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Eyyy this works really well as a computer background and you can download it for just 100 points :)

I’ve no idea what to do say about this.

Bucky needs to be focused on more in Marvel because this poor guy’s been through a ton of trauma and we’ve seen more about Tony dealing with his PTSD in Ironman 3 (a storyline that they casually threw out later or something??) than we ever did with Bucky, and I reckon his would be worse but anyway. Kinda a depressing drawing but those are the most fun anyway. I love all the characters who have the most struggles in life because... I guess it really brings out their character growth and whatever? I’m very interested in character development and am very interested in psychology and whatnot so any sort of psychological examination into a character is something I love to see—probably why I really loved Captain America: Civil War :)
And yes, I wrote in Russian, that was... an adventure, and it’s probably all wrong, but anyway. It’s Bucky’s trigger words—longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car.
The red star is used as sort of a symbol here but I’ll leave that up to you to interpret because honestly I just don’t feel like explaining it.
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Well, you're about to get your wish because Bucky and Sam "the Falcon" Wilson are getting their own tv show.
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That’s true!! I’m definitely looking forward to that.
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Yea me too i cant wait. At first i thought it was a movie lol
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Hahaha yeah that would've been cool... but hey, we get more hours of it this way lol