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hello~~ I'm here from time to time, I will answer and reply to all things tomorrrrrrrrow, uhmm... just soon~ hehe
I've been doing well, and I hope u too :heart: 

Comment and I will...
(1) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.
(2) Tell you a color you remind me of.
(3) Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
(4) Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite.
(5) Ask you a question, and you must answer.
(6) Tell you something I like about you or your art.
(7) Give you a nickname.
(8) Tell you what am I doing right now.
(9) Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
(10) Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
I've been doing so much stuff, there is little time for drawing and colouring personal things ;w;

I know many of you know I love LOVE that character with my WHOLE HEART AHHHHHHHHH... aah... yes...fangirling moment... you can already imagine my face...:la:

soooooooooo... that's all... just wanted to have a journal about this :heart: 

I'm out! ... gotta do more homework and a written work :stare:

Hi peeeeeeople! How are u?! hope you are having a great day!
Wah, I've been so busy, So I'm going to say SORRY! for the late replies and stuff ;w;
forgive meh!
you know I love you.... just not enough time to enter dA.

In other news... I'm having a thing for facial hair... most of you already know that... jaja~
what else?! I don't know what to say... lol, I know... I don't like Sabo's face... I wanted him more.... mature~ XD, so my version has become a new oc... fufufu :heart:
About Kaylee, I have this thing... I want somebody to draw her... So If you have points.. donate so I can ask somebody to draw her. Why? well, I feel like I want to see her more, I almost don't draw her. JJEJEJE

That's all I think!
Just wanted to let you know I'm alive~!
have a beautiful week

Featuring my lovely Chenny's journal.... go! read it~! <da:thumb id="445938379"/>

PD: Poshka, is a word my sis created... it's random... but If you know it means something you tell me! XD
Or, english.

Yes, the 3rd I start with my classes in the collegue... My! no more vacations until... uhhh, July I think (winter vacations xD) 
However, even if the classes are aproaching, I haven't been in dA as I used to. I remember that there were days I was able to upload 2 drawings in the same week, I was more active as a deviant, replying, commenting, seeing deviations, in groups, etc.
All of that activity has decreased; really much. Am I tired of dA? Nope, I really like it! I discovered this page like 5 or 6 years ago (and just decided to enter 2 years ago, when I felt less shy XD) and I still think is amazing!

But now I just have less time, there are more responsabilities (this is what growing up really does to you). So, I'm kinda annoyed I can't reply, comment, see drawings and groups as before... and I'm sorry about that too! If I haven't talked to you in a while, is not because I forget about you X'D

I'm not going to put the "Hiatus" or "Semi-Hiatus" thing, because I'm still uploading stuff (even if it's once a month or two...three... etc etc XD) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand because I won't leave a message unreplied Is that a word? All I need is your lovely patience~

So, I'm leaving this message for you to know I'm here! even if it doesn't seem so hehe

Hope u all have a great year!! I wish u success in your school, collegue, work, studies, etc! :heart:
1. - You must posts these rules.
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged That's not necessary anymore~
6. - Not something like " you are tagged if you read that" :stare:!!
7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. - No tag-backs
9. - You can't say that you don't do tags. :stare:!!:stare:!!
10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry

10 things about Jou

1) I used to study Law but I changed my career because it was not my vocation, this year I will study Graphic Design
2) During school I was in the Drama Club...I was recognized many times, I actually considered to dedicate my life to this thing xD
3) Thanks to deviantart I discovered the existence of the Tablet and Photoshop (I'm not joking...)
4) I'm the worst when it comes to choose something... I take so much time.
5) I collect masks (used to collect coins of 10 pesos, but started to need them)
6) I love honey! sweeeeet thing
7) I'm really allergic... achoo! (even of my own dog ;w;)
8) The old method I had to draw a character was like this:  I picked up an original drawing of the character, then I traced over it and I did the same one or two times more. (I always started with the eyes). After doing that I was able to draw the character by myself.
9) I want more critics in my works, ocs and even about me... I feel like I need that XD
10) My old sister has a tablet, maybe she will send it to me at the end of this month.

