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Tagged by :iconopirou: :iconarin-ya:
- All questions must be answered!
- Tag at least 10 People! Regardless if you know them or not!
- No back tags!
- Answer all questions on a Journal. NOT on the comments!

Q1: Who are you?
no, who are YOU!? :stare:
well jejejejje... I'm Jou, people also call me Jose, Majo, Marrín, Marro, Jo, Jojo, Joujou, Joui, Booty Momma :B

Q2: Why did you picked this username?
because I "do" "art" and my old sister called me Joe...tho I wrote it like "Jou" you pronounce it however u like xD

Q3: Do you make RP's (roleplays) on DeviantART?

Q4: What's your Art Style?

Q5: Do you click on ''Preview'' first before you post your comment?
Sometimes when I'm dumb and I need to check if I did a code correctly

Q6: Do you hate people with grammar writing laziness??
I luv to write like dis in inglish :heart:...but I gotta admit my eye-bleeding when I see bad orthography in spanish... I can't deal with that, for some is a "mata pasiones" (love/passion killer... a turn off lool xD) 

Q7: English or your foreign Language on DeviantART?
it's fine like this xD

Q8: Ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
next question!

Q9: Would you comfort up your friend when he/she's worried/sad? Or are you cold hearted as fuck??
The moment will tell... there are times I can't be there for friends, but I try to do what I can to at least make them happy.

Q10: Whats your nationality?
I'm Chilean~

Q11: Describe yourself through your zodiac sign and all the other aspects you know of yourself.

I know I'm a Libra... It seems we libras like nice stuff. We like to feel tranquility and to stay in balance. We are very social, and aaa... I don't know what else~

Q12: Do you travel trough different places of this world?
I have traveled just inside my own country xD aaah, and to argentina! xD
Q13: Trafalgar Law is Hit! Doflamingo is Shit! You agree?
Who created this phrase?... I don't agree, noo no... Both are shit, the good shit... I like them, both are good characters~

Q14: Do you chat with people (even with strangers) on DeviantART?

Q15: Ever uploaded mature Art?

Q16: Ever played One Piece Dance Battle?

I tag: MoriachiisArt peanutin Mangasia Mowwiie S0KK0 SnajeyArt aaaaaaaand any other gurl or friend who would like to do this :3 
Mangasia Featured By Owner Edited Apr 29, 2017  Student General Artist
Jou is the best ~ ♥
I also luv to write in dis English : B

artJou Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017
ololol.... -hugggs-
Mangasia Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017  Student General Artist
huuuuuuuuug Hug 
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April 28, 2017


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