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BNHA OC Lullaby profile
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Published: July 22, 2017
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Music Basic InformationMusic

Name: Unknown
Birthday: May 19th
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Gender: Female

Music Physical appearanceMusic 
Height: 168cm (5’5”)
Weight: 72 kg (126 lbs)
Hair colour: Black blue
Eye colour: Amethyst purple

Music Current Situation Music 


Music Stats Music

Power: 6/5 S
Speed: 1/5 E
Technique: 4/5 B
Intelligence: 5/5 A
Cooperativeness: 5/5 A

Music Personality Music

Important traits: 
Sharp |Idealistic |Reliable |Generous |Patient |Stable |Stubborn |Observant |Critical |Persistent |Self-Indulgent |Lazy

Likes: Hard Rock music, night, flowers, playing instruments, feeling warm, spicy and sweet food, security, tranquility.

Dislikes: Loud and complicated persons, perverts, cold, being rushed, being yelled, big risks. 

Music Story Music

Lullaby is the daughter of a villain dad and a civilian mother.

She was born in Fukuoka and had a happy childhood, never seeing her dad's actions as something wrong. With the help of her father, entered fraudulently and easily into a low-ranking High School for heroics, in order to acquire knowledge and a specialized costume for her quirk. After leaving, she never exercised as a hero.

Lullaby's father is currently behind bars, (he was defeated by All Might in the past). Her father was not only his only company; he was also her main mentor. Her mother, in the other side, ran away while she was in High School, her father convinced her that she left because they were not rich. However she did, because she discovered her husband was a villain.

Lullaby after studying with other heroes, realized that many of them are people full of ego and a very few are real heroes.

She believes that most part of the society is anesthetized to the pain of others. In this respect, she sees robbery as a way of waking people up.

She also became a thief because she wants to have enough money to give and have so her mother comes back.

Music QuotesMusic

"Today, the problems of others are not one's problems."
"The less fortunate are the ones who share the most"
"No matter how bright the jewels are, if the bearer has no value, they have no value"

Music TriviaMusic

Point Right She had an opportunity to be a famous singer and abandon her life as a thief, but she thinks that would mean a betrayal to her dad.
Point Right She fell for Eraser-head after seeing him withouth his googles, because he looks like a rockstar. (It's a one sided love)
Point Right Even though, her quirk doesn't work on him he still fells asleep.
Point Right Most of the time she steals in the night.
Point Right Most of the songs that she sings are composed by her, others are lullabies that her mother sang to her.
Point Right Ideal Seiyuu: Naoko Matsui - Singing (Monet from One Piece) Normal voice (Naomi Misora from Death Note)

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Boku no Hero Academia © Horikoshi Kouhei
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Comments (24)
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"Help im trying to use my quirk but im dummy thicc. The clsp asscheeks overlaps my voice"
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PenelopeJadewing|Professional Digital Artist
just gotta say, I looooove music-based quirks like this. I've always thought they're super cool, and even have a variation myself. I love seeing what different people do with similar quirks! Each person's take on it is so unique and interesting. :D 
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Great minds think alike huh?

I have an OC who has the exact same power with similar drawbacks.  She was even a pop star XD.  The only differences is that her quirk is called "Lullaby" and her hero name is Chickadee (I wanted to give her a bird theme, since birds sing).

I guess your OC is a dark version of mine since she is a thief while mine is a hero.  Anyway, I love the design and character.  =]
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I think the power itself is not thaaaaat originalso many would think about it too xD
funny thing tho!

 but ye~ I love that mine is a villain~!

thank u for passing by to check my baby~
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Bringer-of-Lemonade's avatar
True, I guess Jigglypuff does use the same power =P
Either way, I felt really clever when I thought her up.
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My main OC's quirk is pretty much exactly like this, except I named her's Siren Song. ^^;
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that's cute :3
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ForTheLuvOfApplejack's avatar
Hehe thank you. :P
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josefumi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
she's gorgeous, i'm in love with her!!
i love her shoes especially, what a lovely design~
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radrabbiitt| Digital Artist
loooovee her!
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asdasdads <3 !!! thanks!!!
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so cuute!!!!
Reply  ·  
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thank uuuu <3
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no problem![Cat Emote] Closed Eye Smile 
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thank u~
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Kiyopan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like her design a lot <3
She´s a really interesting character!
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thank u very much!!! <3

I enjoyed drawing her -v- :heart:
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Labyriinthus|Student General Artist
Would make a great pair with Midnight! They'll be able to put like virtually everyone to sleep HAHA
Also, she's so gorgeous! I hope you draw her more often <3
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yes! good pairing! ;3 ehhee if only she was a hero tho~ xD

oh!! i hope so too! xDD
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I had a ton of fun reading this character's bio and taking in her overall design. The costume making her look like a popstar, but every single bit of clothing reflects a musical instrument/aspect of music is beyond brilliant.
Really did love how her Quirk doesn't work if the person doesn't like the music. That seems like such a BnHA drawback, I love it!
"The less fortunate are the ones who share the most" - Holy crap, there is some great thought put into this character.
I really like what I see on terms of her story, she really seems like a person not necessarily "evil" but just sees events in a different moral light. It seems very realistic, especially for a villain in this universe. And I really do feel for her having a goal that ultimately will change nothing if she achieves it (since her mother left for different reasons).
This character is really cool! I am hoping to see more of her! :D
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artJou's avatar
thank u!!! specially thank u for reading through the profile, it means a lot :heart:

oh goooosh!!! If I do draw her again, it would be in a loong time~ I'm such a trash when it comes to ocs... most are dropped x'D

well! thank u again ;3
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