A) chenpathART questions~

1.Do you like waffles?
Yes, yes I do :stare: I love most of the sweet things out there in the culinary world~

2.What was the last film you watched?
Midnight in Paris... I loved it with my whole heart :heart:

3.What are you wearing right now?
Jeans and a T-shirt

4.What is your series/film/book/comic no. 1?(the really really favourite fandom)
Series: (real people)Big bang Theory (cartoon) Regular Show (anime) Death Note
Comic/Manga: One Piece
Book: TheTunnel

5.Who is your no. 1 character in this fandom?
Big Bang Theory: Sheldon~ X3
Regular Show: Pops ( Papaleta )
Death Note: L
One Piece: Ussop

6.Ever went bungee jumping?
No :'D

7.What are your plans for tomorrow?
Do some stuff to sell, I need money~ :B

8.Ever had sushi? Like it?
Yep! Yee.....almost... i dislike the one with crude fish outside

9.When was the last time you cleaned your room/house/flat?

10.Set your ipod/mp3 on shuffle - what is the first song that comes up? How do you feel about this song?
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (AeroSmith)
this song awakes my Steven Tyler feelings, the lyrics are really nice... :'3

B) Humana-Animus questions~

1. Do you want to learn another language? If yes, than which language?
French, German, Japanese, Italian... ahhg.. so much laguagues to learrrrn....

2.What's your favorite part in your art/drawing/writing process?
Art: The idea... XD
Drawing: skecthing! I can be serious and crazy at the same time
Writting process: the IMAGINATION!

3.What animes inspire you the most in style or story?
One Piece, Baccano, CLAMP series, Shingeki no Kyojin, Full Metal Alchimist, Death Note.

4.If you could do anything with your life, what would you do?
well... I'm trying to do that now ;)

5.What's your favorite animal?
Killer whale (Orca in spanish)

6.When was the last time you cried at a show/movie?
... my sisters and friends tell me insensitive because I rarely cry when they do. Anyway! the last time was for "The Parent Trap" in that day of the month~ 5 or 4 months ago

7.If you could speak with any fictional character, who would it be?
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!! I CAN'T CHOOSE!!! too many... aaahg my heart.... Juan Pablo Castell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my first deep deeeeeeeep love fictional character from "The Tunnel")

8.Any characters you really can't stand?
YES... As you~ I really dislike Sasuke :meow: I dislike Cinderella, Mai, Mako (Avatar) and many other~~  

9.What was the last thing that made you laugh really hard?
One of my conversations with one of my old  sisters XD

10. Would you rather be able to fly, or breath under water?
FLY... I have dream of that more times than the other, that's why XD

C) Saints-Of-Ravens questions~

1. What type of music do you like?
nothing specific really XD

2. Which do you like for me to draw, One Piece or Bleach?
Draw what you like the most, draw what you want to draw, don't draw based on others desires (unless is a commission) ;3

3. Do you know the muffin man???
nope QAQ I'm sorry muffin man!

4. What's your favorite game genre?
Adventure, my favourite game is Chrono Trigger... although... I can't play many games... I don't have PS3, box, Wii, etc... etc..

5. Marvel or DC?
BOTH :heart:

6. Any anime you're currently into or watching?
uhmm... no :c

7. Any anime you don't like?
I only see animes that have a good description, so I haven't seen an anime I don't like.

8. What is your definition of a Mary-Sue?
Mary Sue= too many good points or bad points, no balanced character.

9. Who was your anime crush from back in the day~?
Seems you haven't seen this~

10. How do you view Cleo and Doflamingo's relationship?
I don't have much information so if I say sth I can make a mistake... Just by seeing the drawings I can say he likes her ass very much xD i love her design and it doesn't look like a fluffy relationship.

D) Opirou questions ~
1.Scary movie or happy endings?
I'm not good with things that scary me :'D So I'll pick the happy ending

2. Summer or winter?
Winter! I love rain, seeing snow in mountains and drinking hot cocoa~

3. What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?
Talking about the problem, eating something sweet or having a hug.

4. Do you think it's weird if one - let's say me - eats leftovers from the night before like Pizza, Lasagna etc. sometimes for breakfast ? xD
nope, that's normal I think XD

5. Where is your favorite place to be?
Near water, can be ocean, lagoon, river... but near water.

6. Thing you cant leave the house without?
Some money, cellphone and a little copybook to draw stuff If I get really bored.

