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WHAT I WON'T DO:  NSFW (No porn-hentai-smut-slash-lemon-nothing explicit-NO bestiality)  Full Robot/Mecha Explicit Gore Furries Characters with no image or text reference

Things to consider~
- ABOUT KISSES (I prefer to not draw lip-lip kisses since I lack of practice with that xD)
- WAITING TIME PER COMMISSION... depending on my time, I take from 1 week to 1 month


Fill the submission form below and send it to me via inbox or email (

Paypal e-mail:
Commission Request: 
Description arbout the character(s) and the pose/scene:
Links for reference (character(s)):

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

1 to 2 SLOTS per commission
  • Listening to: old 80's songs

I am a dummy! ¡¡¡¡Hola gente!!!!I am a dummy! 

Well, this week I will finally have my vacations and I wanted to do something here on dA.

What do you think is better?

La la la la A) CONTESTLa la la la 
I have done only 1 contest since I've been on dA if I remember correctly.
It would be a serious contest, with at least 2 more judges.
And this would have interesting prizes (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners) like points and drawings (Not only from me. I would ask some people to contribute me with some points or little doodles or chibis :'D)

La la la la B) CHALLENGUELa la la la 
Similar to the contest, I give a theme to draw, but it won't be judged, I will use a number generator for each entry and I will just draw 1 prize.

La la la la c) OPEN ART TRADES FOR ALLLa la la la 
Right now I only have trades with close friends, just because of a trust matter. But by opening them like this will mean anyone can ask me. I would open just 3 slots.

SO! what do you think? Should I do A, B or C?
Your opinions are important~ and I'd love to know how are you also! so leave me a comment and tell meh <3
In other news, my commissions are on hold. And I will probably open them again next week.
I have to upload a sketchdump this week when I'm finally on vacations :B
What eeelse... humm.... I love you~ 
have a great weekend!
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Tagged by :iconopirou: :iconarin-ya:
- All questions must be answered!
- Tag at least 10 People! Regardless if you know them or not!
- No back tags!
- Answer all questions on a Journal. NOT on the comments!

Q1: Who are you?
no, who are YOU!? :stare:
well jejejejje... I'm Jou, people also call me Jose, Majo, Marrín, Marro, Jo, Jojo, Joujou, Joui, Booty Momma :B

Q2: Why did you picked this username?
because I "do" "art" and my old sister called me Joe...tho I wrote it like "Jou" you pronounce it however u like xD

Q3: Do you make RP's (roleplays) on DeviantART?

Q4: What's your Art Style?

Q5: Do you click on ''Preview'' first before you post your comment?
Sometimes when I'm dumb and I need to check if I did a code correctly

Q6: Do you hate people with grammar writing laziness??
I luv to write like dis in inglish :heart:...but I gotta admit my eye-bleeding when I see bad orthography in spanish... I can't deal with that, for some is a "mata pasiones" (love/passion killer... a turn off lool xD) 

Q7: English or your foreign Language on DeviantART?
it's fine like this xD

Q8: Ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
next question!

Q9: Would you comfort up your friend when he/she's worried/sad? Or are you cold hearted as fuck??
The moment will tell... there are times I can't be there for friends, but I try to do what I can to at least make them happy.

Q10: Whats your nationality?
I'm Chilean~

Q11: Describe yourself through your zodiac sign and all the other aspects you know of yourself.

I know I'm a Libra... It seems we libras like nice stuff. We like to feel tranquility and to stay in balance. We are very social, and aaa... I don't know what else~

Q12: Do you travel trough different places of this world?
I have traveled just inside my own country xD aaah, and to argentina! xD
Q13: Trafalgar Law is Hit! Doflamingo is Shit! You agree?
Who created this phrase?... I don't agree, noo no... Both are shit, the good shit... I like them, both are good characters~

Q14: Do you chat with people (even with strangers) on DeviantART?

Q15: Ever uploaded mature Art?

Q16: Ever played One Piece Dance Battle?

I tag: MoriachiisArt peanutin Mangasia Mowwiie S0KK0 SnajeyArt aaaaaaaand any other gurl or friend who would like to do this :3 
Hi there~ I've never done one of these Kiriban things... So I'm doing one this year~ Good luck!
KIRIBAN: 60,000 pageviews
Remember you have to prove you actually catched it with a screenshot ;D 


Sigeheah portrait by artJou

Tagged by the lovelies Arin-ya, peanutin

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~

→ Rules: Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme.

