to face him. However, he didn’t want to blow his cover, so he had to find another way. That came out fast when his foot brushed against a small rock, picking it up while humming in thought and looking ahead, then at the wall he was at, this could work. With a plan in action, he brought the rock towards the wall and beat it, making it create a loud noise since the street was completely empty.Knock-knock-knock-knock-knock!The two individuals jumped a bit while turning around, making Basil quickly hide while keeping an eye on her. But his jaw drops and his eyes widened in complete shock at what he was seeing...This was a human girl, who was unknowingly staring at Basil!But that couldn’t be possible, maybe this was just a trick. Maybe she’s wearing some sort of costume just to fool him. Unfortunately for him, that part was crossed out of his head, because he realized two things about her. She didn’t have a tail that would’ve exposed her from the hem of her cloak and he saw the pinky on both hands that curled, which meant they were a part of her body. And not only that, they had five fingers. When he now saw her face to face, his mind came to a shocking conclusion…This was a genuine human and she was actually small!“What was that?” He heard the human woman say.“I-I don’t know.” The Scottish mouse says. “But I’m sure it’s nothing. Come, let’s go.”Basil watches with wide shocking eyes as both the human and the Scottish mouse left until they were both gone from his sight. The back of his inflatable costume was put against the wall as he mutters, “It can’t be...this can’t be possible.” His mind was trying to wrap around from what he saw, but his mouth continued to move as he spoke, “So the rumors are true.”For the first time in his career, he was dumbstruck. But at least now he solved the mystery of the mysterious rumor. But this went against all logic and reasoning. How was this even possible? His curious mind gave him that answer. When one mystery was solved, there was another mystery. He couldn’t explain it, but there was something about this that seemed...odd. However, there were many questions that needed to be answered like:Who was she?Why is she here?How did she get so small?Ding-dong-ding, came the chiming bells of Big Ben as it struck nine, bringing Basil out of his collected thoughts. He glares and stomps a foot while angrily saying, “Oh, confound it all! I don’t have time for this!”Indeed he didn’t have time, this wasn’t the time to be distracted, he needed to focus on the task at hand. However, his mind was still lingering with so many questions concerning that human. For the moment, he needed to put it in the back of his mind. The first thing he needed to do was handle something else. So right before he started running, he looked behind him to where that human left with that Scottish mouse. Behind his mask, he had a smirk on his face as he said, “Will meet again...little Miss Human.”Unfortunately for Basil, fate had a way with reuniting him to her, that not even he could ever anticipate.--- Several Hours Later…June 20, 1897 9:02 p.m.Basil was listening carefully to Anna’s tale while smoking his pipe, and the first thing he wanted to know about was how she got here. After Anna already showed him the silver watch and explained to him that she’s looking for a golden watch of the same value as this, he was immediately both surprised and intrigued after she told him that she was sent here by that watch.After opening it, he was amazed at such a craft. However, that left him the question as to why somebody would want a golden watch of the opposite value? There could be a thousand, no, maybe even a million, and maybe not one of them could match this watch. It’s almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Still, he had a strange look on his face when he noticed two things. The first was that he noticed that the hands were at the same time as Big Ben. And the second, was that there were three buttons on top of the watch. He asked her what these three buttons do, but she told him that the middle button was the one that brought her here. As for the other two, she didn’t know.Basil was still surprised, a watch with the power to warp someone out of their world and into his world. He was still a little curious about the other two buttons. What can they do and what’re they capable of? He didn’t want to chance it, because he didn’t want to mess with it or know what they could do if either of the buttons were pressed. This was beyond him and his understanding.Unfortunately for him, Anna hadn’t told the full story. She didn’t tell him that she’s from the future in the year 2017 or told him that Mr. Moriarty was the one who sent her here, because she was accused of stealing that silver watch and the only way to clear her name was by finding a golden watch in this time period. She only left out those details, because for one thing, Basil would never understand, and she knew that she had to get some help and then handle the rest herself.After Anna’s first tale, she immediately told Basil about the kidnapping. It was still a little painful to be reminded of how she failed to protect Hiram, but she had to be strong and trust herself if she was going to get him back. When she was done with her second tale, Mrs. Judson came to her and told her that she found some clothes fit for her size and it was now time to change into dry clothes. As she left, it was Olivia’s turn to tell her side of the story of when her father was kidnapped.While Basil continued to listen to Olivia’s story, Anna came back into the room wearing a simple yellowish-beige dress that Mrs. Judson used to wear when she was younger when she served Basil’s family for quite a long time. Basil’s eyes glanced up at her momentarily before returning his full attention to Olivia while biting into his pipe as he listened.When Olivia finished her story she concluded, “And then my Daddy was gone.”The detective hummed to himself in thought, taking it all in. What Olivia told him wasn’t much to go off of, if anything at all. There wasn’t a single clue that led to the reason why her father was the target of Ratigan’s plot. “I see,” He said. After learning from both perspectives of their stories of how the toymaker was kidnapped, there was somewhat of a connection. He couldn’t explain it yet, but there were some things that stuck out to him like a sore thumb. His eyes were looking at Anna’s eyes while he said with suspicion in his mind, “However, there is some concernment. And it concerns you, Miss Johnson.”“Me?” Anna says with confusion.