7. Any phobias? ;P

8. What is your favorite tv show?
The Big Bang Theory

9. What hair color do you wish you had?
Red or blonde

10.  Will you ever bungee-jump?
It's not possible, my heart is weak~ :'D

E) Arin-ya questions~

1. Who was your first anime crush and who's your current?
OMG :heart: Ryoga from Ranma 1/2,  now, I'm developing feelings for Sabo~

2. Summer outfits or winter outfits?
WINTER! I don't feel all comfortable with summer outfits ^^;

3. Imagine: My OC Arin comes into your room and sees all the mess and gets angry (she's a cleaning freak, y'know). How do you (or your OC) react? What do you do?
Arin: Look at this mess! Arghh!
Jou: DON'T DARE TO MOVE MY THINGS, they are there because I put them there! If you move them I will lose them!!
Arin: Huh? MOVE! I must do something about this!
Jou: only I can order my mess, get out of here! (throws a Law plushie out of her room)
Arin: What a dirty trick... (leaves the room) Don't go!

4. Do you like it sweet or spicy?

5. Give me a present~ It can be anything you like, but it must be with LOOOVE~:heart:
I like short hair, so I did this WITH MAH LUV

6. Do you snore? (i'm asking this because my uncle is snoring right now)
Nope, so if I ever stay there to sleep don't worry about me~

7. Tell me something about (one of )your OC(s)!!
Shakespear is one of my male ocs, he was a member of the Blind Pirates. He is an historian and a writer. After the separation of the crew, he looked for other potential new story, and as his biggest dream is to write the most exciting story ever read, he joined the Revolutionary Army.
A link to his design:

8. Give me three words to describe my OC Arin.
Pervy, Fangirl, loca~

9. Do you rather watch TV series or play computer games?
it depends on which game or tv series are we talking about~ Lately is more common from me to play games XD

10. Okay. It's QUICK dA-muro TIME! You have two picks: Draw the character of your choice as an animal or draw a fusion of two characters of your choice. If you're too lazy for this and have no motivation and maybe think "wtf arin don't make me work my butt off for this shit I have better stuff to do" then write me a pick-up line.
hee heeeey, you liked the da-muro thing? :iconheplz:
naaah, I already gave you a dA-muro I'm not drawing again muahaha
so, here a pick up line that would work for you: "Hi, I'm Trafalgar Law"
just kidding. Here: "Do you know what time is it? I just want to tell my psychologist the exact moment I became crazy about you." 

JOU'S questions :stare:
1. Hola ¿Cómo estás?
2. What do you think of my dA name "artJou" ?
3. Villain or Hero? Why?
4. NOW YOU!!! Give me 10 squats!!!!!! (Did you do it?)
5. Embarrassing moment of childhood
6. Draw me sth fast in dA muro~ If you don't want to put this face -> :stare:
7. What do you like and dislike about my main OC Kaylee?
8. Make a little conversation between Buggy and Ussop.
9. I need chocolate... and you?
10. I don't want to write more questions... What do you want to do now?

TAG: :iconxxhxaxx: :iconsnajeyart: :iconmarcherin: :iconpeanutin: :iconskyelentnight: :iconodrichan: :iconnever-forget-me-not: :iconarin-ya: :iconmoriachii:  :icondeliicacy:
Hi there, I wanted to wish you all happy holidays, have a great time! eat sweet things, enjooooy! :la:

wish you the best! and I send u a big hug :heart:
One Piece Secret Santa 2013! Sponsored by Cutie-Honeysan-FC~! With contributions from TigerBites, Honeychamaa and TovioRogers

Let me tell you a little story about "Secret Santa", this happened to Santa in his firsts years as Santa. Some days before Christmas, Santa went to his office to read his last letters. He thought that he was about to read the usual things: A pony toy, a Bike, a baseball cup or even a puppy.

Everything was fine, until he opened his last letter, he startled. "Holy snowflakes!!" he shouted. He held his forehead with the palm of his hand. He was perplexed and spoke to himself again: "This girl wants to see a pony with a baseball cap riding a bike next to a puppy!". He leaned back in his chair thinking. He heard a knock at the door, it was his wife.
"What's wrong honey?" She asked. Santa looked at her with sad eyes and replied: "A little girl asked me to draw something".

