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The Precipice: Coven Hideout by DylanPierpont
Ptibo et TIjean by warobruno
Dofus Kerubim episode9 by warobruno
Abraca BG by warobruno
Abraca sessios by warobruno
Abraca BG by warobruno
wakfu saison3_N03 by warobruno
Abraca serie by warobruno
Monster Hunter Khezu by warobruno
Six Celestial Swords, Book I by Tanzenkat
Kerubim ep35 by warobruno
Kiroho Grotte by warobruno
Ambush by Real-SonkeS
Kiroho Et Lise by warobruno
KOP by FreeMind93
After All These Years by FreeMind93
solitude by Chris-Karbach
Golden desert by 1Ver4ik1
Mercury by Tohad
Comic Art
Alia chasseuse de fantome. by warobruno
Kiroho case watercolor by warobruno
Final - Page 1 by ghostcharmer
Pixar Street by MarioGraciotti
Learning Center
Enviro Sketches by JackEavesArt
VIA Campus 2011 Video Proposal by andreim

Group Info

Artitechs is a group that celebrates full, wholesome illustration and the artists who make them!

Through the gallery and favs, we "artitechs" aim to inspire artists with artwork that makes use of full backgrounds, masterful perspectives, compositions, concepts, and completeness!

In a world where it seems like embellished worlds and backgrounds are becoming an endangered species, artitechs work feverishly to keep them alive with technical proficiency and hard work.

Artitechs promises to not just collect popular work. We aim to find new work that you may not have known ever existed. Unlike many other groups, we promise to never fill your inbox with every applicable daily-deviation featured that day.
Founded 14 Years ago
Jan 8, 2010


Group Focus
Art Collection

Media Type
Digital and/or Traditional Media

1,531 Members
2,891 Watchers
107,022 Pageviews

Inspiring Finds

Animation Backgrounds:

Backgrounds from TEKKONKINKREET:…
found by linny-brown

Artist's Portfolios:

The art of Tegura Tohru:…
found by anikakinka

Bob Rafei of NaughtyDog Studios:
found by DragonElement11

Dylan Cole Studio:
found by Carthegian

Feng Zhu Design:
found by foxorian

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Distant Star Card - Orthan by abigbat
The Ship: Full Steam Ahead - Hall Concept by abigbat
Phobos Square by PeteAmachree
Unknown industlial city by moonworker1
Admin by abigbat
street by sandara
base by molybdenumgp03
Top of Their World - colored by MeganeRid
International jet set by kalkulation
Sewer Gateway by abigbat
DX3_Lab by barontieri
The lost library by Nesskain
Gemini - ending by WandaRocket
Train Ride With Friends by weem
SPC vol5 by OmeN2501
Swamp fever by AndreeWallin
Beyond by JonasDeRo
Environment Test I by ATArts
toby and jammy by TheHobbitKnight
Sketches and Process
Stair to the heaven-Process by JOEIAN
Isometric City by DjWelch
Sad Robot - Step by Step by Prospass
Concept: Shopping Arcade by Carthegian
Photo Inspirations
Wired by Killntyme
Main Station HDR by teuphil
C.o.r.r.i.d.o.r  -III- by nexion
::: Cobra 7327 ::: by nexion
Update on Group Activity:
Artitechs appreciates all the submissions you guys give us! However, we admins are also busy people, and there's a chance that your submission could go unvoted on and expire. If this happens, feel free to resubmit it.

Obligatory Group Guidelines:
Our focus is to attempt to become a grounds of inspiration for artists interested in seeing work completed wholly, with characters, backgrounds, foregrounds, etc -- the whole works. That said, there are obviously some very specific kinds of artworks that become prime artitechs material.

All of the artworks that appear in this group are official, owned, and copyrighted works to their original creators. This group is NOT a stock background collection. No parts of any work that appears here may be used for personal gain. We aim to inspire -- not steal. Needless to say, that also means this group does not accept stock backgrounds.

For both the gallery and favs, not all types of art are accepted here at Artitechs since we're a focused art group. Check over these points first before submitting something! This list is to be followed by members before submitting and by contributors for voting!

These are not RULES, just guidelines. Don't take this list as pure black and white fact -- there are exceptions to everything.

What is accepted:
- Work that shows exceptional technical achievement in understanding composition, perspective, color, lighting, etc.
- Drawn or painted original work, in digital or traditional mediums.
- We don't only accept perspective pieces -- any work with full backgrounds are acceptable!
- This includes inspiring comic pages, images with fantastic dynamic angles, and landscapes!
- Unique photography of locations to provide inspiration in the "Photo Inspirations" Favs folder.
- 3D work that is 100% original and shows inspiring technical understanding. All models, textures, and post processing are made first-hand.

