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Downton Abbey Rose, Mary, Edith

My favorite characters in the show, if you don't include Anna and Daisy 😉
I painted this in art class, and it took many many days to complete... In fact I was falling behind trying to finish it!! I think I made Edith's face a little too pale... But my mom said once I finish something, I should never go back to adjust it somehow. Anyway, this is one of my best paintings ever.
It's Acrylic paint on canvas board. Interestingly, it's painted over a picture that someone else once painted and didn't like. I gessoed over their's and ta-da! I'm so proud 😊
Sorry I didn't scan it, it's just a horrible photo.
Please comment!
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this is pretty cool, the colors and the simplicity are wonderful!
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Wonderful job
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Cool! I've been wanting to marathon it.
Wait, have you watched season 4 before? Because if not, I fear I gave you spoilers in my Edith and Marigold picture and my Anna and Bates picture (if you saw that).
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lol I saw all of the seasons and waiting on season six~
this was back in December XD since season 5 was about to come out around that time
so no problems
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Ohh okay that's good then ;) I haven't yet watched the Christmas Special of season 5, but other than that I've caught up. I'm going to have a hard time waiting for season 6...
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I know!! I hope the writers can pull out the amazing writing they do for a wonderful series Finale.
Like Edith getting her happiness (finally)
Tom would come back to visit
Moesley and Ms Baxster getting together
Huge and Carson getting married, I was over the moon when that happen XD
So many ideas
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Yes! I'm excited to watch it 😊 I agree with all of those. And also, Anna and Bates need to finally be happy.
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You're welcome~~ ^^
I love the show!!
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Me too! I'm a little crazy obsessed with it—at least that's what my friends say ;)
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lol hey me and my friend maraton season 4 all night XD
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