Well, Santa didn't know how to draw very well. And Mrs. Clauss knew it, both looked at each other and had an amazing idea. They could ask a friendly artist for help! When the artist finished the requested drawing he wanted his gift to be a secret. So Santa called the artist "Secret Santa".

After that year more drawings requests started to arrive. Santa thought that he would need more "Secret Santas" for the upcomming Christmas. So he sent to many artists around the world the letters of the kids that wanted a drawing. And that's how the Secret Santa was born!

Hello! This is my wishlist, you can choose any of these options...I would like you to draw:

1. Dean McCoppin
You sure know this guy from Iron Robot, I LOVE him, and I'd love a drawing of him. I'd like you to play with a pose that shows his excentric and laid back personality <3

2. Kaylee
My One Piece Oc. You can just draw her or you can draw her in a "Mister Magoo's" situation.

*Palette(lol, finally did a Palette)
*full body:
*other drawings: ,

* Name: Kaylee
* Age: 31 years pre time skip/33 years post time skip
* Race: Mermaid
* Gender: Female
* Height: 1.78 m
* Weight: 67 kg
* Scars: in her left thight
* She is Blind

She keeps a low profile, tends to be submissive and is emotionally unstable.
Her attitude is sometimes inclined to be optimistic, has an acceptable sense of humor, is willful, affectionate and loyal. She acts like a caring mother, she has a lot of patience and is very reflective.

3. This one is sth I wanted to do, but I still don't have time and motivation XD
Rick Grimes (from the Walking Dead) arm wrestling with a zombie.

4. You decide~ :heart: more surprise the better no? jeje

oh yeah, By the way... I created that little story XD

Secret Santa journal
<da:thumb id="417291430"/>
just saying hello~
Uhhh! the Exam day comes every day more and more faster... the days are shorter XD! I need sugar! lol
what else.. uhmm I dunno
so I'm giving you a hug


wish you the best luck for this month!
yaay! 200 watchers! :dummy:
:icondawhatplz: I knew there was love for meh~ XD

Well first of all thank u very much for your support! Watchers are more than people who like your stuff, they are good friends too!
In this opportunity I'd like to say thanks to my first watcher and friend in dA my sis from spain :iconcaritami: :heart: and thanks to all my friends here, those who have made me smile, laugh and improve as an artist and person.
So the real congratulations should go especially to yourselves :heart:

asdf yo yo~~ hi!
so, let's play this gameeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!

I will draw sketches for those 5 lucky ones that see this journal!! well, there are things you have to know before that... XD

What kind of skecth: Bust-up
How many characters?: JUST 1 :3
Can I choose any character?: yes I accept, canon, oc (unfourtunately I won't draw any unhuman thing (no animals, robots) :D)
I WANT A SLOT: that's why you are here! NOW you'll have to play this game too! I will only accept your request as soon as you send me the link to your "5 freakin' free sketches" journal!! 

1. :iconarin-ya: - done
2. :iconfiread: - done
3. :icondeliicacy: - done
4. :iconskyelentnight: -done
5. :iconsnajeyart: -done
this is faaaaast beacause, my study time is running out Crying
thank u for all your birthday wishes :heart: you made me so happy 
oh yeah! I'm sorry for the late replies! I'm studying for the big biiig test for the 2 and 3 of december :'B
I'm just having time for tumblr xD

What else? umm, I dunno... If you have any questions for me don't hesitate I will answer them :3
I love you, all of you keep it up!

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Hello, long time no see you

First of all, I'm SO SORRY ! :bademoticon:

Secondly... About dA, Woow I LOVE the change in the journal edtiton! *A* and I dislike the new "Add a Drawing" the canvas is too big ¬.¬

Well! Why Am I sorry? I know I can count on many of you, because you are all really nice friends, but I haven't... I have kept most of my personal matters for myself, and that's not good for me. Luckily, I changed my perspective of seeing things thanks to my big sisters, and I told a few close friends... And now I'm telling you this to all of you c:

In June I had a really complicated month, for not saying sad; I used to write a journal once a month... But, if you check my "Journals" you will see that after "
May 17" I didn't write more things...
In the collegue, in my Law school I was having a hard time, I was asking myself "Why are you here !?" I wasn't a bad student, I was having good marks and everything, but I felt empty inside... Sad dummy 
After having my first HORRIBLE mark in a test I went to my home, there was nobody... And I started to cry I asked God for help xD... and unexpectedly, my mom arrived (she was supposed to arrive home at night) That same night I had a talk with my sister and she told me to reconsider my vocation...