What isn't accepted:
- No unfinished work, unless submitted to the Sketches collection.
- Work with vignetted, nondescript, obscure, or amorphous backgrounds.
- No photo manipulations. [This means things like photo-darkroom images and photo-based mattes.]
- No 3D Renders that use stock models, have little technical achievement, or landscapes simply made from Auto-Gen software like Bryce.

Possible Exceptions, to name a few:
Obviously, there are exceptions to everything, and exceptions can occur on a submission-by-submission basis. Some points may include...
- Incredible work that may not be 100% complete, [such as an exceptional uncolored sketch.]
- Environment speed paintings.
- Matte paintings where the original plate is practically completely covered with original content.
- An image dominated mostly by characters / a character, but still makes for an overall exceptionally complete [and satisfying] picture.

Anyone can join! Joining allows you to submit or suggest work to be added to the Gallery!
- What benefits do members have for joining versus just watching?
If you plan on submitting suggestions for the favs or gallery, you'll want to become a member first. Members can suggest to submit work to any folder within the gallery and favs, and require fewer votes for their suggestions to be accepted, but still must follow guidelines. If all you want to do is keep tabs on submissions, then watching will be well suited enough.
Non-members are restricted to just the Favs Featured folder, and require more votes.

Want to become a contributor? A contributor is an inspiring artist who is looked up to by many. [Note: NOT popularity. But a role-model.] If you create work that constantly makes others jaws drop, then you should consider joining as a contributor!
- What benefits do contributors have over members?
Contributors are a form of administration. Contributors are able to submit work to the gallery and favs without a voting process, since they are trusted masters of the art of backgrounding, perspective, composition, etc. Contributors also vote on suggested additions to the galleries from members.
- I'm interested in becoming a Contributor. Can I apply?
Send foxorian a note, or leave a comment here about your intent, and we'll consider you! We'll either send you an invite to become a contributor, or promote you [if you're already a member,] if we think your work meets the standards of an artitech.
You can also pit yourself to the voting process of our other contributors by joining and selecting you'd like to apply as a Contributor.

Think you have a deviation or two worth being in the artitechs gallery? Don't hesitate to submit whatever you think would be good! All submissions are subject to vote for entry, so if it meets our standards of quality, it'll get in!

If you submit a personal artwork, and we decline it for entry, don't feel bad! You can use it as an opportunity to get some feedback! We'll never decline an entry without saying why we think so. Part of the creative process all artists must face sooner or later is criticism. It's how you become stronger! Contributors and administration are the ones who vote. If we have time available, we'll leave private feedback for you within the submission area.
If your deviation came close to getting in, [such as a 2/3 yes, 3/3 no vote,] feel free to resubmit it to the Favs!

If you have a deviation that you want to get a little more attention, feel free to suggest it! Just as long as it fits somewhere inside the already-established collection folders! Some minimum standards of quality must be met here, as well, but it's far less critical than the main gallery.

The "Photo Inspirations" Favs Folder:
- Anyone can submit to this folder. This folder is for photographers to share photos of interesting locales that could be inspiring or motivational to base a background off of. Sometimes artists need that real-world reference to get the look of their own fictional scenes JUST right. Please make sure you make your own personal usage terms clear on your photography. It is possible some artists may derive your photography as the basis of a background in their own work. State clearly what is and isn't okay to do before submitting!
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gira-ti Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
please, let this group come back! it was a big inspiration of mine a few years ago. ;o;
Glanzfell Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
If this group gets active again,
I'd love to be noted <:
AvantiNostalgia Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Is this group active?
My submission expired.
abigbat Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there, I'm afraid we haven't been nearly as active as we were over the last year or so, myself included - I think everyone has been too busy! Will see if I can do something about it :)
JamesYoungArt Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Professional General Artist
I hope the comment below is an exaggeration because this is a great group - and it's wonderful to have my work accepted! Thank you very much!
Anako-ART Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Each of my submissions in recent months expired, I'm sadly guessing the group is dead. :/
jermilex Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Professional Filmographer
I voted for your work to get in. You have some lovely work! But, yes, this group is kindof inactive
Anako-ART Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Aw, thank you very much! :heart:

It really saddens me, because this is one of the few groups on dA that kept great quality. For years I've been waiting for the moment to be good enough to have my work accepted - and now it's abandoned! My usual bad luck. ;)

All the good groups on dA are dying, that's too bad. :(
jermilex Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Professional Filmographer
I think many people on the good groups just get busy and forget to check it regularly. Sadly there's a lot of great art that just expires. But at least I saw your message when checking today and got to discover your wonderful work. It's very nice to meet you!
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VJD-Communication Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015

You have an impressive gallery. :wow:


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