♦ Name: Mariajosé (yee, name is not separated)

♦ Star sign: Librrrrrra~

♦ Average hours of sleep: 6-8

♦ Last thing googles: Current Asset… I was doing homework

♦ Favorite fictional character(s): I will write mostly my crushes… imagine this list including my fav girls… I’ll never finish xD! Mah number one is my oc Zarek~ ok! I also love my friend’s hot dads OC’s to name a few: Vitaly, Astra’s daddy, Zandi Omar, brotherhood AU Yuuta and Reiji, Karnas, and moar….Anime/manga fandoms~ Mihawk, Shanks, Katakuri, Kakashi, Obito, Josuke Higashikata, Kira Yoshikage, Grimmjow, Sakata Gintoki (gintama), Metal Bat (OPM), Viktor (Aku no Higan), Jirou (Kamisama Kiss), Vincent Volaju (Cowboy Bebop), Nicolas Brown (Gangsta), Shouta Aizawa (Boku no Hero Academia), Hanamichi Sakuragi (slam dunk), Hak (Akatsuki no Yona), Makoto Shishio (samurai x), Kaname Sengoku (Ballroom e youkoso),
Others~ Jagged Stone(miraculous ladybug). The ones I remember from Movies~ Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs), Dmitri Desgoffe und Taxis, Loki, Kylo Ren…. Now Games: Adam Jensen, Yusuf Tazim, Jesse McCree, Gabriel Reyes… And I will finish here or I won’t sleep my 8 hours xD

♦ Current attire: Mah blue polar pajama…

♦ When did you start this account: I’m here since October the 9th... year 2011...I'm so old

♦ Number of watchers: 434 yu luv me... I luv yu

♦ What do you post: sketchdumps from tumblr, commissions, nowdays whatever…now this is my shirt art blog

♦ Do you get a lot of comments: Ah I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that much in dA-

♦ Why did you choose the username: well… the important thing is Jou… familiar people and close friends call me Jose… Jou is how my big sister used to call me now she calls me Jules, but not gonna change it ololol the funny thing is that I wrote it wrong since I pronounce it like “Joe”.



I tag: Didgeredoos deeyosa MoriachiisArt Mangasia S0KK0 CidSin Mowwiie deliicacy

Zarek seiyuu: Furusawa Tooru

Nicholas Wayne (Baccano!)>>…

John Smith (Pocahontas)>>…

Kaylee seiyuu: Suzuki Mayumi

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)>>…

Jane Porter (Tarzan)>>…

I decided my babies, Zarek and Kaylee are original characters, NO fan characters.
From now on, not gonna tag them as “op oc” if I get them into One Piece, I’ll tag that as a “op AU”.

Why ?

1) I'm not active with them as OP OCs. Tho! I still like OP very mucho <3
2) I just like to draw them, and have them... when they are attached to being op ocs... I feel they are not only mine.
3) Yes, we can kinda say both are "actors" who go into the One Piece world to be awesome xD
4) Most important stuff will remain.

thank u for reading or not this shit~

like last year, I will try to do the inktober, and I will do a big sketchdump with the drawings when november comes... hope i can make it correctly this year xDDDD

here is my "maybe-gonna-do" list! xD
  1. Gabriel Reyes - Overwatch
  2. Adam Jensen - Deus Ex
  3. Yusuf - Assassins Creed
  4. Aquaman - DC
  5. Gambito - Marvel 
  6. Dmitri Desgoffe - Grand Budapest Hotel
  7. Obi Wan - Star Wars
  8. Amon - Avatar
  9. Viktor - Aku no Higan
  10. Mihawk - One Piece
  11. Vincent Mask - Ergo Proxy
  12. Elias - Mahou Tsukai no Yome 
  13. Makoto Shishio - Rurouni Kenshin
  14. Zabuza Momochi - Naruto
  15. Shouta Aizawa - Boku no Hero Academia
  16. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Bleach
  17. Sakata Gintoki - Gintama
  18. Hanamichi Sakuragi - Slam Dunk
  19. Nicolas Brown - Gangsta
  20. Spike - Cowboy Bebop
  21. Metal Bat - One Punch Man
  22. Josuke Higashikata - Jojo Bizarre Adventure
  23. Hak - Akatsuki no Yona 
  24. Jirou - Kamisama Hajimemashita
  25. Jagged Stone - Miraculous Ladybug
  26. Zarek - One Piece OC
  27. Sigeheah - viking OC
  28. James Halle - OC
  29. Suggestions open
  30. Suggestions open
  31. Halloween themed OC raffle!