RE-CONSIDER! ... In fact, what I really love is Art: drawings, paintings, old and beautiful constructions, animation, etc... In the end of my first year at Law school I wanted to quit for that reason, I told my parents... But they told me that I was not a bad student, that I could make it, that I don't have to give up... So I started to convince myself with that idea... "I'm not bad in this" "I want to make justice!" "I want to make my parents happy!!" Yes, my motivation was based only in those phrases, the last one was the most "powerful reason". So I continued with my studies... UNTIL THAT TEST... Now, I'm grateful with that teacher xD.

That same weekend, I told my parents that I wanted to study something related with art... And they didn't put a sad or an angry face!! I was surprised... NO! shocked! LOL!

NOW! I'm studying for the PSU -Prueba de selección universitaria- After doing that BIG TEST I can enter to the collegue again and study what I truly love...</sub>

And here is the part where you can help me! What can I study??? I've been thinking on Design and Architecture, I'm still not so sure. BUT! I know I can have your support, I love you! :heart:
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i'm tired, just that...
i love you xD
  • Reading: COT, CPC, CPE
  • Drinking: COFFE

1. You must post these rules.(✔)
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.(✔)
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the persons you tag will have to answer.(✔)
4. You have to choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal.(✔)
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tag.(✔)
6. Not something like "You are tag if you read this".(✔)
7. You have to tag 10 persons. (✔)

FaQ about me:
1° My name is Mariajosé.
2° Even if im more than 18 I still have problems when I ask for permission to hang out with friends.
3° I don't know why but I really don't like the colour PINK.
4° Silence is not annoying for me.
5° I love to look things that surround me.
6° My weight is 125 pounds :B
7° I'm the youngest sister of 7 siblings.
8° Charlie Chaplin is and will always be someone I love.
9° I love old things like cellphones, old fashion.
10° I like to imitate people and different countries accents.

Kate's questions:
1. What was your first impression of me?
"OMG! Who is this artist? This drawing is just amazing!" If I can call that "impression" jeje, I thought you were a nice and funny girl, and I wasn't wrong :B

2. What is your favorite part of your artwork?
The nonsense skecthes that came before the artwork was finished.

3. What inspired you to draw in the style you do now?
Mostly drama and other amazing artits here in dA.

4. What is one thing that you would need in a dream home?
A Jumping bed (hope im right in the translation XD)

5. What is your horoscope sign? What is the best trait associated with this sign?
Libra, I think that is the empathical trait :3

6. Who or what is your favorite fictional character of all time? (you can do more than one if you want  XD)
:iconohmyglobplz: Mister Darcy, Willy Wonka, Cookie monster, Pinky(naarf), Oddish, Donald Duck, Cosmo, Sanousuke, The Joker, Spunky (Rocko's dog), Helga, Patrick Star, Wakko, Freakazoid, Willy (Simpsons), Hanamichi, etc... etc... There are so much fictional charcaters I looove, I can't decide! :iconexplodelaplz:

7. Do you prefer the forest or the beach?
Beach, I will always prefer somewhere near water

8. Name a culture/race that interests you the most.
Mapuche culture from Chile :3

9. Favorite type(s) of music?
Don't have an specific type of music, I have heard from hard rock to classic music XD

10. Name one trait that is a 'must have' in a good friend.
MUST HAVE sense of humor :B
I'm not really good talking with people that are not used to laugh or make jokes XD

Jou's questions:
1. Ola ke ase?
2. Your frustrated dream?
3. Tell me a joke...
4. Did you ever thought/consider on being in a reality show? Why?
5. Favourite tv show when you were little
6. What is the thing you like the most about art?
7. At the moment when you are drawing what are the things that get on your nerves?
8. Now the moment of the truth...Your platonic love is____?!
9. You are there reading this...But suddenly, you feel like someone is watching you, you turn around and see somebody with those horse's plastic heads... Your reaction is?
10. Favourite moment of the day and why

