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Published: June 1, 2014
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:rose: Basic Information :rose:

Name: Kaylee| ケイリー | Keirī
 31 | 33
Birthday: April 18
Zodiac Sign: Aries
 Gyojin Island
Species: Mermaid
Gender: Female
Handicap: Blind

:rose: Physical appearance :rose:

Height: 1.78 m (5’8’’)| With shoes ~1.80 (5’9’’)
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
Hair colour: Red Cherry haired
Eye colour: Pupil- Frosted mint green | Iris - Obsidian green
 Horizontal cut in left thight

:rose: Current Situation :rose:

 The Blind Pirates
 Captain (sniper)
Current Crew members: Petit (humandrill, the pet), Narcis Caprio (carpenter-gunsmith), Sora Raid (Doctor), Kesa (cook), Shakespear (historian), Damian (veterinary), Zahira (Herbalist), and André (artist and navigator)

:rose: Bounty :rose:

:pointr:  Pre Timeskip(as Captain Mask)

Stealing from marines

Fight with another pirate band in an Island in grand line, there were civilians hurt.

Releasing some slaves from the Sabaody Archipelago during the war transmition.

Shot to a World Noble and defeated to a high ranked Commodore

:pointr: Post Timeskip: (as herself)

It is publicly known that Kaylee was "Captain Mask". Her blood relationship with Fabian, a former member of the Pirates of the Sun, is also revealed.

:rose: Battle Conditions :rose:

Devil Fruit: None
Haki: Observation Haki | Conqueror’s Haki
Strengths: Outstanding hearing| Firearms control| Basic Defense| Communication with sea creatures| Intuition| Dexterity
Weaknesses: Close combat| No brute strength| Difficult to aim precisely with deafening noises around her
Weapons: Flintlock and Revolver. 
Bullets: Normal and Kairoseki bullets.

:rose: Personality :rose:

She doesn’t like to be the center of attention; she tends to be impulsive and is emotionally unstable. When she is facing a bad situation she tries to be optimistic. She usually gives a smile to the persons she is with, because she thinks a smile is the most powerful way to promote harmony.

Has an acceptable sense of humor, but not good because she is not able to understand simple jokes or sarcasms.

:pointr:  Important traits: Amiable| witty| empathic| compassionate| sensible| gentle| dutiful| reserved| bold| sincere| direct when she feels like to.  
:pointr:  She takes her time to trust humans.
:pointr:  She judges before knowing somebody better, and draws conclusions too fast. She usually doesn’t say what annoys her, until she can’t hold her anger. When facing a possible quarrel she prefers to silence, however, when one of her thoughts has been taken down she will try to defend her ideas, because, most of the time, she thinks she has the reason about many things.
:pointr:  She can be stubborn, childish and may act depressive from time to time
:pointr:  Kaylee is able to laugh of herself and her condition, but she has her limits and patience.

:pointr:  Dislikes: Swimming| Doing nothing useful| Animal flesh of any kind | Harassers | Pervy jokes| Heavy rain| Silence| Loud noises

To consider: We talk about blind people to refer to those who see nothing at all or only have a slight perception of light (may be able to distinguish between light and dark, but not the shape of objects). 

:pointr:  Likes: Cooking| Traveling| Singing| Facial hair| Taking long baths| Being underwater| Having fun| Walking around| New places| Hot chocolate and sweets| Rice| Flowers| Singing of the birds| Romantic and children stories.

Dreams: Pre Timeskip:
Reunite her mother and father. Post Timeskip: She wants to fight slavery, become powerful and get the Pirate Empress's title from Boa Hancock.
Thunders| Storms| Become not needed| Total darkness.


:rose: Other Facts :rose:

She learned to read in Braille.
Special artefacts:
Map in braille and Log Pose for blind Marines, a little snail tells the direction.
Distinctive of The Blind Pirates: 
The crew uses a black blindfold or Sunglasses.
Accessories: Earrings*| Walking stick| Whistle (it serves to confuse Sea Kings (just for a few seconds)|
* Her ring earings were given by her mother, she never took them off so her mother would recognize her.
Captain Mask: Is a character she created in the Pre Timeskip so her head didn’t have a bounty since her goal was to find her mother without big inconveniences.
Hiding her Mermaid traits:
Uses a pantyhose| Doesn’t use short shorts or miniskirts| Never uses something that show her “feet”

:rose: Relationships :rose:

:pointr:  Family:
* Estelle:
 She was treated by her mother like a helpless girl, she felt pity of her condition. She influenced her in the way she judges people before knowing them. Estelle didn’t like the human world.
* Fabian: Her fishman dad told her that humans were not all bad. He loved the outside. Because of him, Kaylee is very fond of facial hair. He told Kaylee that facial hair in males was an unique attractive charm, he used to say those things because he had beard. He was part of the Sun Pirates but retired after losing his leg.