luv u all~

in other news I'm still more in tumblr, BUT! I want u to remember that I always come back since dA has a better way to keep in contact with mah luvly friends uwu <3

have an awesome new month :D


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars


Zarek Tobar tagged by CidSin

After training by artJou
Zarek Tobar's ability chart by artJou 
1. Takes at least one nap during the day.
2. Sings in the shower, and actually has a good voice.
3. He loves to dance (have you ever seen Tom Hiddleston dancing?... well, that's how I picture Zarek xD)
4. When he ranked up to Commodore, he was not assigned any female subordinate. In the past, he caused a lot of trouble. Catfights, underperforming among women who admired him, heartbreaks, love affairs... somewhat scandalous.
5. He loves cats, he has one kitten named Rocinante.
6. The death of Rocinante was a big shock to him. He knew he had a secret mission and died, he doesn't know who killed him or anything about Law, Sengoku hide the fact from him.
7. The scar on his eye was made by Rocinante after a fight (Roci picked up a sword made of seastone by mistake). The cut in his lip was made by Vista in the Marineford War.
8. After recovering from the death of Rocinante. He decided to pierce his left ear. The rings are made of silver, they are related with the deaths of beloved ones. His mother and his friend.

Kaylee Tagged by Mangasia and SnajeyArt

Kaylee by artJouOP OC - Kaylee's profile by artJou

1. She sleeps under water, at least a couple of times in a week. (mermaids get ugly for being so little in water, like Kokoro) She doesn't do it because she doesn't want to be "ugly",she is afraid of changing and not being recognized by her mother when she founds her.
2. Kaylee doens't have a last name since his father, Fabian, was an orphan.
3. Her father forced her to keep her hair short to the neck. When she left Fishman Island she let it grow, she prefers is like that.
4. Her hair has a faint smell of caramell.
5. Her dexterity is really good. She learned how to assemble firearms, deactivate bombs, open locks and closed doors.
6. The rings she uses were given by her mother and won't take them off until she knows she is alive.
7. She had a deep crush for Mihawk, but it was not reciprocal (that is not new... I know) but I headcanon that Mihawk actually liked her back but didn't do a thing about it.
8. When Kaylee is drunk she thinks everything is beautiful so she gets carefree (just like in the fairy tales and romantic stories she likes).

I tagg~

Eliya - :icondidgeredoos:
Sokko - :icons0kk0:
Sexy Mai - :iconmoriachiisart:
Fina - :iconmowwiie:
Arbie - :iconarbiesart:
Wonda - :icondeliicacy:
Arin's sezy Papa - :iconarin-ya:
Nat - :iconpumqkinchu:
People, I will delete some old drawings from here... and that's it ;)

Mostly gonna keep submitting sketchdumps and commissions... but no whole pieces since dA's policy is bothering me.

That's it~

does anyone still visit here???
-w-? well... I'm more in tumblr, since it's an easy thing... will do an official commission sheet... not gonna change anything more than the presentation, because I think is confusing OTL

luv you!


people, this will be in spanish~

HOLA!!!!!!!! estoy haciendo una encuesta para un proyecto de la Universidad, si se pueden dar un minuto para responder estaré muy complacida ;w;

Un abrazo!
YESSS I DID....errr I AM writting a Journal, a simple entry...

hellou dA, long time no see youuu! omg... you have changed so much... you look more... quiet
yep :stare:

first of all, I'm doing fine, with lots of work... now I'm not doing much since in the country there are problems with the education sytem, as students we do what we can... hope we can be heard .n.

Second, How are you mah people out there?! I miss you all so much <3
I'm sorry, I've been so absent, haven't drawn that much either... but the worst... in my opinion, is the little talks I'm able to have with friends from dA, I love my buddies...I'd love to talk and interact more with them. I wouldn't like you to think I don't care about you or sth just because I'm not here like before... jaja I used to be here at least an hour, and post drawings once a week?
Time changes -_-

Last but not least, the most probable is that I'll be publishing more sketchdumps than drawings xD
it's all about time... OTL

hugs to everybody, I wish you luck in the finals, proyects, tests, life... <3


new favourite emoticon made by s0kk0 -> Jou stare 
Hope you have a great day and week too <3


(really short messagge I, sometimes, lack of good words xD)

One Piece Secret Santa 2014!

