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I honestly do not know how to start the letters, I have no clear what you write in them, I just write them at a certain extent ... I try to inspire whoever reads, giving words of encouragement, understanding and support.

If I may say, sometimes, I'm not really interested in writting while knowing that the human who is going to pick up this letters, will be indiferent about what I'm trying to communicate her or him... It has happened before...

Sometimes I imagine the person who receives these words, his hands are touching the paper whose restless eyes carefully observed. There are people who are moved to tears by deleting the words written in the letter. Other  tears fall and glide slowly through the trembling fingers that do not favor further reading.
After reading some other forgot them or save them… Those kept a secret message of hope, or just disappointment that's why they remain in the dark to be read back or left out forever.

If you have written something ordinary, boring, incoherent... I fully justify the fact of breaking them, throwing them or burning them ... let them into oblivion so that they disappear quickly without having to remain in memory. But if you don't read the letters, How can you guess its contents? No matter what, What if the letter was the one that changed your life?, After all it would only take a sneak peek ...

I reach the question whether it really necessary to write letters, today are easily replaceable, the meaning of written expression has changed, perhaps it is a very slow means of communication, maybe it's not very dynamic, perhaps it is more difficult ... Perhaps my dear reader is another way of talking.

Well, maybe I'm being an inmature, and I'm writting without guessing what I'm saying at this point. Maybe, I lack of reasoning or candys...I have a sweet tooth, it can't be helped.

If I continue with this journal, It will be full of strange words! I'm sorry, I better go... Hope that nobody read this, please leave my mind all alone, let it fly and go anywhere...Anyway, I'm crazy... XD