:pointr:  Members of the Blind Pirates:
* (Old crew):
 First normal humans she got to know (but behind her mask). At the beginning the relationship was cold. After getting to know them more she started to have a good relationship with them, until the accident with one of her comrades, after that she wanted to be alone. She made it split.
* (Second crew): Bad relationship, the new crew members joined “Captain Mask” so they could escape from the marines, or eat, or just travel. “Captain Mask” was still sad because of the accident and became more judicious.
* (Reborn Blind Pirates): Really good relationship. She learns to be a better friend and understand other points of view.

:pointr:  One Piece Canon Characters:
* Mihawk:
 She thinks he is interesting and a good human. She fell in love with him but her love was not reciprocated causing her great pain. Although he thought he didn't feel something as deep as Kaylee, he didn't want to hurt her.
* Shanks: Kaylee got in his ship when she was escaping from traffickers. She had to stay with them a little over one week. She learned from him to not judge people like she used to. He liked her.
* Shyarly: Childhood friend, she meet her working at the Mermaid Café (that was property of Shyarly's mom.
* Yoko: while she was in Little East Blue she was her “big sister”.

:pointr:  One Piece OC:

* Zarek Tobar: She met him first as Captain Mask, Zarek hated the captain of the Blind Pirates, because of him he wasn’t allowed to return to the New World. He met Kaylee at the same town he was following Captain Mask, she took advantage of the fact that he did not know her connection with the Captain, she disoriented him in his search for the Blind Pirates, but later felt bad because she started to like him as a person... One day, he discovered that Captain Mask and her were the same person, he became mad and wanted to have revenge… but his hatred didn’t last long, cause he already had fallen for her.



:pointr:  PAST:
Kaylee was born 33 years ago 10,000 feet below sea level in the Ryugu Kingdom. She doesn’t remember since when did she become blind, nevertheless, remembers that she had a happy and quiet childhood in Gyojin Island until the Great Age of Pirates began. In those years many fishmen and merfolk were constantly kidnapped and sold off as slaves. 19 years ago, before the island was protected by Whitebeard, Estelle, Kaylee’s mother, was with her daughter of 14 collecting shellfish far from the Mermaid Cove, there pirates ambushed them and captured them. Her mother was able to help her escape.

A week later she returned to her home, when her father Fabian heard about the kidnapping of his wife he became ill and lost strength, because of that she had to take care of him and their maintenance. She had two works in a weapon store and in Shyarly’s mother café.

When Kaylee was 18, Shyarly predicted Fabian, who was in better health in those years, would leave the Island. That same day he talked with her, because he had decided to become part of the Sun Pirates to look for Estelle. Fabian confessed he didn’t do anything before because she was still too young, after leaving he always sent her letters through Shyarly. He returned when Fisher Tiger died; in that time Kaylee was 21.

Fabian told Kaylee he couldn’t find Estelle and that he was no longer able to look for her, he was too old to be in the seas and had also lost his leg. So, he told her to become strong and find her mother when she was able to walk.

In the weapon store she asked the proprietor to teach her to use fire arms. 

She used to go to the Gyoncorde Plaza to hear Otohime influenced by her father. (Fabian, after meeting Koala, discovered not all humans were mean or at least, the new generations must not be prejudiced by hatred).

After Otohime’s death she had some fear of humans.

Before leaving, the day she left she took a mask and a big coat recovered inside with synthetic cotton, her father gave her a walking stick and a whistle to scare sea monsters.

She created her own crew “The Blind Pirates” becoming Captain Mask.

Time later, at the age of 30 she fell in love with one of her comrades and after a big problem she killed him. Kaylee discovers that her mask couldn’t really save her from the true nature of the humans that were near her. Even if she felt some kind of affection for her crew, she feared her crew. After making mistakes she felt guilty and decided to leave the seas for a while, she gave her two best friends, Shakespear and Egana, a vivre card so they could return together to the seas someday.

:pointr:  PRE TIMESKIP:
When she was 31, twelve were part of the crew. They joined for different reasons, to steal from them, to have a place to leave or to eat. None of them planned to make a bond with Captain Mask.

