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Horror/comedy movies, winter, snow, cold, candy canes, drawing, writing, creepy things, creating, and sleeping... A lot. 
Der Klown, Teddy, Tom Angel, Mr. Crow, Gluggagægir, Kethókur, (Don't know name yet), and the Krampus movie fandom. 
~Favorite Color~
Green, greyish purple, black, red, and blue. 
~Favorite Food & Drinks~
Tacos, ice tea, pasta, and watermelon juice. 
~Favorite Animal~
Cats, bunnies, raccoons, rats, goats, and crows.
~Favourite Movies/TV Shows~
Krampus... That's all.
~ Person You Ta
:iconvelvent:Velvent 5 12
Art updates + suggestions wanted!
Hey folks, :)
So I'll make this short and simple for ya. Because I only have this week and four days next week before my English exam (which is that same following week on Friday, 17 June) and then my Science exam the week after that on Wednesday, I've decided to cut back on my art UNTIL summertime hits. My grades are far more important to me right now, even though I've been out of school since last Wednesday due to a severe medical condition.
With that being said, as soon as I am officially done my two exams I will start right up on drawing and finishing everyone's art I owe. Reminder that I will still be working. As for Maltaid, because I owe you a trade AND a contest entry, if you don't want to wait for my entry that's alright, you can go ahead and choose your winner. :)
And because summertime is right around the corner, I just wanted to ask you guys if there is anything you'd like to see in my art. Feel free to give me any type of suggestion! I will surely appreciate it and if
:iconkilairney:Kilairney 1 5
300 watchers
Today I reached a grand total of 300 watchers and after being here for a year I can't believe how many people have helped me improve my art and support me on my journey. Thanks everyone. :)
:iconkilairney:Kilairney 2 9



God of Mischief
Loki!! Finally did a serious drawing with my new Spectrum Noir markers. So hard to work with the limited colors I have... I don’t even have a black marker. I really really really need a black marker. I’m using sharpie for the darkest blacks right now, and obviously sharpies are not very blendable.
Anyway—I just watched Thor: Ragnarok last night, and I absolutely loved it. So funny, and Loki/ twhIddleston was amazing, as always! Loved the part where Loki’s watching Thor get Hulk smashed and Loki just jumps up and yells, “YES!! THAT’S HOW IT FEELS!” And the whole thing about Thor throwing stuff at Loki to see if he’s an illusion or not is just gold. I cannot stop imagining their childhood now xD “You didn’t really think I’d come here, did you? It’s disgusting.”
Anyway. Pretty proud of this! Sketched with pencil, colored with Spectrum Noir Illustrator markets (the 12-packs called Seascape and Figure), and then a white Uni-ball Signo gel pen for added highlights and details. Hope you guys like it~
#tomhiddleston #thorragnarok #ragnarok #thorragnarokmovie #thorragnarokfanart #loki #lokilaufeyson #lokilaufeysonfanart #lokifanart #lokifanarts #avengers #avengersfanart #revengers #therevengers #lokiisalive #lokiisnotdead #lokilokiloki #lokisarmy #spectrumnoirmarkers #spectrumnoirillustrator #spectrumnoirillustratormarkers #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #marvel #marvelfanart #marvelloki #marvelthor #lokiandthor #tomhiddlestonfanart
Thor Odinson!
Thor’s a fun character. I mean, he’s Loki’s brother, so obviously he’s awesome. Anyway, I used his latest Ragnarok hairstyle despite not having seen the movie yet—but I’ll be seeing it this week, so all is well, haha. Mm these drawings are making me feel happy :)
ChrisHemsworth #thor #thorodinson #thorragnarok #thorfanart #fanart #marvel #revengers #avengers #mcu #mcufanart #sketch #sharpiesketch #sketchbook #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #avengersinfinitywar #avengersendgame #avengersfanart #revengersfanart
Captain America
Captain America! Steve Rogers isn’t my favorite Avenger, but I do like him anyway.
So I was drawing him and my mom actually thought I was drawing my sister’s fiancé... this drawing actually looks exactly like him. Hahaha.
Pretty happy with how this turned out though~
#chrisevans #captainamerica #captainamericafanart #steverogers #steverogersfanart #fanart #avengers #avengersfanart #marvel #marvelfanart #mcu #mcufanart #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram
Just watched Spider-Man: Homecoming for the first time tonight and I loved it! Peter Parker is an adorably frustrating 15-year-old and it’s just beautiful xD Great, fun movie, with a great cast—as always, loved RobertDowneyJr and tomholland2013 makes an excellent Peter Parker. Can’t wait until next week, when we finally get to watch Thor: Ragnarok!
Anyway, here’s a nice quick sketch of Peter Parker I drew up before going to bed. I liked the sketch so I decided to line it in Sharpie—I think it turned out quite well.
Also heyyyy I’ve FINALLY settled on a drawing style I like. So, so happy about that.
My friend zagiir is holding a contest. She's a super good artist (like, what I aspire to one day become), and she's helped me a lot in my own art, giving a couple tips and overall just really giving me the motivation to keep working on my art and not be disappointed in the results. Seriously, she's awesome, and the simple fact that she's holding a contest and thus literally giving out free art definitely attests to that.
Anway--here's the link to the contest:  2,000 watchers event! (CLOSED)Spreading kindness event NUMBER 2!
Thank you all of the wonderful support you guys have given me! I wouldn't be here without the help of so many people, who never stopped believing in me and putting up with me haha!
I would love to personally thank all of those below:
:iconTeisol: :iconNemomein:
And to all of my watchers not mentioned here! <3
Alright so, this is going to be a raffle sort of event, as I would never be able to pick winners like in a contest! I love all of your guy's art so much, there would be no way ;o;
There will be ways to get more tickets for yourself to increase your chances of winning something!
The event will o
 You just have to watch her (which you should do regardless because of the reasons stated above), and follow the instructions outlined on that page.
If you need some incentives to join... why don't I just show off a couple things she's drawn for me in the past that I'm absolutely in love with?
Olive and Daisy by Zagiir by Artistwolf16

Eithne by Zagiir 2 by Artistwolf16

Eithne pagedoll by Zagiir by Artistwolf16

Kinda unintentionally turned this into an advertisement for my friend, didn't I? Oh well. She deserves it.
Hope you guys join!
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Á grá agam duit, Arty!!
Go raibh maith agaibh as bhur dtacaíocht leanúnach.
Is tusa mo chara is fearr! 💚💜
Le grá,
- Kil :')

"Tom, I need chicken nuggets."
Is cosúil go bhfuil an bád ar ais.

:iconkilairney: was here :')

Hi! I'm Artistwolf but you can call me Arty if you want :3 I love drawing, painting, crocheting, knitting, and reading (mostly Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie).

I'm also one of Jehovah's Witnesses :)

Thanks to all these awesome friends of mine!

Characters belong to (from left to right):
Kilairney, ShySleepyOwl, Artistwolf16, my real life friend, and my sister :)

Artistwolf  [ O L I V E ] by zagiir


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My icon is by Kilairney, the best artist I know and one of my best friends :)


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