“Yes, from what I gathered from my young client here, is that you told her father that ‘he’ll take you’. What did you mean by that?”Anna had a feeling that he was going to ask that while she was getting dressed, and even though she didn’t tell Basil the full story, Olivia who was so young and innocent, she would tell the full truth to him. So, she came up with an idea to make a believable story, and hopefully Basil would buy it. “I had this funny feeling in my gut, I guess you can call it human instinct. I thought that somebody was going to get taken, and I was right. But think about it for a moment, burglars don’t usually target homes that have lights turned on. And it wasn’t like he was going to go through the front door or take anything that wasn’t even valuable to him.”She had evaded his question with that little story of hers, which had a bit of truth in them, but no matter. Basil blew out a puff of smoke and scratched his cheek with the mouthpiece of his pipe while saying, “Fair enough.” It was easy to believe that Miss Johnson had simply fallen into a state of hysteria during a frightening situation. However, from what he learned from Olivia’s story, Anna was holding onto a mop and was about to swing it if Fidget were to come in. Was she just feigning her fear for bravery, or maybe she was just going as Anna would say “human instinct”? Either way, he would let this matter go...for now at least.But she had made one big slip up earlier in this very room.The room was silent as Anna watched Basil circling around her, casually smoking his pipe. Finally he stopped, pulled the pipe from his lips and spoke, “If I remember correctly, you had confirmed that Fidget had a crippled wing.” He looked down at her from over his nose, his head held high. “How could you have possibly known this if you were locked away in a broom closet during the entirety of the attack?”Anna wasn’t prepared for this question, but an idea struck as she was reminded of when she was locked in the broom closet. There was that one detail she could use to her advantage and create a believable story and hoped this would fool Basil. Even though she admired his intelligence and perceptiveness, he wasn’t the only one who could use a brain. “I saw some of the scuffle through the keyhole, it wasn’t much, but I did notice a bat-like wing and it looked like it was broken or something.”“Hmm, I see.”She was glad that Basil was fooled. But for Basil, he wasn’t quite sure if he should buy this story or not. Even though there was some truth in them, he knew that she was hiding something from him. But the question was, what is it exactly? He would have to work with the little information that he had. But still, Basil loves a good challenge.“This case is most intriguing with its multiplicity of elements,” Basil paced back and forth in the room. “Its many twists and turns…” He turned back to the girls. “Now, you’re certain you’ve told me everything?” He pointed his pipe at them. “The slightest detail may be important.”“It’s just as we said.” Olivia insisted. “And then my father was gone.”“What do you make of it?” Dawson asked Basil as the detective placed the pipe back in his mouth.He was smoking on it for a second before taking it out of his mouth again and muttering in reply, “Ratigan’s up to something.” He was stalking over to the window. “A crime of the most sinister nature, no doubt.”Olivia followed after him, pulling Anna along with her by the hand.Basil paid them no mind as he continued to contemplate himself. “The question is, what would he want with a toymaker?” He continued back towards the center of the room.Olivia and Anna were about to follow him back when lightning flashed through the window. They both turned to see an upside down face of a bat, whose jaw was down, revealing sharp teeth through the glass, making Anna gasp as she saw the terrifying face of Fidget. However, what she didn’t know was that when Fidget saw Anna through the window, his jaw dropped in both shock and surprise when he saw her. Even though he already knew about the rumor, he didn’t expect to see that she was actually real.Olivia screamed, snapping Anna out of her trance and alerting Basil.Without thinking, Anna grabbed a nearby stool and tossed it at the window, making it crash as it hits Fidget’s face. “D’ow!” He yelped in pain as he lost his balance and fell out of sight.“Quickly Dawson!” Basil spared not one second as he raced for the door. “We’ve not a moment to lose!”“I-I-I’m right behind you, Basil!” The doctor exclaimed while stuttering as he ran outside after him.The room was empty save for Anna and Olivia. Anna was slowly breathing, trying to calm down her racing heart when she came face to face with Fidget, but at least now she did what she couldn’t do back at the toyshop. Smash Fidget’s face in and protect Olivia no matter what.Mrs. Judson ran into the room. “What is all the commotion? Oh!” She found Anna standing stiff like a statue and staring at a broken window while Olivia was clung to her dress. The maid rushed to their side while saying, “Are you alright my dears? Where’s Mr. Basil?”Finally finding the strength to move, Anna took a deep breath and sighed while covering her eyes and slid her hands down her face. “He’s outside. We...were being spied on by one of Ratigan’s goonies.” Good God, it felt like she was about to have a breakdown, but at least she finally managed to compose herself.“Come my dears,” Mrs. Judson led the girls away from the broken window. “It’s going to be alright. You two are safe here. No harm will come to you while Mr. Basil’s around.” She sat Anna down on the green chair while the mouse maid started to pour a fresh cup of hot tea. She hands it to Anna while saying, “Here, drink this, you’ll feel better.”“But I broke the window.” Anna says while looking at Mrs. Judson, preparing to deal with the consequences of her actions. But she was surprised after what Mrs. Judson said next.“And rightfully so!” She gave a small stomp. “I’ll have no criminals entering this house. You were protecting this sweet little girl here. So don’t beat yourself up, my dear. Now here, drink. It’ll help.”Anna graciously accepted the cup and put it to her lips, sipping quietly. Like Mrs. Judson said, the tea soothed the rest of her nerves as she sighed and leaned back in her soft chair while enjoying her drink.Olivia peers outside the door. “Do you think they caught him?” She asked worriedly.“Now, there’s nothing to be afraid of, my dear,” Mrs. Judson patted the girl on the head. There was a barrage of footsteps and the mouse maid quickly pulled Olivia out of the way while glaring at Basil for nearly running over this young girl as he zoomed into the room with uncontained excitement, holding a hat in his hands.Dawson came in last after Basil as he stopped near the door and said to Olivia, “The scoundrel’s quite gone.”“Ah-ah-ah!” Basil exclaimed, holding his finger in the air while holding onto Fidget’s hat before stripping off his robe. “But not for long, Miss Flamhammer.”“Flaversham!” Both Olivia and Anna snapped in exasperation.“Whatever. Now…” Basil shrugged, too riled with excitement to care as he tossed away his robe. Anna watched with amusement as he pulled his brown waistcoat out of a grandfather clock and strapped it on. “We simply pursue our peg-legged friend until he leads us to the girl’s father.”“Then you’ll get my Daddy back?” Olivia was overjoyed and gave Basil a hefty glomp from behind, making him double over from the weight.“Yes!” Basil gasped, his voice cracking.Anna tried to bite back a giggle at Basil’s “Get this thing off of me!” expression, but she couldn’t keep it in when she watched him wriggle out of Olivia’s hug.Basil’s ears pinkened and he glared at Anna. “And quite soon, if I’m not mistaken.” He fixed his tie, trying to compose himself. “Now, hurry along, Dawson, Miss Johnson,” Basil grabs his signature brown Inverness coat from a mouse knight’s armor and puts it on. “We must be off to...Toby’s.”