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Lady Mary (Downton Abbey)

Downton Abbey

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Silver Fox

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Inktober Day 4


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IcicleChapter One

   Icicle lay on the floor of the nursery, listening to her sisters play.   "I'm going to be the best hunter in the whole pack!" cried Honeycomb.   Her sister, Verano, growled. "Are not! I'm gonna be the fastest runner ever!"   "No, I am!"   "Me!"   "Me!"   "Girls!" said Shadow, their mother. "Stop it! You're disturbing my nap." Honeycomb and Verano both mumbled, "Sorry."   I'm going to be the best hunter, even better than Honeycomb and Verano, Icicle thought. Then suddenly, her eyes opened for the first time.   She had no idea the birth den was so huge! In darkness, it had seemed so warm and small. Vines crawled along the dark walls

Icicle book

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The Dragon Girl, chapter 10

As I flew toward the rising sun, I decided that the two weeks of pain and hardships were worth it. Anu had really taken me under her wing and trained me to be, in her words, a "proper dragon". She would send me out on long, seemingly pointless flights around the forest, with the excuse of "looking for food", while she fluttered along far behind, just close enough to keep an eye on me. When I had complained, she just said that dragons should be stronger and faster than pegasi, and that I shouldn't complain, it wasn't becoming for a princess. She could be very strict when she wanted to, but gradually my annoyance wore off as my hunting skills p

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The Dragon Girl

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Pepper sketch


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