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I am a dummy! ¡¡¡¡Hola gente!!!!I am a dummy! 

Well, this week I will finally have my vacations and I wanted to do something here on dA.

What do you think is better?

La la la la A) CONTESTLa la la la 
I have done only 1 contest since I've been on dA if I remember correctly.
It would be a serious contest, with at least 2 more judges.
And this would have interesting prizes (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners) like points and drawings (Not only from me. I would ask some people to contribute me with some points or little doodles or chibis :'D)

La la la la B) CHALLENGUELa la la la 
Similar to the contest, I give a theme to draw, but it won't be judged, I will use a number generator for each entry and I will just draw 1 prize.

La la la la c) OPEN ART TRADES FOR ALLLa la la la 
Right now I only have trades with close friends, just because of a trust matter. But by opening them like this will mean anyone can ask me. I would open just 3 slots.

SO! what do you think? Should I do A, B or C?
Your opinions are important~ and I'd love to know how are you also! so leave me a comment and tell meh <3
In other news, my commissions are on hold. And I will probably open them again next week.
I have to upload a sketchdump this week when I'm finally on vacations :B
What eeelse... humm.... I love you~ 
have a great weekend!
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Wal-Yka Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017
Waa hard choice. I don't even know if I coud participate and the 3 look really cool, with advantages and drawbacks. So urrr I'm a little bit useless x) 
I think the contest is the biggest one, so you can maybe keep the contest to celebrate something, like number of watcher, years on DA etc... And make a challenge this time. But I think it's depend on how much entry you'll have. Contest are more interesting with a lot of entries. 
And the thing with art trade you can do it when you're bored and wanna do something simple.
Hope it helps ~
artJou Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017
weeell I didn't get much answers so I don't think I'm gonna do something after all x'D -cries in spanish-
but thank u very much for your answer <3
Wal-Yka Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017
Awn Ok, -cries with you- 
You're welcome ♥
Mangasia Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Aaaah I want to participate to a "B"!!
But I have exams from the 14th to the 20th of August and I need to study ;A;
artJou Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017
oh but I can give some time for that~ :3
Mangasia Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Oh yeah!
artJou Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017
and now I dunn wanna do a thing.... x'D
Mangasia Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Student General Artist
aaah nooo dis is sad ;A;
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