“Toby’s?” Dawson asked.“” Anna stopped mid-sip of her tea and raised her head up in confusion. Did Basil seriously just invite her to come along with him? Of course, she was planning to go, but...she had expected Basil to be the leave-the-women-and-children-at-home sort of guy. This made no sense.Basil didn’t appear to have noticed her surprised remark as he answered Dawson, “Oh, you must meet him.” He buttons up his Inverness coat, then takes his famous deerstalker hat from up top of the mouse armor’s helmet and puts it on. “He’s just the chap for this.”“You...Y-Y-You want me to come?” Dawson asked incredulously.“Ha!” Basil blew into his magnifying glass and cleaned it with his sleeve. “I should think a stout-hearted army mouse like you would leap at the chance for adventure.” He playfully jabbed Dawson in the stomach with it.Dawson laughed, “Oh, well, I-I-I am rather curious.”“Now hold on just one moment!” Anna placed the half-full tea cup onto the nearby table, right next to a plate of cheese crumpets that Mrs. Judson had baked as she raced after Basil. “I understand why you want Dawson to come with you. But why on earth do you want me to come?”Basil smirked and turned to face her while saying, “I would prefer to come back home to see everything in one piece, especially my windows since you broke the last one. You’ll do less damage this way.”Anna scoffed and crossed her arms.“Wait for me! I’m coming too!” Olivia grabs her hat that was on the bottom of the violin, after already getting her coat and scarf on and runs after them. But in the process, causes the violin to start to teeter and fall.Basil gasps as he dives to the floor and catches it before it could make an impact to the floor. “What? Certainly not!” He carefully places his violin back on the chair. “This is no business for children.”“Basil, I’m not leaving Olivia here alone,” Anna said worriedly.“Are we going to take a cab?” Olivia asked while stuffing her pockets with some of the cheese crumpets.Anna turns around while bending down and placing a hand on Olivia’s shoulder and saying, “I’m not sure sweetie, why don’t you go and wait-”“She is not accompanying us!” Basil says sternly.Anna glares and turns to face Basil and says, “And I told you, I’m not leaving Olivia here alone and unprotected!”“Nonsense.” Basil placed both hands on her arms for comfort while smiling. “Mrs. Judson will take good care of her.”Anna didn’t like that smiling facade of his, she could already tell he was up to something as she glared at him again and asked, “Alright, what are you playing at?”“I beg your pardon?” Basil cocked an eyebrow.Anna roughly pushed Basil’s hands away. “I’m not stupid, Basil, I can read between the lines. Do you think that I’m incapable of watching over Olivia myself? She’s entrusted to me! What is it exactly that you’re trying to imply here?”Basil was a little surprised, even though his face didn’t show it. He was impressed that she was able to catch up to him much quicker than he anticipated. He could also tell that this human was smart and clever, and could almost stay a step ahead of him...well almost. However, since she was able to read him so easily, it was best for him to tell it to her face to face, now that there was no point in hiding this from her, he says, “I’m implying that you’re a suspect in my eyes and that I’m under no liberty of having you potentially endangering a child.”Anna couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I have no part in this kidnapping!” She denied. “Do you think that I would bring her here to you if I wanted to do her harm?”“Maybe not,” Basil says while nodding. “However, I think...that you're hiding something from me.”Anna had a surprised look. Does he already know?Seeing that surprised look, brought a small smile on his face as Basil continued, “Don’t take me for a fool, Miss Johnson. I don’t know what it is you're hiding from me, but I might think that you could be a petty criminal for all I know.”“Now Basil,” Dawson tried to intervene. “I think you might be jumping the gun here.”“Stay out of this, Dawson.” Basil didn’t take his eyes off of Anna.“You don’t have any proof,” Anna says angrily while glaring at him. She was getting sick and tired of being accused as a criminal.“True, but I plan on gathering every bit of proof in this case.” He points a single finger at her. “But understand this, Miss Johnson. If I find out that you are no doubt a criminal or if worst comes to worst, conspiring with the enemy, I will not hesitate in putting you behind bars.”Anna couldn’t take anymore of this bullshit any longer, and her self-restraint shattered once again. Her hands formed into tight fists as they shook and she says while looking at Dawson with clenched teeth, “Dawson, cover Olivia’s ears, I don’t want her to hear what I’m about to say to him.”Dawson could see the anger in Anna’s eyes and understood as he covered Olivia’s ears.“ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME?!” Anna shouted as she turned her attention back to Basil and Dawson jumped from her shout. “Do you honestly think that I’m with that mouse-pretending rat named Ratigan?! While he’s out there laughing his ass off because he got away with kidnapping my friend and doing God knows what to him even as we speak. While you suspect me of being a criminal, what else do you also suspect me as besides being a small human? A tourist, a traveler, a circus freak...a gypsy name Esmeralda? I DON’T CARE! All I know is that I’m just a girl who’s got herself at the wrong place at the wrong time and I’ve had it with being accused of something I didn’t do jack-shit about!” She started jabbing her finger on Basil’s chest while she was slowly bringing her face towards his. “So you can go right ahead and gather as much evidence as you want, but I’m not leaving Olivia’s side.” She stopped jabbing her finger at him, but kept bringing her face towards him, making Basil lean slightly backward while turning his head away from her, due to the spittle’s that she was spewing from her mouth as she concluded her rant by saying, “And if I ever hear you conclude by saying that I’m a criminal. I’m going to literally take that evidence and SHOVE IT STRAIGHT DOWN YOUR ASS!”She started breathing after she finally finished her rant. Basil wipes the side of his face with his hand, a little unfazed from that little rant of hers as he looks at her with an unamused look. Everything was quiet at first...until Dawson broke that silence by clearing his throat and saying to Anna, “Umm, feeling better?”Anna took a deep breath by breathing through her nose and exhaling out her mouth as she calmed down and said, “Yes, much better.”“Good,” Basil says, still having that unamused look, “because she’s still not accompanying us.”