SO I HAVE FINISHED!!!!!! I tag...
:iconmoriachii: :iconmoschinorose: :iconcaritami: :iconopirou: :iconflordecristal:
:iconmakoto-fluffy: :iconleranamirobin: :iconvero-light: :iconmoonzetter: :icontenshinofuu:
BONUS! :iconhumana-animus:
Dejando el trolleo del journal pasado atrás... Espero que todos tengan un hermoso mes! Les deseo la mejor de las suertes en sus trabajos, pruebas, exámenes, tareas, etc! Si bien, a veces nos deprimimos y no tenemos muchas ganas de continuar con la "pega" espero que recuerden que siempre hay un hombro en el que apoyarse, tienen todo mi apoyo si necesitan algo :3 (soy algo vieja así que ayuda con cosas del colegio, escuela, no duden en preguntarme)

un abrazo grande
Jou :B

Leaving in the past the last journal... Hope you all have a wonderful month! I wish you the best of luck in your work, quizzes, tests, homework, etc! Although, sometimes we get depressed and we are keen to continue the "work" I hope you remember that there is always a shoulder to lean on, you have my full support if you need anything :3 (Specially school works, I'm older enogh so I can be of help :P)

a big hug
Jou :B
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Ever wanted to know how do I look? yes Here you will found a video of me! :D


and then you can also look here!…

Hola, aquí Jou... y estoy cansada :dummy:
muuucho estudio, mucho papeleo por aquí y por allá.
Un poco desanimada con la idea de no poder hacer mis cosas ociosas de antes. Pero de todas formas estoy pasando por esos momentos de inestabilidad artística, realmente tengo ganas de eliminar muchos dibujos viejos! Desde el comienzo! Toooodo de nuevo! hurra! XD
Espero ser capaz de encontrar una solución para eso ;P
Por ahora, volveré a mi libro...

Hi, here Jou... and I'm tired :dummy:
a looooot of study, a lot of paperwork here and there.
I'm a little dissapointed with the idea of not being able to do my leisure stuff like before. But anyways I'm going through those moments of artistic instability, I really want to delete so much old drawings!!!  From the start! All oveeeeer again! hurray!XD
hope I can be able to find a solution for that ;P
By now, i'll be back to my book...
  • Reading: Fundamentos del derecho procesal civil
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Había una vez.... una pequeña, muy pequeña niña, y no... no era pulgarcita. Era una simple pequeña que le gustaba soñar e imaginar, demasiado... Solía decir que quería ser pintora, modelo, peluquera... Y cuando llegó a sus 10 años creyó que medicina era lo mejor, en especial porque conocía a muchos doctores, sí... la pequeña niña, además de enfermiza, se accidentaba demasiado. No obstante, al tener química en su colegio al menos 6 años después, desistió de aquella idea que amó por tanto, como consecuencia, ya no sabía que estudiar en el futuro inminente y cercano. Pensó y pensó, pero incluso en el último año de su colegio, descubrirlo fue más complicado. Buscó durante ese último año todas las posibilidades, se había decidido el año anterior por encaminarse en una rama humanista, la ayudó en algo... mas no lo suficiente. Le encantaba lo artístico, le gustaba leer, amaba escribir e inventar historias, le gustaba investigar y conocer cosas nuevas... Después de rendir el examen definitivo, tenía que elegir.

Tenía dos cartas.. sicología y derecho... Una fue más alzada que la otra por sus conocidos... Finalmente, eligió Derecho, ese año le fue bien, aunque, nunca tuvo un convencimiento respecto a la carrera. Al fin de año, pensó nuevamente... ¿Es esto lo mío?
Se le presentaron muchas trabas, decidió cambiarse de carrera, pero luego temió al cambio... volvió a arrepentirse... y ahora empieza un nuevo año... Continuará~! XD

Necesitaba escribir esto. De todas formas aquí, los que me conocen en persona no son más que 3 jeje...creo.
Las decisión vocacional es complicada en sí, y muy confusa a temprana edad! jajaja modelo? XD jajaja
Lo ideal hubiera sido tomar un bachillerato. No lo hice pues pensé que mi decisión era la correcta. Ahora bien, elegir otra carrera... suena bien....sin embargo, me hace sentir egoísta. Huuuurra! XD
y así con mi vida, espero saber como poder hacer las cosas este año...Un abrazo, gracias por leer.

luv my watchers and my friends! ;3
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The contest of "My Lines" has finished…Thanks to all participants!!! :heart:

