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Thought making this as a PSD document would be easier than typing it out in a journal. So there we are! Commissions are open! Real money preferred but I'm fine with points too.
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Is your Etsy shop still open? o:
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It is! Been considering closing it to be honest, but haven’t yet. You interested in something? :)
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I might be interested, yes! Depends on the cost really x.x I can afford up to $40, so I’ll have to see what you have available! I would like something of my characters, but $40 isnt a whole lot for a custom order x.x
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Let me know what you’re thinking of and I can see if I can accommodate you! College semester just ended for me so I’ve got plenty of time and I could use any money ;)
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I was thinking something of this girly here…

Her flowers won’t be easy though so I don’t blame you if you don’t want to do that x.x

I would like something you made for me last time, but smaller because I’ll be playing less of course. But really, whatever you think you can do for $40 will be amazing! :D
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I think I might be able to manage the flowers~ Are they like actual flowers or just patterns on the dragon? I’m guessing actual flowers, right?

I’ll brainstorm a few ideas and get back to you! I can’t reallt work on it tomorrow (crazy day) but after that I’ll get right to it. Thanks for your interest... sues beautiful and I’d absolutely love to have the honor of making her!
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Yes they’re actual flowers, just like a cherry blossom! You don’t have to do all of them, just as much as you can!

Seriously no worries! I’m extremely patient, and always your life comes first!
Thank you so much for considering this! I absolutely love your crafts!
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Great! I've already come up with quite a few ideas today; I think I'll head out to Michaels tomorrow and see if I can find the correct fabric colors. I'm thinking I might crochet the flowers and then sew them on, as I think that would get the nicest result, but we'll see! Thanks again for the commission, I'm really looking forward to starting. Great timing actually, haha. And thank you so much... always good to hear :) No problem!
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