“Well, I want to go with Anna.” Olivia pitched in, after Dawson took his hands off her ears.Basil sighed and gently took Olivia’s hand while smiling and saying in a light voice, “My dear, I don’t think you understand.” He starts to sit down on his chair. “It will be quite dangerous.”There was crunching wood and twanging strings, the second when Basil sat down. His eyes widened and his face turned to shock, Olivia’s face turned surprised, and as for Anna...Well, she was trying to hold back her laughter by biting her lower lip, but couldn’t hold it in as she covered her mouth with both hands and snorted at this. She couldn’t believe how absent-minded he was after already putting his violin back on the chair, but she already knew about this part and decided to let karma deal with this little punishment from her, instead of just trying to slug that handsome face of his. Even though she had thought of it.Basil groaned and pulled the broken violin out from beneath him. “Oh! Why, you...Look what…” He dangled his poor instrument in front of him as he inhales sharply and groans while trying to compose himself.Anna puts Olivia behind her, for fear that she might get caught in Basil’s anger as she thought, He better not, that was his own damn fault!After Basil pulled himself together, he smiled as he stood up and said to Anna with a tense voice, “Miss Johnson.”“Yes, Mr. Basil.” She says in a sweet tone while smiling.“The girl is most definitely not accompanying us!”“Then I’ll be staying here.” Anna places her hands on her hips.“That is not up for discussion.” Basil’s face changed to a serious look.“Indeed it is not. Either we both stay, or we both go.” She crosses her arms while having a smug look. “Take your pick. I can do this all night.”Basil fumed. Never before in his life had he met someone so...stubborn and infuriating!“I am the master of this house-”“Oh, are you really going to play that card with me, buster?”“-and what I say goes! And I say you will come with us, and the girl stays!” Basil stomped his foot. “AND THAT IS FINAL!”Anna smirked.Dawson sighed as he turned to look out the window, shaking his head with a small smile. It was insane how moments like these reminded him of his own spats with his late wife.--- Basil cautiously cracked open the mouse door to Sherlock Holmes’ residence. He peeked out to check to see if the coast was clear. He looks down at Olivia who had innocently opened the door even wider and then at Anna who peeked over the girl’s head with nervous curiosity. He couldn’t believe that he was letting that stubborn woman bring the child with them. It was absurd and downright dangerous!“And not a word out of either of you,” he said sternly at them. “Is that clear? I-”Olivia shushed him and Anna slapped her hand over Basil’s mouth when a large shadow came. She shrank back against him, pulling the door to a crack as giant footsteps were coming their way.“I observe that there’s a good deal of German music on the program. It is introspective, and I want to introspect,” the man who Anna recognized as Sherlock said to his partner.“But, Holmes, that music is so frightfully dull.” Watson protested.“Come on,” Sherlock beckoned him and they both left the room, closing the door behind them.Anna slowly let Basil go, certain that those two were gone as she thought, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t interested in knowing what those two were talking about.Basil wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, disgusted. He moved around her and carefully opened the mouse door once more, making sure that they were alone. Certain that the coast was clear, he walked out with his hands behind his back while having a calm smile on his face.Anna and Olivia followed after him while Dawson dawdled behind them. Anna looked around the room in amazement. It felt so strange seeing everything so big. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so small in my entire life…” she said quietly. She looked up to check how high up the ceiling was and instantly regretted it. Her casadastraphobia threatened to kick in and she quickly looked down.It’s okay, She thought, the ground isn’t going anywhere.Trying to shake off the vertigo and needing some sort of sense that gravity was still intact, Anna grasped Dawson’s sleeve.Noticing her nervousness, Dawson asked, “Are you alright, my dear?”Anna smiled up at the doctor. “Yeah, I’ll be okay. I’m not used to such big rooms. It’s rather intimidating, you know? I’m just not used to being small.”Dawson gently tucked her arm into his and patted her hand comfortingly. “When you are the size of a mouse, the world suddenly looks a lot more greater, doesn’t it?” He smiled when she nodded. “Don’t you fret. Everything will be alright.”Basil was either oblivious to the conversation behind him or he simply didn’t care. He strolled through the room like he owned the place. “Toby!” he called out. “Toby!”Olivia tugged onto Dawson’s jacket and whispered in question, “Who is Toby?”Dawson stopped, “Well, my dear, Toby’s uh, well he’s uh…uh...” Realizing that he had no idea, he leaned towards Basil and asked, “I say, Basil, who is this Toby chap?”Basil was smiling and was about to answer, but pounding footsteps rumbled the room as Anna looked up and gasped.When the pounding footsteps came to an end, Basil announced happily, “Ahh, here he is now!”Towering over them with its tongue lolling out of his mouth was an excitable basset hound. He had light brown fur on his back with a brown spot, brown ears and nose with peach fur on his front, and wore a blue collar with a dog tag around his neck. Anna couldn’t deny that she liked dogs. However, with her being small and Toby a giant, it was starting to make her feel nervous.She took a small nervous step backwards, but Basil smirked and shoved her forward to Toby’s lowered snout, causing her to squeak. “Miss Johnson, meet Toby.”“Uhh, hi,” She nervously greeted. “Nice doggy…” She pets Toby’s nose, hoping this’ll tell him that she’s not bad. “Nice big doggy.”She yelped when Toby’s snout pushed against her, making her stumble back a bit. He sniffed at her eagerly and his tail wagged vigorously. Deciding that he loved this new stranger, Toby licked Anna from the feet up, uplifting her dress and causing her bangs to stick up. “Ugh!” Anna cried out in repulsion and wiped her face and shoved her skirt back down. “Gross!” Toby didn’t stop there. He continued to lick the girl, knocking her to the floor with his tongue. “Stop!” she cried while laughing.Basil was a little disappointed. He had hoped that by using Toby, he could prove that his suspicions were correct about her being a criminal, but seeing Toby liking her made him cross that suspicion out of his mind. However, that didn’t mean he actually trusted her entirely, he still had that one suspicion about what she was hiding from him. But like he said, he was going to gather every bit of evidence on this case.Dawson came to Anna’s rescue. He pulled her away from Toby and helped her to her feet while saying, “Are you alright, my dear?”“Yeah, I’m fine.” Anna wiped her face again.Toby sniffed again while Dawson stood in between her and the dog like a shield. Toby snorted at the mouse’s new scent and pulled his head back, eyeing Dawson curiously.Basil cleared his throat and introduced the doctor. “Dawson, Toby.”Dawson laughed nervously as Toby sniffed him cautiously. He tipped his hat in greeting. “Charmed, I’m sure.” He patted Toby’s nose.Instantly, Toby began growling at Dawson while shoving him with his snout, baring his teeth at the doctor.