Thanks for bringin it back!
S0KK0, xKAURAx and, Riku-D

Hello! This is my wishlist, you can choose any of these options :3

1) ACanon request:

-I'd love LOVE to see my dear Corazon cosplaying as The Joker from Batman.
2) An OCxCanon request:

- My OPOC Laia with Vergo cuddling in a sofa *A* (with causal clothes x3).
Laia Stuff by artJou
- A fanfic scene, My OPOC Kaylee with Mihawk:

" "What are you reading?" she inquired, curious.
  "A Historical novel" he answered immersed in his reading.
  "Do you have a book or a fairy tale? Especially if it has princesses, with a noble prince and romance!" said with a light in her face.

Mihawk looked very irritated.

OP OC - Kaylee's profile by artJou
4) A Group OC:
Your OC with Kaylee in a 1920's Circus AU.

Now that I've got some time~ I'm able to say: THANKS!

I read all the lovely messages, but due to my lack of time I couldn't reply to any. So I'm leaving here my grattitude <3

My special thanks to these guys~

:iconlonglovevegeta::iconskyelentnight::iconchenpathart: :iconmddahl::iconciae13::icons0kk0::iconsnajeyart::iconxxhxaxx::iconverticanjustice::iconpeanutin::iconneoconvoy::iconwreck-itralph::iconmarcherin::icondolly-belladonna::iconarythya::iconryan5gediche::iconfiread::iconjasperinity::iconkingofbeastsgrimmjow::iconhoneychamaa::iconarin-ya::iconriku-d::icondesertlaceroses::iconhanatsuki-ai::iconvero-light::iconbiarta-chan::iconcaritami:
Emergency Commission (10 Slots)

please go check this!! She is an awesome artist and this is for a good cause



I'm still alive... just with so much stuff to do lately :B

I'm more active in tumblr... but I almost don't talk there XD

a big :hug: to everybody... I love u!
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Tomorrow my classes start xD
BUT I've been really motivated, so I hope I can draw more :3
a hug for u all~
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  • Watching: ur mamma

Tagged by the fabulous :iconhumana-animus:


1. Pick one of your OCs
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal

One Piece OC, Shakespear (I posted his looks in a sketch dump --> he is the one with a hook)

1. What is your name?
I’m mister Shakespear the last light of inspiration for the new generations!

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Why? You don’t like it?! Well, it’s my artistic name, the real one is P-Patrick, but don’t say that aloud.

3. Are you single or taken?
My heart is taken by the beauty of literature and my soul is shaken by history, my body, Oh! My old body is just the humble instrument with which I express my love for both.

4. Have any abilities or powers?
I don’t have abilities neither powers, I just have PASSION. And THAT’S my strongest power! My strongest ability! and also being able to lift 10,000 pounds, but that’s not that important.  

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
You mean Gary-stu, Oh and how could that be?! I'm not a fictional character from some crazy girl who loves the stories of some artist. And neither would I be one, just look at me! Surely you have not seen in any other man so much mystery and grandeur.

So certainly Mary sues and Gary stues are beginner mistakes, I know that because I make my own characters.

6. What's your eye color?
Brown, like the earth when is illuminated by the warm rays of sun when you are seeing the autumn morning.

7. How about hair color?
As you can see I’m mostly bald, but the hair I have is still black.

8. Have you any family-members?
My parents are dead and my younger brother is too embarrassed to admit his blood relation with me, so he hides himself in a grocery shop somewhere in South Blue.

9. How about pets?
Well, there is a humandrill in the crew called Petit.

10. Now tell me something you don't like.
A vague and a not passionate story, it burns my eyes. Oh! And how much I hate the injustices of this world, everything had changed so melancholy...

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I love to answer questions, about me, about what I do, about history! Oh! I love to write and read, I love to eat spicy things, play with my long mustache and hear the enchanting ocean. I do like to lift too, but that’s not that relevant.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Yes I have, but I will never hurt people unless I think they deserve it, like harassers and critics, especially the critics.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
Let’s say I did get rid of some unrefined people.

14. What kind of animal are you?
I’m a bird a beautiful and colorful little bird full of energy and PASSION!

15. Name your worst habits?
I don't have bad habits (Jou: he will not admit bad habits)

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Of course NOT!

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
I like the delicacy of women and I like the strength of the man, but I never get to love one of them, I have no interest in sexual activity so I think I’m asexual, but I die for the sensuality of the literature and the history that is full of PASSION!

18: Do you go to school?
Do I look that young?

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Nope, I hate little kids and I’m already married with my passions…

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Of course I have, I have heard that even Nico Robin, one of the members of the Straw-hats, had read at least one of my books.

