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Zarek Tobar's ability chart
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Published: August 7, 2015
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Thanks to :iconklexenia: for the amazing template!!!</sub>

This is Zarek Tobar, the lovely Commodore~

Character Skills

Charisma: In general he is agreeable and some respect him (he is not always obeyed as he believes).

Morality: He is fair…in what concerns him. His moral code is supported in his own beliefs and some he considers relevant. He is a loyal friend, but not that much trustworthy. His working ethic is not really good. He doesn’t like to have many responsabilities.

Knowledge: Has a great visual memory, and uses it to recognizes the faces and of many pirates and bandits (that are important to him). He likes to read about many topics. He has deepened his knowledge in: basic anatomy (uses it for fighting), laws and justice topics (but he doesn’t apply all the rules).

Intelligence: He is clever, but is more moved by emotions.

Empathy: Doesn’t know when his words are hurting. If it’s a competition or challenge, the reasons of his adversary would not matter in the slightest, he will want to win at any expense. The little amount of empathy is summarized in his love for animals (especially kitties or puppies) and, his fondness and worry by the weak persons.

Humor:  In one way or another, he will make you slip a smile. He has the habit of being the one who makes a conversation joyful. He is mostly happy, and often has a smile in his face. He feels necessarily to make others laugh. Most of the times he has no chill.</sub>

Condition/Physical Skills

Distraction: His words are quite persuasive. Also, his skills with the ash-ash fruit, can create a thick cloud that doesn’t allow to see.

Dexterity: He can fix a few things (but they may broke again).

Intuition: When fighting what moves he most is the instinct, when he feels in distress he will start to use his head. Usually, he quickly improvises ways to fight back.

Constitution: If he is wetted (with rain, for example) he will not be able to use his df. In this case, his fighting would be only a hand-to-hand, he could resist several blows. If his opponent exceeds him in force, the only thing that would maintain him stand is his pride. 

Speed: Given his devil fruit skills, he is fairly quick and has fast movements. He can react instinctively to the blows. He has a sharp eye and know how to use Soru, so he is good at dodging.

Brute Strength: Aside from the abilities granted by the df. His muscle strength is pretty good as well with his armor haki, he can cause great damage. But a three meters marine with his own body and physical skill could easily overcome him.</sub>


Defense: Not only through his devil fruit his defense skills are impeccable, also, as a professional in kick boxing, he knows how to avoid punches as well.

Offense: Physically, (having some knowledge in anatomy) he has a great capability to give direct hits. In addition, his fruit is destructive enough to severely damage or kill his opponent.

Devil Fruit: He acquired the powers when he was a teenager and, in the same time, entered to the Marine. There they helped him to exploit his skills to the maximum. Nowadays has a perfect domain of his fruit, though he does not like to rely on it very much.

The Asshu-Asshu No Mi, is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into ash at will.


- Zarek cannot be hit or sliced as his element is intangible, allowing the attack to pass through him.
- Like Crocodile and Smoker, he transform into ash by reflex.
- He can fly, by turning his body or the lower part of it into ashes.
- He can change the density of the ashes.
- The ash can be made from physical contact. The material burns from the inside or outside and then converts into ash (that includes human skin).
- Can resist Mera Mera no Mi attacks, since ash is the product of fire.
- Is naturally of a higher order than the Moku Moku no Mi (since is more dense).


- Turns solid and can’t use his Devil Fruit powers when he is dampened in any kind of external liquid.
- As the ash is the result of combustion, he is not able to create ash without having contact with any material that can produce it.
- Suna Suna no Mi (has more density and is in a higher order than the Asshu Asshu no Mi).
- The user is also affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


- Rokushiki: only masters Soru and Shigan.

- Kick Boxing: After being incapable of learning other styles in Rokushiki, he decided to learn this.

Haki: Only masters armour Haki.

Weapon: Like most marines, he can use the basic weapons, but he is only average in its use.</sub>

Fighting Range

His fighting range goes from close (hand-to-hand) to the wide one (with his skills of the df)

*** Due to his Competence and Physical Skills he was going to be promoted to Vice Admiral. But that meant less freedom to him, so he declined. Post Time skip might change his mind~

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Gran personaje, me encantaron las gráficas
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gracias! qué tanto tienen las gráficas ? xDDD
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De nada y me gustan además así puedes poner más información y mejor representada xD
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NecroCC Digital Artist
se ve genial y me encanto esas graficas =)
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NecroCC Digital Artist
de nada nn :la::la::la:
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SkyeLentNightHobbyist Digital Artist
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SkyeLentNightHobbyist Digital Artist
I can hardly imagine what would happen if he encountered Xavier
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they would drink in some bar probably
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SkyeLentNightHobbyist Digital Artist
An ex assassin bounty hunter and a Marine walk into a bar
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yeah, they will get along ;D
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SkyeLentNightHobbyist Digital Artist
oh goodie XD
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TheDarkestMemoryHobbyist General Artist
The coloring alone QAQ!

I think these stats are pretty fair for a Vice-admiral and I cant wait to see how he uses his devil fruit in battle and just more of him in general!
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oh, he is not vice admiral, but he was offered to... he just wants to stay as a commodore~
I don't know If I'm gonna draw him using his abilities xD
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i really really love this :D we need to see more nice guys here... °dire need° !!
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I can't handom this handsome piece of justice
Look at this smug smile, which could sweep a girl off her feet if only she COULD SEE that *slaps herself* 
You did a great job uwu :heart:
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gotta make him handsome~
right, if only she could see it~ QAQ

thank u <3 !!!
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well she can "see" it... if she want to see it with her fingers =P (sorry couldn't withstand!)
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OH YES you know girl!!!!!!!! ~~

*hugs* <3
lol, no worries! i love when this happens xD ejje, I do it too~
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