“Now Toby!” Basil ran to Dawson’s rescue. “Toby, stop that!” He pushed back at the basset hound’s nose. “Toby, cease! Desist! Ha!”Anna looked back to see poor Dawson trembling behind the leg of a red armchair. How he managed to run there so fast astounded her.Basil tsk and apologized, “Frightfully sorry, old man.” Toby caught another scent and decided to follow it. “Toby has the most splendid sense of smell of any hound I’ve trained. But he can be...deucedly frisky.”“No kidding,” Anna muttered, tying her hair back into its bow after it had come undone. Toby was just as crazy and lovable as her cockapoo, Mickey, back home.Basil couldn’t help but wonder why Toby would accept Anna so easily and reacted aggressively towards Dawson. A doctor! A man who helps to save lives, for heaven’s sake. Pondering into his hand, he thought, Must be the catgut. That didn’t sit right, his violin strings were made of catgut and he played it frequently. Maybe surgeons just smelled strongly of medicine and Toby didn’t like it.As Toby continued to search for the scent, after coming out from under a blue cloth covered table. His nose led him to a footrest where Olivia’s feet were hidden behind the fringes.Olivia cautiously moved the fringes aside as if they were curtains. Seeing who Toby was, she smiles widely. “Hello, Toby,” she greets while patting his nose. He sniffs at her and she giggles happily. “Silly doggy.” She reaches into her coat pocket and asks the dog while smiling, “Would you like a crumpet?”Toby nodded excitedly while panting in response.Olivia pulls out one of Mrs. Judson’s cheese crumpets from her pocket and holds it out. In an instant, the crumpet was gone after one lick. Toby was smacking and licking his chops in delight after having a tasty treat.“Yeah, now...Toby! Toby,” Basil began to reach into his own coat pocket. “To the matter at hand. I want you to-” He looked up to see that Toby wasn’t paying attention to him at all. Instead, the canine was lying on his back, getting a belly rub from both Anna and Olivia.“Who’s a good doggy, Toby?” Anna cooed. “Huh, who’s a good doggy?”Olivia giggles as Toby pants and his foot was thumping. But the moment was interrupted when there was a loud sharp whistle and Toby paused and looked at the scowling face of Basil, his arms were crossed and his foot tapped impatiently while clearing his throat.Anna sighed and thought that Basil was such a buzzkill and slid off of the basset hound’s belly while landing on her feet. Olivia also slid off of Toby and landed onto Anna’s arms.Toby flipped back over to his feet and looked at Basil while listening to him.“Good, now, Toby,” Basil says, now satisfied. He reached into his pocket again. “Toby, I want you to find...this fiend!” He swept out Fidget’s hat right in front of Toby.Toby growls angrily while his eyes narrowed and his mouth pulled away from his sharp teeth.Basil smirked. Finally, he was getting the correct reaction. “Yes! You know his type,” he goaded Toby on, growling along with him. “Grr, a villain! Grr, a scoundrel!” He raised the hat, causing Toby to stand, his eyes never leaving the object. Basil gets down on all fours on the floor with Toby doing the same thing as they continued to growl and snarl. “Grrrrr, low brow, close-set eyes, broken wing!”Toby stopped growling, completely lost at the last part.“Oh, he’s a peg-legged bat with a broken wing,” he clarified, dangling his own arm in example.“What is he doing?” Olivia whispered to Anna, who watched the whole scene with amusement. This whole part where Basil was growling, snarling, and getting on all fours had always made her crack up.“He’s getting Toby to memorize Fidget’s scent so we can follow him,” Anna whispered back with a smirk while keeping a hand towards her mouth as she snorted, trying to keep herself from laughing out loud. This was the Basil that she adored. Not the stuck up know-it-all-mouse, but the comical, fun-loving detective that was so absorbed in his passion that he didn’t even notice just how silly and unorthodox he was acting. As they resumed growling and snarling on the floor again, with Toby’s fur rising from the back of his neck. Anna used her other hand and muffled her laughter while nearly doubling over from the hilarity of it all. Olivia joined her in a fit of giggles. Luckily for them, Basil was too busy riling Toby up to notice.“Yes! Grrrr! Yes! That’s the spirit! Got his scent?” Basil waved the hat in the air.Toby nodded excitedly, understanding the task and detail.“Good boy! Good boy! A-ha!” Basil cried out with excitement. He grabs Toby’s leash and is about to clip it onto the dog’s collar.Once again, Toby was not paying any attention to him as he turned to face Olivia, Dawson, and Anna, who managed to pull herself together. But a few escaped chuckles escaped her lips as she pet Toby’s nose and said, “Good boy, Toby! Good boy!”Basil scowled and quickly ran in front of Toby, almost shoving Anna out of the way. The young woman glared at the back of his head and placed her hands on her hips in annoyance.“Miss Flamchester,” he began.“Flaversham!” Olivia, Anna, and Dawson exclaimed at him in unison.“Whatever,” he brushed it off and clipped the leash onto Toby’s collar. “Your father is as good as found!” He turns to face the hound. “Toby…”Hearing the beginning of a command, Toby struck a serious pointer position.“Sic’em!”At first, Anna was going to just let Toby crush Basil like he did in the movie and let karma stomp over him for being a jerk. But seeing it about to happen from her angle was a lot scarier than watching it from the other side of the screen. Fear for the detective’s safety drove Anna to grab him by the back of his coat and she yanked him in the nick of time just as Toby’s paw charged forward from there path.Basil stared at her, stunned that she had just saved him. Before he could wrap his mind around it, the leash he was holding jerked him off his feet and Anna, who forgot to let go of his coat, was swept away with him. She yelped and wrapped her arms around his torso as Toby ran them out of the room. Without thinking, Basil hooked his free arm around her waist, keeping her secure from slipping. “A-ha! Yoinks! Tally-ho! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!” Basil laughs loudly.Olivia and Dawson ran after them as they could hear Anna yell, “Oh my God! Shut up and pull us up before I strangle you!”