21. What are you most afraid of?
To forget everything I have learned through my life, I’m also afraid of running out of ink, paper, and books to read… I don’t like spiders and neither black cats and that’s because I’m really superstitious. Oh! and I’m afraid of myself… Duhuhu

22. What do you usually wear?
Most of the time I’m shirtless, I like to show my torso. In my other half I wear baggy pants and boots.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
Roast beef with peppers, wasabi or chili

24: Am I annoying you?
Oh! It seems you didn’t hear me when I said that I love to answer questions about me.

25. Well, it's still not over!Your next question, don’t lose time.

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)
I’m a low class. I came out from the heartbreaking streets, full of people with hopeless eyes to bring light and express my sorrow to the world.

27. How many friends do you have?
EVERY person that enjoys the power of literature and history like me is a friend. Also my crew.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Pie? or Pie? Pie is the Spanish word for foot, also the thing that is sweet…and I don’t like sweets.

30. Favorite drink?
Dark beer

31. What's your favorite place?
My room, where I write and also somewhere near the ocean. I love and I need inspiring places.

32. Are you interested in anyone?
If my PASSION was a person I would make love to it everyday.

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
Big enough to hug our humandrill, I’m 7’5’

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

You already know the answer, the lake it’s too calm, the ocean in the other hand, is full of PASSION! Oh! Ocean, you are full of energy, no matter how old you are! you always hit with the same vigor the rocks that are afar!

35. What's your type?
Passionate! But I’m not able to find that in somebody the same way as I do with the things I adore.

36. Camping or indoors?
Indoors… because I… Hey! Where are you going!? You can’t go like that! Hey! My interview! Heeey! Oh!  (Jou: he leaves running after the mysterious person who interviewed him)

I tag 


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I'm freeeezing here~ but I'M SO FU******IN HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My final exam went GREAT! so now... I'm in winter vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just wanted to extend my happiness to you~
hehee I can finally get to draw some stuff yeeeah~

I love you!!!!!
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1.The first 20 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 
2.If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place. 
3.The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. My zexy tagger :iconsnajeyart:
Kill la Kill by SnajeyArt Sanji 1940 by SnajeyArtNew World! by SnajeyArt :stare: i luvs

2. wooop! :iconartisticbunny6:
<da:thumb id="454955198"/><da:thumb id="419751737"/><da:thumb id="454531573"/>:love:

3. la sexilona :iconhaylinhyuugaoriginal:
One Piece OC: Timeskip... Kelly's father by HaylinHyuugaOriginal Gir tribute by HaylinHyuugaOriginal :3

4. hnnnng :iconsaints-of-ravens:
FLAMENCO ! Cleo by Saints-Of-Ravens Doffy Be Like, Dayum! by Saints-Of-Ravens WIP loveydoveymush by Saints-Of-Ravens<- WAAH! I REALLY NEED U TO FINISH THAT

5. loquiiillo :iconnecrocc:
pikachu viejo by NecroCCchibis one piece by NecroCC Star Ronin: Halloween 2013 by NecroCC:la:

6. mah zexy tagged gurl :iconopirou:
Bonney x Ace :One Piece Collection: by Opirou Aleouuuu by OpirouThe ''I'm sure she thinks of me'' Scene by Opirouahhhh! :heart:

7. The non human :iconskyelentnight:
<da:thumb id="397492882"/><da:thumb id="385631722"/> rrr~

8. And I owe it all to youuu (8) :iconhanatsuki-ai:
Garland Vytza- The chameleon by Hanatsuki-Ai HB-day_Angie-Crystal-Star!!!!!!! by Hanatsuki-Ai TrafalgarLaw-SoWonderful by Hanatsuki-Ai >w<

9. croooooooooooooco boooy :iconchenpathart:
<da:thumb id="448460069"/> hhehe <3

10. bunny joe lover :icons0kk0:
Easter Bunny Joe by S0KK0Page Doll for StarlessArisu -Portgas D. Ace by S0KK0Sokko x Bunny Joe by S0KK0so...much... luv *poof*

11. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay :iconmoriachii:
<da:thumb id="453436195"/><da:thumb id="456335680"/><da:thumb id="449035501"/> jjjajajajaajaj omg...

12. the cabagge lover :icondeliicacy:
<da:thumb id="422991722"/><da:thumb id="447378956"/><da:thumb id="433101603"/> so luvly ^o^

13. rawrrr~~~ :iconarin-ya:
Chaos Duo Dance by Arin-ya Breakfast with Sanji and Cova by Arin-ya <da:thumb id="355898675"/> you know how difficult is to choose sth from you?! XD aaah!

14-20 no one else... this is already old and I'm lazy XD