One day she heard her crew talking about a tourist destination, the Sibenik Island. There they had problems with other pirates, there were marines and citizens hurt, increasing the price for the head of Captain Mask to 8,000,000 belis. In that Island was a shichibukai, the world’s greatest swordsman who was accidentally attacked by Captain Mask, luckily they were able to run away... He then, followed the Blind Pirates and after a month he was able to find them and defeat them.

After her defeat Kaylee discovers that she shouldn’t have judged her old comrades (her first loyal crew). She felt really sad about her loss of comrades. She didn’t knew her 2 loyal men survived.

Kaylee still dressed as Captain Mask arrives, with one of the floating wreckage of The Blind Pirate’s ship, to an Island where she tried to free slaves. Escaped with them in a boat but couldn't make it, so she threw herself to the sea, faking her death and after swimming a week, she arrives to a mysterious island: Kuraigana island, and after a series of events meets the powerful swordsman, she hardly spoke to him, she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Time after her separation, she meets the Redhaired Pirates. She admitted she was wrong judging people, and after thinking some time decides which would be her first goal: to change the reality in that gloomy Island from the humandrills to the Shichibukai himself. After some drawbacks, she returned to Kuraigana Island.

However, that would bring troubles to her heart. Kaylee fell in love with the Shichibukai, she discovers that she can’t change him, but she likes him like that, with his good and bad points. Unfortunately for her, when she confessed her feelings and he said they were not reciprocal.

She escaped and proposed herself to forget the swordsman. She wanted to find her mother, but she needed to become stronger and revive her crew.

:pointr:  POST TIMESKIP: 
Kaylee was able to find her mother in the New World, and now she aims to become a powerful pirate.

:rose: Trivia :rose:

:pointr:  Her Laugh is “Mhihihi”
:pointr:  Ideal seiyuu - Mayumi Suzuki…
(Jane Porter in Tarzan, japanese version…)
:pointr: Egana actually exists (Thriller Bark Saga)
:pointr: Kaylee’s smell of caramel
:pointr: Kaylee doens't have a last name since her father, Fabian, was an orphan.
:pointr: Her father liked her to keep her hair short to the neck. When she left Fishman Island she let it grow, she prefers long hair.
:pointr: She doesn’t swears or curses… because she doesn’t know any good insult.
:pointr: She doesn’t choose the clothes she buys. She doesn’t care if her clothes doesn’t match, she just wants them to be comfy and practical.
:pointr: She usually sleeps on a bathtub full of water. Her father told her a mermaid can change her appearance when she is out of water for too long. At first she only did it motivated only to be recognizable by her mom, then it became a habit.
:pointr: Real life Kaylee would be Irish.

One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda
Kaylee (c) Me

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you wouldn't be interested in doing a request/collab?
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Oh my gosh I love all of your OC's sooo much!!Luffy OP Icon 18 Luffy OP Icon 18 Luffy OP Icon 18

Kaylee for examle is suuuper well developed, has an original character and bastory and an awesome design!Monkey D. Luffy (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
SO. MUCH. LOVE. FOR. hearts Share a little love... Love Tards 
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thank u!

-explodes- thank u!! so much luv for u too~!
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Me acuerdo esos días en que seguía Beso Mortal y me reía con Historias de un Shukaku, y un día me pasé por tu galería en dA y vi a este OC, pero como no seguía One Piece en ese entonces pasé de él. Es gracioso como las cosas cambian, y ahora veo que eres toda una artista ¡y con razón! Felicidades por este OC, Jou, te lo mereces. Tiene una personalidad definida, un pasado que si bien tiene su conflicto no es el típico pasado trágico, sino que verdaderamente la hizo ser lo que es ahora, y bueno, la desición de que Mihawk rechace a la muchacha es tanto original como valiente y realista. Sin mencionar que ahora me metiste en la cabeza la pareja MihawkxHancock, porque aparentemente no tenía bastantes parejitas crack xD
No puedo decir más, solamente que espero que sigas mejorando cada vez más.
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aaaaaaah nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! no me mates con eso!!!!!!!! *directo a mis feels*
beso mortal, aay no, mi primer fic es una basura! jajajajjajjajja, muchas gracias por leer mis idioteces!! xD
awww! trato! tratooo! espero seguir mejorando xD
seeep, creo q es más sensual q se queden ellos dos juntitos~ muahha... pero la verdad es q la pobre de kaylee sufriría mucho si se quedara con el... no son muy compatibles q digamos.