Silver and Gold: Chapter 5Chapter 5: The Napoleon of CrimeI knew who he was, because I’ve seen him many times in my life. He was a genius twisted by evil, a madman, criminal, and a heartless monster.His goals were simple, to rule over his world and become the next leader. He was a wicked creature who was thirsty for power, and would not stop until he had everything.He had everything planned and was soon to be set in motion…But little did I realize was that the face of evil knew something that I didn’t.--- June 20, 1897 8:45 p.m.Deep below the streets of London, there was a soggy underground sewer where an abandoned wine cellar was below where humans couldn’t see or find. However, it wasn’t truly abandoned.Inside a barrel was a dimly lit prison cell, where it was filled with gadgets and knick-knacks that were clicking, rattling, and popping. Hiram Flaversham controlled his newly work-in-progress robot by pulling levers, sending signals to his invention through a long thick cord that was connected to it. He tested its ability by having it pick up a pot of tea and pouring it into a small tea cup. The clockwork robot obeyed with sporadic and jerky movements.While this would’ve been one of his greatest inventions yet, Hiram found no joy in it. His heart was filled with sorrow and his head filled with thoughts of both Anna and Olivia. How were they both and were they safe? The toymaker could at least find comfort in the fact that Olivia wasn’t alone. Anna was with her and was going to protect her. Both girls loved each other dearly, and he knew that they would take care of one another. But how would either of them last long without him to support them? The prejudiced streets of London were not kind to poor kinless women and children. Anna was human, if she tried to take up work, who would want to hire her? Would she be forced into indentured servitude? Or worse...Olivia would be taken from her and placed into an orphanage.An orphanage…Oh, sweet mercy. He wasn’t getting out of here alive.A puff of cigarette smoke pulled Hiram away from his melancholy thoughts. Flinching, he paused his work and hesitantly looked up at the large shadowy figure that stood over him.The shadowy figure chuckled gleefully as he stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to be none other than The Napoleon of Crime himself, Professor Ratigan. He was a large grey furred rat with a black tuxedo, a long black cape with a red underside, high white collar, dark grey vest with buttons, and a pink and purple striped cravat. His black hair was neatly combed while his face was shaven and lavender circles were around his blue eyes with a yellow background above his thick black eyebrows. In his white gloved hands with golden cufflinks, he was holding a golden cigarette holder.“Quite an ingenious scheme, eh, Flaversham?” Ratigan says as he pinched Hiram’s cheek like some doting uncle. “And aren’t you proud to be a part of it?”Hiram pulled his face away and gulped as he turned back to his controls. “This...This whole thing is-is...i-i-it’s monstrous.”Ratigan took that as a compliment while the clockwork robot took a spoonful of sugar, poured it into the small tea cup as it let it stir, then picked up the small tea cup. “We will have our little device ready by tomorrow evening, won’t we?” He took out a little golden bell from his side pocket and fingered it gently. “You know what will happen if you,” Ratigan let it swing from his finger, giving it a soft chime.A moment of rage seized Hiram as his eyes glared at Ratigan and his mustache twitched. He knew what would happen to him alright. He also knew that he was currently living on borrowed time. If he was going to die anyway, then what was the point in postponing it? “I...I...I don’t care!”With a violent tug, the toymaker sent the clockwork invention spiraling out of control. The robot started dumping tea from the small cup over itself, then picked up the pot as it dumped more tea over itself, and with a hefty throw, it sent the pot flying in Ratigan’s direction.Ratigan ducked seconds before the pot whizzed over his head and shattered against the wall.The robot spazzed, sputtered, and bounced before finally toppling over and died, but not before splatting Ratigan’s cape with oil from its final moment of glory.“You can do what you want with me!” Hiram snapped as Ratigan glared darkly at him, more annoyed at getting dirty than his prisoner’s defiance. The giant rat pulled out a pink handkerchief and gently dabbed the stain away. “I won’t be a part of this-this...this evil any longer!”Unimpressed by Hiram’s assertiveness, Ratigan simply breathed in his cigarette and slowly blew the smoke out of his nostrils. He gave a shrug, “Mmm, very well, if that is your decision.” He chuckled and glanced at the pink wind-up toy that was standing innocently on a nearby table. He picked it up and began to wind it. “Oh, uh, by the way, I’m taking the liberty of having your daughter brought here.” He smiled toothily.Hiram was horrified. “O-Olivia?”Satisfied that he had prodded the toymaker’s weak spot, Ratigan chuckled. “Yes, I would spend many a sleepless night if anything unfortunate were to befall her.” He set down the toy on the table and watched it unwind itself into its ballerina form, dancing gracefully to its lullaby.“You...You wouldn’t!”Ratigan ignored Hiram as he watched the toy dance, his eyebrows raised in interest as he saw the face of a human. “Quite the intricate design. Where did you get the inspiration for this toy?”Hiram’s eyes widened.“I didn’t know you’ve taken quite an interest in humans, much less the one from the rumor no doubt. A rather peculiar choice of a nanny, I must say.”Hiram gasped as he knew about the rumor and Anna being the nanny of his daughter. How did he know?! He must’ve had spies.“What, you didn’t think I would know about the rumor, did you?” Ratigan continues to watch the toy ballerina dance. “Still, I’m a little surprised it’s a human. In fact, to tell you the truth, I thought it would be someone else that was coming for me.”Hiram was confused as to what Ratigan said from that last part, so he asked, “What do you mean by that?”“Nevermind that,” Ratigan answered as he picked up the toy from the table using his thumb and pointer finger before cradling it in his palm. “However, if I’m not mistaken, your daughter should be currently in her care. If worst comes to worst, you will have two lives hanging over your head instead of just one.”“But...But you can’t, she’s of no consequence to you!”Ratigan began squeezing the doll, never directing his eyes away from Hiram. Finally with a feral expression, he squeezed it so hard that the head popped right off. He glanced down at it pitifully for a second while having a pouting look on his face before yelling at the toymaker, “FINISH IT, FLAVERSHAM!”Hiram shuddered before slumping his shoulders in defeat and with a heavy heart, he went to fix the robot.Ratigan sniffed and dropped the toy unceremoniously onto the floor, stepping on it on his way out. While outside the prison cell, he takes out a quill and a piece of paper and begins to write it while humming, “Oh, I love it when I’m nasty.”He goes over to another barrel, with a symbol of a giant golden R, and looks up as he sees a bat wearing a dark grey apple cap while having his wings furled, hiding his purple striped scarf, purple sleeveless shirt, and black trousers while sleeping upside down with his black grey shoe and peg leg on a spout.“Fidget,” Ratigan says with a sweet voice. Fidget snores while chuckling slightly. “FIDGET!” He yelled, startling Fidget as he woke up by falling off the spout and toppling down the stairs fully awake. “Bright and alert as always,” he chuckled as he hands Fidget the written piece of paper. “Here’s the list. You know what to do, and no mistakes!” He warned while pointing a finger at Fidget.