- Originality (composition, character design, impact) -> 60%
- Space Management (poses, angles, perspectives and proportions) -> 20%
- Color Management -> 20%

FISRT PLACE:iconpastchence:
:thumb349750596: Oh, so lovely
- Originality -> 55%
- Space Management -> 20%
- Color Management -> 20%
_________________TOTAL: 95%
*100 :points:
* Portrait of the character or person you want
* Drawing (traditional or digital)

SECOND PLACE:iconjeannette11:
Love runs mostly on 'sudden-death' mode by Jeannette11 Love runs mostly on 'sudden-death' mode
- Originality -> 50%
- Space Management -> 20%
- Color Management -> 20%
_________________TOTAL: 90%
* 50 :points:
* 1 Sketch (traditional only) character or person you want
* Chibi (traditional or digital)

THIRD PLACE:icon Makoto-fluffy:
Life and Death -My Lines- by Makoto-fluffy Life and Death
- Originality -> 45%
- Space Management -> 15%
- Color Management -> 20%
_________________TOTAL: 80%
*20 :points:
* 2 Sketch (traditional only) character or person you want

* :iconsnowshoecarriergold:
:thumb353517058: bacchus x cana
- Originality -> 35%
- Space Management -> 20%
- Color Management -> 10%
_________________TOTAL: 65%
prize! 10 :points:

* :iconarbiesart:
j'tombe amoureux de toi. by ArbiesArt j'tombe amoureux de toi.
- Originality -> 30%
- Space Management -> 15%
- Color Management -> 5%
_________________TOTAL: 50%
prize! 10 :points:

Thanks again! thank you for spreading LOOOO~OVE
Happy Valentin's Day! :heart:
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PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers :thumb196683040:

WHAT I DRAW→ Fan arts, Original characters, Realistic, Anime, Nature… blablablabla (just go to my gallery before asking ok ? that's better for both :D)
I DON'T DRAW→ Characters with no image/text reference, Violence, gore, yuri, yaoi, hentai... and everything what is against DA rules…
I might decline requests that I feel uncomfortable drawing, but I'm always glad to discuss alternate ideas.


SKETCH (Traditional media)
>> Headshot: 10 USD
>> Half body: 12 USD
>> Full body: 14 USD
(+ Additional character: + 2 USD)
► Ex: Anime memories by artJou Prize for Brejcha211 by artJou The doodlesh by artJou :thumb339891739:

CHIBI (Digital media)
>> With bg: 16 USD
>> No bg: 13 USD
(+ Additional character: + 5 USD)
► Ex: :thumb315683366: :thumb351610150: Little Perona by artJou


~ TRADITIONAL (no colours)
>> 17 USD
(+Additional character: + 3 USD
+ Back gound + 2 USD)
►Ex: Mihawk two years later by artJou :thumb339893749:

>> Half body: 19 USD
>> Full body: 21 USD
(+Additional character: + 5 USD
+ Back gound + 3 USD)
►Ex: PC - Stop Vivi! by artJou :thumb318454356: FS - Smile Mihawk! by artJou


Portraits: 26 USD
:thumb321844805: :thumb332172903: :thumb307408421: :thumb303210070: :thumb345112702:

►Nature: 24 USD
:thumb327336866: :thumb266425220: :thumb276524971:

* When you see a strike like this XD it's because that kind of commission is temporarily unavailable.
* No more than 3 characters.
* Delivery: minimum 72 hours, maximum one week.
* Payment process
1. You send me an  email with the form.
2. In my reply, I will tell you if I can do it or not, If I can I will also tell you how long the commission will take and when I'm ready to draw your commission, I send you an email with my Paypal address for payment.
3. After receiving the payment, I start the commission and show you the process: first, the sketch, then, lineart, and finally the colouring (if it was a commission like that)
4. I give the final picture in PNG format. If you want it in another format let me know.

Payment by Paypal only.
* Form:
Fill the submission form below and send it to

DeviantArt name:
Paypal name:
Paypal e-mail:
Commission Request:
Additional Characters, Background: (yes or no)
Description about the character(s) and the pose/scene:
Links for reference:

* AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! If you have more questions feel free to ask ;3

*** 10 Dólares = 800 points = 4.700 pesos chilenos aprox.