aaaaah, yo tampoco puedo decir más, me escribiste muchos comentarios hermozoz~ no tengo ahora el tiempo para responder cada uno
pero ya vendrán las vacaciones <3

un abrazo muy grande!!!
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Sorry, pero tenía que sacármelo del pecho, corazón Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 
¡oye, que a mi me gustó! Fue el primer fic GaaraxOC donde la protagonista no me caía como una patada en el hígado. Además, si vieras mi primer fic, se te cae la cara de pena ajena.
Pues si, Boa aún sin su belleza tiene su encanto de niña consentida, y bueno, hasta ahora Mihawk no puede alejarse de chicas con personalidad un tanto infantil.
Ahora que lo dices, si, probablemente Kaylee sufriría ya que, bueno, las relaciones son cosa de dos por más que nos pese y requiere tiempo y esfuerzo (además de amor y respeto) por parte de ambos. Mihawk claramente le respetaría y dado el caso la querría (que no me he leído el fic desde la primera vez que lo publicaste sin editar hace años), pero estaría demasiado enfocado en su carrera como Espadachín y Shichibukai (¿soy la única que SIEMPRE lo dijo mal hasta que leyó bien? ¿no? Ya me lo imaginaba) para estar con ella. Eso, y que es Mihawk x'D.
Vacaciones... *mira en el horizonte, y porqu Dios es un sádico, el reloj empieza a moverse en sentido contrario* :coursework: Te entiendo querida, te entiendo.
Cariños y mucha suerte!
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jajaja linda! en serio?! cómo?! si era una mary sue!!!!!! XDDD aaaay q tierna tú ;A; . JAJAJA está bien, quedemos con que el primer fic no es el mejor. Sí! Mihawk y Boa serían una pareja interesante~ y sexy
Kaylee necesita de un chico que la haga feliz y cree al oc idal para ella muajajja -w- spoiiiler~~~
sí! estoy de vacaciones, entre las cosas q debo hacer. DEFINITIVAMENTE voy a escribir!  hace mucho no lo hago, y si lo hago, significaría volver a hacer la historia activa! yaay

cariños! y espero responder todas las cosas locas q me dejaste~
ahora q tengo tiempo creo q puedo responder los comentarios pendientes, al menos de los que conozco .w.
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Lady-MonarchStudent General Artist
I literally was stuck on how to make my one piece oc better and I found your picture and it helped me get the anatomy better then I saw the rest of your gallery and it was cool
So thanks and nice work :)
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If I was of any help I'm really happy I was able to help somehow :3
your welcome, and thank u for saying this to me :heart:
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cool oc!!

would you like to join the one piece fan manga im making?
its about making our OC and their story on the one piece universe..

feel free to check if your interested..

chapter 1…

special chapter…

and this is the group…
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I'm sorry, I'm still working on her, but thank u for the offer <3
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triptime245Hobbyist General Artist
I understand.. :D

well if you have time feel free to read the manga and comment :D
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JuraquilleLinaHobbyist Artist
Wonderful *oo* How do you draw them , i want to make one too !
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draw, which thing?... most of those are sketch and then... lineart? xD
I dunno how to explain how u do it
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JuraquilleLinaHobbyist Artist
I mean you dont use any programs ?
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I already answered~
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So I was totally reading through Kaylee's profile the other day, and I completely forgot to fave and comment on it :iconlazycryplz: So that's why I'm here now!

I think it's super neat that she's a mermaid over 30, and with a split tail, no less :XD: The fandom needs more of them! I also really love her relationship with Mihawk. I think you've done great considering Mihawk's personality and not breaking canon there.

Honestly, there's a lot to love about this OC. She's detailed and quite well developed. Awesome work, dear :iconluvluvplz:
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sddgsagfsa, you wanted to comment here... u made me so happy *A*

I agree, I'd love to see more mermaids over 30 *w*
I still wonder if I can still name the relationship ocxcanon, since is just a one sided love -w-

thanks!!! I try to be stay in canon since I love the characters the way they are >w<

thank u so much for your comment <3
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DidgeredoosHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been trying to comment on OP OCs I really like lately...I know OC creators can always use the support through comments! <3
Definitely! I used to see split-tail mermaids under 30 all the time, so it's nice to see that someone's doing it right :XD:
Hahaha! That's a good point. Eh, either way, their relationship is still done well!

You're welcome dear <3
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dfsafgsgafsadfsgs, thank u!

and it's so cute to know u spend time seeing ocs <3

oh lol! thanks!!!! >w<
when Oda introduced the Gyojin saga I got really happy, I learned more and I was able to finish decently her profile xD
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