“No, no, no mistakes, sir,” Fidget says while chuckling nervously. He read the list that Ratigan needed him to get. “Tools, Gears, Girl, Uniforms…”“NOW, FIDGET!” Ratigan shouted while sticking his head out of the entrance.Fidget jumps from Ratigan’s shout as he hurries over to the sewer grate while saying, “I’m going! I’m going! I’m going!” He lifts up the sewer grate and climbs down while shutting it behind him.Inside the main barrel, there was indistinct cheering and clapping of hands. There was a long red carpet, golden harp with surrounding mirrors, a beautiful white fountain with a miniature statue of Ratigan and a giant champagne bottle tied to the ceiling while dangling over the fountain, mounds of treasures filled with gold, jewels, and rubies with a human-sized crown on the top, two large chandeliers on the ceiling, and red curtains were draped here and there, giving the room itself fit for royalty.Ratigan was sitting on his throne, with a symbol of an R carved on top of it while two mirrors and candles were hung on opposite sides from each other. He pulls out a new cigarette holder, seven different hands held lit up matches for him to light up his cigarette. He takes a deep inhale and exhales out a smoke ring. “My friends,” He addressed his thugs. “We are about to embark on the most odious, the most evil, the most diabolical scheme of my illustrious career.”The thugs that he was addressing, were the most alcoholic drinking, club swinging, crooks and cutthroat thugs that lived in the crime organization. One of them included Bill the Lizard.“A crime to top all crimes. A crime that will live in infamy!”One of the mice, a short drunken mouse with tan fur and a red nose named Bartholomew who wore a worn-out top hat, red sweater, brown trousers and shoes, was about to drink to celebrate. But was disappointed as his beer mug was empty and a single drop fell to the floor while the others clapped and cheered.Ratigan pulls out a newspaper, showing the face of Queen Mousetoria on the front page as he continues his speech. “Tomorrow evening, our beloved monarch celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. And with the enthusiastic help of our good friend, Mr. Flaversham.”The thugs snickered in agreement while Bill the Lizard elbowed the drunken Bartholomew.“It promises to be a night she will never forget.” Ratigan burns the picture of the queen, making the thugs gasp as they knew what their boss was planning to do to her. He crumbles the newspaper as he announces, “Her last night, and my supreme ruler of all Mousedom!”Ratigan’s collar came loose while his hair got messed up as the thugs applauded and cheered while throwing or waving their arms into the air. Pinning his collar back on and fixing his hair, he raised a hand, silencing their applause. “Now then, there is another thing you should know, and it concerns this rumor.”There were murmurs within the crowd of thugs, many of them already knew about the rumor while others didn’t know about it yet...until now.“To some of you who don’t know,” Ratigan pulls out another newspaper that was rolled up, then unrolls as he shows it to the thugs of the front page. “Look at last week's headline on the front page.” He points at the title of the front page. “‘Rumors of a mysterious human in the streets of London’, but listen to this.” He clears his throat as he begins to read. “At 9:50 p.m., just ten minutes before ten o’clock late last night, witnesses claim that a light appeared on the road of Shaftesbury Avenue, appeared and disappeared.”The thugs listened carefully while some were a bit surprised to hear such a thing and others thought it to be rubbish, just a bunch of nonsense that people always spout.“No one knows what it is or where it came from, but witnesses claimed what appeared to be a shocking discovery…” Ratigan chuckled as he said the next part. “A small human.”The thugs gasped at what they heard from their boss. A small human, that’s impossible! It’s true that they have seen humans before, but there was no way for a human to actually become small. That’s just not possible.“Witnesses also claimed that it was a red-headed female, wearing what many would say ‘unusual clothing’. The last thing they saw of her, was seeing her running off somewhere in the streets of London. So far, the whereabouts of this small, but strange human remains to be unknown.”Some of the thugs had surprised looks on their faces while the others had looks that said “I don’t believe this rubbish!” It was still hard to believe, even after their boss told them about it.“Well, since you know that it’s a female, we should prepare for our guest’s arrival.”Now the thugs were really confused as they murmured at one another.“And do you remember our last guest that came?”Now that Ratigan mentioned it, the thugs remembered their last guest that came to them awhile back as one of the thugs asked, “You mean that strange figure who pulled that appearing and disappearing act week’s ago?”“Why yes,” Ratigan says while chuckling, “and thanks to our...informant, I know that she’ll be coming for me.”The thugs were now even more confused. A female coming for Ratigan?“Well, what does she want from you?” Another thug asked.“Why spoil the surprise. In fact…” Ratigan tears up the newspaper that he had. “If she does come,” He threw the pieces of the torn-up newspaper up like confetti, “she’ll be out of my hair soon enough.” He began to strode down the red carpet. “But she can look at it this way. Now that she’s in my world now, she’ll soon get her first taste at meeting The Napoleon of Crime!”He laughed wickedly as his thugs joined in the laughter. Whoever this girl was, human or not, she will soon see their boss sooner or later.A spotlight was shone on him. One of the thugs gives Ratigan his top hat with a grey band, which he rolls it on his shoulders before putting it on and takes out his golden cane as he begins to sing about his success while once again laughing wickedly.From the brain that brought you the Big Ben CaperThe head that made headlines in every newspaperAnd wondrous things like the Tower Bridge JobThat cunning display that made Londoners sobHe began climbing the treasures while pointing at it with his cane that he had stolen for years, then slid down on some gold coins while stopping to look at his reflection from a ruby.Now comes the real Tour de ForceTricky and wicked of courseMy earlier crimes were fine for their timesBut now that I’m at it againRatigan twirls his cane on a piece of rope, bringing down the giant wine bottle as glittering pink wine begins to flow from the fountain. Bartholomew got very excited, his tail wagging like an excitable dog. He tosses his beer mug over his shoulder and begins drinking the wine from the fountains spout.Ratigan did a little twirl while dancing and kicked Bartholomew’s rear, making the already drunken mouse fall into the fountain.An even grimmer plot has been simmeringIn my great criminal brainHe uses his cape to cover his face, then creeps up to Bill and two other mice. He takes his hat off and elegantly bows while Bill and the two mice did the same as they and the rest of Ratigan’s loyal henchman began to sing with him.Even meaner? You mean it?Worse than the widows and orphans you drowned?Bartholomew resurfaced from the fountain, but was completely drunk, then he fell off the fountain on his front with a splat. The thugs lifted Ratigan, even though he was heavy his thugs worked together to carry him as they spun him around while spreading his arms and legs.Your the best of the worst aroundOh, RatiganOh, RatiganThe rest fall behindTo RatiganTo RatiganThe world’s greatest criminal mind!They all parted as Ratigan was playing the harp, a gentle tune was heard as the lights changed to a dull blue. “Thank you, thank you.” He says while turning to the crowd. “But it hasn’t all been champagne and caviar. I’ve had my share of adversity, thanks to that miserable second-rate detective, Basil of Baker of Baker Street.”Ratigan glanced at a voodoo doll that was dressed in a detective suite and hat as pins were over its body. The thugs booed at both the name and the doll for they too did not like Basil.“For years, that insufferable pipsqueak has interfered with my plans.” Ratigan dramatically feigned sadness. “I haven’t had a moment’s peace of mind.”The thugs “Aww” at him pitifully for his suffering while Bartholomew, who was sitting at the fountain, sniffled and sobbed for his boss.The lights changed from a dull blue, to a sinister red as Ratigan announced, “But all that’s in the past! This time nothing, not even Basil, can stand in my way! All will bow before me!”The lights returned to normal as Ratigan ordered his thugs to bow before him.The thugs took out a glass as they filled it up with wine while Bartholomew was once again drinking the wine from a spout, but fell back to the fountain with a splash. They all began to make a toast to the greatest crime that will soon be their greatest success as they celebrated and sang.Oh, RatiganOh, RatiganYou’re tops and that’s thatTo RatiganTo Ratigan“To Ratigan the world’s greatest rat!” Bartholomew sang as he surfaced then hiccuped.Ratigan and his thugs were about to take a sip of wine, but Ratigan gasps and coughs out his wine after Bartholomew said the one word he despised to hear. The thugs gasped as they too heard what Bartholomew said, they also knew that their boss did not like to be called the R word, even though they knew who he was, but refrained from ever speaking that word to him.“What...was...THAT?!” Ratigan turned angrily to Bartholomew.Bartholomew absentmindedly hiccuped while smiling drunkenly.“What did you call me?”The thugs tried to defend Bartholomew with one thug who had a cigar in his mouth while wearing a tan bowler hat with a light-brown band, light-brown shirt, and brown vest says, “Oh, oh, he didn’t mean it, Professor.”“I-It was just a slip of the tongue.” Bill added.“I AM NOT A RAT!” Ratigan shouted at Bartholomew while picking him up by the back of his sweater, ignoring his henchman.“‘Course you’re not.” said another thug who wore a brown and white striped shirt, grey beret, and a dark brown coat. “You’re a mouse!”“Yeah, that’s right,” agreed the cigar mouse thug. “Right! A mouse!”“Yeah, uh, a big mouse.” Bill added.“SILENCE!” Ratigan shouted.Ratigan tosses Bartholomew out the barrel, he toppled and skidded on the hard ground as he sat up while shaking his head and still having that drunken smirk. “Oh, my dear Bartholomew,” He says as he walks down the steps while Bill and the other two thugs watch from the entrance. “I’m afraid that you’ve gone and upset me.” He takes out the same golden bell he showed to Hiram. The three thugs who were friends to Bartholomew shuddered in fear for what they knew would happen next if he rings that bell. “You know what happens if someone upsets me.” He rings the bell as an eerie echo came from the bell's chime while the three thugs gasped and huddled together.A large shadow came, a paw came down on the floor, almost like the sound of thunder. It moved towards the oblivious Bartholomew as it came closer behind him. It was an obese cat with beige fur, white on the muzzle going towards its belly, red nose, pale yellow-green eyes that were staring at Bartholomew who had his back turned, and on top of the cats head was a purple bow. Her name was Felicia, and she was the pet to Ratigan. Whenever she hears that bell ring coming from her master, she knew that he had brought fresh food just for her.“Oh, Ratigan. Oh, Ratigan...” Bartholomew sang drunkenly while Felicia had that hungry look on her face and the three thugs cowered in fear of the cat. “You're the tops and that’s that. Hic! Oh, dear. To Ratigan, to Ratigan, to Ratigan...”The three thugs watched helplessly as Bartholomew was lifted up by Felicia, her jaws opened. Ratigan stood at the side, watching his drunken thug about to be executed while smoking on a new cigarette.“The world’s greatest…” Those were the last words he sang, then came a gulp as the three thugs gasped and turned away while covering their eyes, not wanting to see this. There was lips smacking and a contented meow as Bill and the cigar mouse thug took off their hats while the brown and white striped thug shed a single tear. They were mourning the loss of their friend as he was swallowed whole and alive by Felicia.Ratigan takes out his handkerchief as he cleans Felicia’s mouth. “Oh, Felicia, my precious, my baby.” He cooed as he hugged her muzzle and Felicia purred at him. “Did Daddy’s little hunny bun enjoy her tasty treat?”She burped in his face, giving him her answer. Ratigan’s face returns to neutrality as he goes back inside the barrel and says, “I trust there will be no further interruptions.”The thugs backed away while murmuring indistinctly as their boss reentered.Ratigan clears his throat, wraps his arms around Bill and the cigar mouse thug, then says, “And now, as you were singing…”The thugs were trying to think of some lyrics. Ratigan brings out his golden bell again, showing them that they too will suffer the same fate as Bartholomew if they did not sing now. Seeing that bell, they gasped as they quickly came up with some lyrics, then sang.Even louderWe’ll shout it!No one can doubt what we know you can doYou’re more evil than even youThree thugs who stood on top of one another, were carrying a purple mantle towards Ratigan as they placed it on his shoulders while Bill and the cigar mouse thug gave him a diamond-topped scepter. Another mouse thug went towards Ratigan, who was carrying a golden crown on a pillow. He hops on top of Bill and places the crown on top of Ratigan’s head, then he knocks the three thugs off their feet.Oh, RatiganOh, RatiganYou’re one of a kindTo RatiganTo RatiganWhile Ratigan was taking all the praise, the thugs were swinging on a wine bottle, forming a pyramid while using the gold and jewels, and were also swinging on the chandeliers, but one mouse fell off. Ratigan holds out his mantle to catch him, but at the last moment, he pulls back, letting the mouse hit the floor.The world’s greatest criminal mind!Ratigan pulls a rope, making the wine glass tip over as its passengers fall into the fountain with a splash. The pyramid of thugs collapsed and the two chandeliers collided and crashed as the thugs fell. At the finale, all of the thugs smashed their glasses of champagne for one huge cheer.When the song came to an end, Ratigan gave his signature wicked smirk.
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